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    "Ladies & Gentlemen...Boys & Girls...Your Attention, Please...:)

    One of the first, if not the first, guitarists to put his name forward after hearing that Doug Aldrich had left the band, was an exceptionally talented musician whom we had met briefly last year when his band opened for Whitesnake in Arizona.

    Everyone was very impressed by him, not only for his ability to play amazing guitar, but, also, his very agreeable personality & he was definitely foremost in our minds when we began to search for Doug’s replacement in Whitesnake.

    We jammed together & were mutually impressed enough to ask him to join Whitesnake on the spot. This was May 30th. 2014.

    Joel is currently fulfilling his remaining tour dates with Night Ranger.

    We sincerely thank you all for your patience & understanding...& so, without further ado, we ask you to welcome, as we have done, our exceptionally gifted new Snake Brother...

    JOEL HOEKSTRA...Guitarist Extraordinaire"      ~David Coverdale

    Read more about Joel HERE


    David's interview Part 5

    The last of the ongoing interview series with Masa ito, filmed during the "Year of the Snake" tour in Japan.  David talks about his career, his amazing current lineup, and what he hopes for his future. This is a "don't miss", straight from the heart interview.


    This is where Whitesnake Fans get together to talk with DC and other fans about Whitesnake and their love of the music. It is open for everybody to enjoy. Upload a profile pic, a bit of information about yourself and add links to your other social sites. It's fun!


    Whitesnake's Amazing & Indispensable Production Assistant & Wardrobe Girl, Lauren Carroll, Taken By Her On Tour With The band Through Exotic Locales, Shows & Where-ever Her Magic Lens May Wander...


    WSTV is our very own YouTube channel packed with interviews with DC and other band members. Many of the interviewers are fans just like YOU.


Whitesnake Message Board "the BBS"


  • Chrisletrek   2015-03-31 09:08:10
    Anyone know resale code for Birmingham??

  • Gobberz   2015-03-31 07:46:49
    Well, paid for my ticket so plenty of time to get ready of Dec. 16 gig in Cardiff, UK. Definitely not missing this one!!!

  • snakegirl   2015-03-31 06:40:19
    Thrilled to have WS back in NY! See you in Westbury, NY! And in Texas. XXX

  • lb2076   2015-03-31 05:11:10
    DC - I saw your interview from That Metal Show recently - I'm getting very pumped about seeing you in Biloxi in June! However, I saw all the new dates added recently and NONE are in Atlanta!!! You have FIVE dates in Florida and none in Georgia!! Please come see us Georgia Peaches & Dawgs! We'll make it worth your while!

  • Cutesnake   2015-03-30 23:32:43
    Thanks for the pre sale we really appreciated it!!!!

  • stknthe80s   2015-03-30 17:21:16
    WOOHOO!!!! Got a concert just announced in my area - Central FL Aug 3rd. Cant wait! Hope I can shoot the show too. We shall see - it would be awesome :-) Tons of friends going and to some of my friends I say, if you were never a fan, just GO and you WILL be! See ya there! ~Stknthe80s Rock Pix~

  • lonestar   2015-03-30 15:23:25
    Birmingham and Wembley in the bag..Let"s Get Ready To Rumble !!!!!

  • pebo581   2015-03-30 15:03:18
    Got my tickets for Glasgow Yee Ha !!! D C , do we have a keyboard player yet ?? Who plays keys on the Purple Album ??? Cheers Big Man .

  • Graham   2015-03-30 14:16:00
    A Non Stop Ride from start to finish... Just what the Doctor ordered... "Shouting, Matron, prepare The Purple Room"... Oh Yeasss... Remember your safe word Boys & Girls... 'BURRRN''

  • Graham   2015-03-30 14:00:03
    Fucka diddly idoh..day... wonderful to see & hear from some of the original members of the WS. Choir... such excited in one day is almost enough to make a Gerries helmet weep!! Yeah Baby...

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