Autographed "California Jam 74" DVD Give-Away (has concluded)

    Winners will be contacted right away. Thanks again to the good people at Eagle Rock. Quite a few of you got all answers correct so I am pleased with that. The last question got a variety of answers so I am researching those to see if they qualify. ~PA

    Below are the questions and correct answers:

    Which US network broadcast the 1974 California Jam?: ABC

    There was an opening band that featured a future drummer for Whitesnake...What’s his name?: Black Oak Arkansas

    What was the name of the private jet that Deep Purple traveled on for their US tours?: The Starship

    Was 1974 the first time David Coverdale had toured the United States?: Yes

    Which famous porn star was asking to meet Deep Purple backstage? ( & no one had heard of her at that time...DAMN!!! ): Linda Lovelace


    David's interview Part 5

    The last of the ongoing interview series with Masa ito, filmed during the "Year of the Snake" tour in Japan.  David talks about his career, his amazing current lineup, and what he hopes for his future. This is a "don't miss", straight from the heart interview.


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    Little Box 'O' Snakes

    Click Here to check out the trailer for the "Little Box 'O' Snakes - The Sunburst Years 1978-1982" offered by EMI. The box set, which is out now, features remastered editions of the band's first 5 studio albums plus the Snakebite E.P and two live albums.

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    This is where Whitesnake Fans get together to talk with DC and other fans about Whitesnake and their love of the music. It is open for everybody to enjoy. Upload a profile pic, a bit of information about yourself and add links to your other social sites. It's fun!


    Whitesnake's Amazing & Indispensable Production Assistant & Wardrobe Girl, Lauren Carroll, Taken By Her On Tour With The band Through Exotic Locales, Shows & Where-ever Her Magic Lens May Wander...


    WSTV is our very own YouTube channel packed with interviews with DC and other band members. Many of the interviewers are fans just like YOU.

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  • Konrad S   2014-04-20 07:48:07
    AlexKx I hope your sources are correct as I do remember reading about the Acoustic project a few years ago possibly from DC himself. The Blues project info I believe was from an interview in a Scandinavian publication but your post about the Soul project is the first I have read. Not sure if all will be under the WS banner or as a DC solo project as he has to naturally confirm this speculation.

  • Andreeva Galina   2014-04-20 03:58:01
    Let the Pascha of Christ will fill your soul with joy, wisdom, warmth! Everything is in the hands of the Almighty, so let it protects you from the bad weather, let filled the house of mercy and happiness. Let your way be righteous, free from sinful thoughts and feelings, and may not leave thee. He may abide with you happiness and love, be multiplied good and joy! The Bright Resurrection Of Christ! I wish you happiness, harmony, peace and understanding. Let cleansed your soul, the house will be filled with the grace, and the heart is a desire to do good, to give myself the faith, desire to love and to be loved! Let the bright Easter ringing bells will heal the soul, and the eyes will Shine from the realization of Christ's Resurrection!

  • glenn plumridge   2014-04-20 01:35:23
    hi all first ever message here , great comp ,got all right ? even last one .second question you asked whats his name not there name so I put tommy Aldridge

  • steve   2014-04-19 23:28:35
    Hi DC and PA! Another great competition!! Hope there's more! PA, good luck with your "research" into the last question! LOL

  • AlexKx   2014-04-19 12:15:48
    Did I understand that there are THREE Whitesnake studio l.p.s being worked on right now?!! Hell, yeah! Good luck with that! I thought I read somewhere that one would be a cover disc of soul songs, another a cover disc of blues songs, and another acoustic versions of Whitesnake songs! That would all be mindblowing for a host of reasons none the less because Mr. Coverdale has one of the greatest voices of ALL TIME!!! YES!!

  • Giovanni   2014-04-18 15:31:49
    DC: We are hoping you'll leave some messages here on the BBS. We miss you! I found myself listening to One of These Days several times today. Wonderful sing-along song for the Whitesnake Choir. Have a fun, safe weekend, David. Greetings to Missmo and hubby down in FLA! Cheers, Giovanni Castellano

image2013 Whitesnake World Tour Lineup - Doug Aldrich, Michael Devin, David Coverdale, Reb Beach and Tommy Aldridge

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