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  • Snake Rattle Roll   2015-03-03 19:31:20
    Hi David. I got more tickets for the St. Paul show. Now looking to get them for the Mahnomen show. See you in July. JayM and JoanIowa- Will you be joining me? Cheers all! 4069
  • Gsnake   2015-03-03 15:13:48
    Hi David, here's a link to video of a young lady Jeanne Jolly doing a cover of Here I Go Again. She does quite a nice job with it. [link] Also, you mention you guys did 4 videos I believe just wondering when we might see those? Thanks and hope to see you on tour. 4068
  • lb2076   2015-03-03 11:48:44
    I will see you in Biloxi in mid-June!! Cant wait! Still hoping y'all can come to Atlanta though!!! 4067
  • albertino   2015-03-03 08:57:36
    Hi David, I´m very ansious to listen the complete new album!!!! many release the japenese editions has extra tracks, these new album will some exclusive track for Japan? I hope see you in my country Brazil on these new tour!!!! Best Regards 4066
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-03-03 08:05:30
    Whitesnake - Come On (ft. Steal Away Promo Video): [link] / Whitesnake - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City: [link] / Whitesnake - Bloody Mary: [link] / Whitesnake - Trouble: [link] / Whitesnake - Lie Down (A Modern Love Song): [link] 4065
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-03-03 03:08:19
    Today, Whitesnake are celebrating the 37th of their 1st show at Lyncoln Polytech, UK. David Coverdale considers this show as the 'very begining of Whitesnake'. [link] 4064
  • pbelanger69   2015-03-02 17:28:39
    Please come to Montreal at the "Heavey Montreal" with "Faith no More" in begining of August...Can the promoters Wake up and make you come here...;)) Make some F@ckin Noise Montreal...;) [link] See Ya there for the Choir...;))) 4063
  • michael262   2015-03-02 16:37:37
    See you guys at the House of Blues in Houston. MAKE SOME F@CKIN' NOISE!!! 4062
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-03-02 12:22:59
    [link] 4061
  • Julll18   2015-03-02 11:52:47
    Whitesnake at the Oshkosh rock festival in Wisconsin!!! I don't now if I'll drive 16h from Montreal to see you and all these bands.. 4060
  • Moreci42   2015-03-02 11:35:46
    Hello DC... Love the new version of Stormbringer... is that going to be released as a single before the album? and if so is there a release date for that? THANKS! 4059
  • feeling hot   2015-03-02 05:39:29
    david, got a question? Will the purple album be released in Japan ? is there a japanese version of the new whitesnake purple album? maybe with extra bonus tracks? 4058
  • Lucky Dog   2015-03-02 01:39:24
    Congrats Mr Coverdale and Whitesnake. The new version of Stormbringer from the Purple Album is a tasty treat indeed! As usual must give this one another two paws up. Cheers!... Lucky 4057
  • Benzig42   2015-03-01 22:14:25
    i've been a fan since 1978. I first saw the band on the "Love hunter tour" in 1979. The venue was, "The Fairfield Halls, Croydon",ticket was £3.50, T-Shirt £2,80. When will you come home to the UK for a tour so that your oldest followers can bask in the occasion as we used to? 4056
  • riffolaman   2015-03-01 17:03:32
    I just want to thank David for writing a song as beautiful as Northwinds. It never fails to be balm for my soul when I'm negotiating troubled waters. 4055
  • mrokita   2015-03-01 15:15:20
    Two dates in Canada only ? It`s nothing compare to the large number of shows in our big neighbour land ,US . Casino Rama is still close enough ( 400 km) to see the show . It`s gonna be all family event . I`m looking forward to it .Marek Rokita 4054
  • dcparrot   2015-03-01 13:17:32
    David, I am so excited that you are coming to Emerald Queen in Tacoma, WA (where I suggested - thank you!) The only thing is there is no pre-sale or on sale date listed but there are tickets (all the ones down front) on sale thru a ticket center! I am so disappointed. I buy 4 tix and really can't afford $500+ for a front row ticket. I sure hope I will be able to get front row again! Hopefully some of the good seats were saved to sell thru a pre sale. Thank you! 4053
  • EllenCat   2015-03-01 12:44:05
    Hello David! Can't wait to hear the new album! Hope you're coming to Oslo this time but if not I'll hopefully manage to get to the UK and meet up with some of my friends in the Choir. God bless and best of luck with the preparations. Hopefully see you soon!!! xx 4052
  • dusko serbiansnake   2015-03-01 10:17:15
    I am very excited about " Purple album", but I'm little confused. Does this album count as regular WS studio album, and will be soon an album with new tracks? Anyway, i can not wait to hear new version of "Soldier of fortune" and "Mistreated" ;-) 4051
  • roelo   2015-03-01 08:21:10
    Please come to Puerto Rico, its been long ago that you dont come here in a concert since 1988,como here. 4050
  • lb2076   2015-03-01 07:13:47
    Another reason to come to Atlanta is because we weren't able to see you the last time you were scheduled to be here a few years ago....we had tickets, but that's when David had the throat issues and had to cancel....Atlanta wants & needs Whitesnake!!! 4049
  • 13jelew   2015-03-01 04:34:06
    Hoping for a show in Atlanta! My son is 14 and loves WS! 4048
  • snakegirl   2015-02-28 17:33:40
    Really excited to see WS in Texas! Visiting relatives there. Can't wait to see you DC!! Hope to see WS in NY as well. Love, Laura xxxxx 4047
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-28 10:58:18
    I CAN'T F@CKING WAIT!! [link] Stormbringer coming on May, 15th!! [link] 4046
  • carlosramua   2015-02-28 10:34:01
    Like a fan ... I always believed in an álbum full of David's classics with a lot of guests ... Maybe a double álbum ... Like the new versión of Trouble by Bernie and David for example... A tribute but with David singing ... Not like the others ... I know it's a dream ... But I also know that the Purple álbum is another dream ... That wonderful sońgs with a modern touch ... So ... Thank you Mr Coverdale ... Wish you well ... 4045
  • Children of the Night   2015-02-28 07:37:45
    Hello Mr. Coverdale. What a surprise was this new album, full of Purple songs! Well, it seems that these songs have received a good WS makeover. So, even I waited album full of new songs, I'm quite excited about this Purple album and of course the tour. Hopefully there is some plans to come in Finland. Have a nice weekend! 4044
  • Rona   2015-02-28 07:08:53
    Happy Saturday from a cold and snowy Texas! Haven't been on here for awhile. Just kind of caught up in life, I guess. So darn excited that my favorite band is coming here this June. Scored VIP tickets and will be in 4th row center. How could I not splurge on WS? Thank goodness I realized that presale tickets were onsale when I did. This girl right here would have been totally mad at herself if I had missed getting as close as possible. I am counting down the days.. Look forward to seeing you again ROCK THE STAGE! This certainly made my weekend! Much Love and Blessings Always.. 4043
  • Andy Towell   2015-02-27 23:44:33
    Oh, and I play in a band called Out of'll have to come and sing 'Hard Edge Blues' with us..... Well,if you don't ask............ 4042
  • Andy Towell   2015-02-27 23:39:44
    Well, great dream last night. I was jamming with some friends in a chippy....yes, a chippy....when in walked David Coverdale., I started playing the chords to Freebird and he said 'wrong song, bro' I started to write one there and then for him. It's called 'Hard Edge Blues' the first verse and riff so passed it on to him to finish. So, if I ever see 'Hard Edge Blues' on a future Whitesnake LP, I'll be after you. Anyway, next time you are in the UK, come over and we'll finish it, we have Yorkshire tea, a good pub down the road and my Grandads Brother came from Saltburn, so plenty to talk about. 4041
  • rockmusic   2015-02-27 22:33:18
    Dear David - I'm so very excited that you and your amazing band are playing at the Saban theatre in Los Angeles. I have been patiently waiting for a Southern CA show. I won tix to That Metal Show when you were on it but unfortunately they closed out the seating and I did not get in. I am stoked about the show in June! PLEASE have a Meet & Greet at the Saban. Fans will pay a lot to attend a meet & greet. The venue noted at this time, there is no Meet & Greet scheduled. Lots of Love. :) 4040

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