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  • mamica   2015-04-27 16:03:50
    Dear David, The Purple Album will be released in Japan tomorrow! I can't stay focused at work today... Thank you for your new songs! Looking forward to 2015 Japan Tour...:) Love from Japan, Mamica 4550
  • wsfan69   2015-04-27 12:57:32
    Hi David ! I want to thank You very much about the gig in Helsinki at November ! Cheers ! 4549
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-27 00:28:35
    Rising with the morning sun I turn to greet the dawn..knowing I must face another day..sleepless night behind me,just a memory of heart as always been a cross to bear....haha!! GOOD MORNING SNAKES...How Are Ya!! Have a great week guys..;)..Be safe,Be happy and don't let anybody steal your bacon sandwich!!LOL...Keep it snakey xx 4548
  • JerseyGirl   2015-04-26 20:10:50
    Greetings and salutations to all in Snakeland! I haven't been on the BBS since 2007, and I'm thrilled to be back. I'm posting because I have some wonderful news. In 1987, I was nine years old, much too young in my grandmother's eyes, to attend a concert. Whitesnake continues to be my favorite band of all time and I'm 37 now. Never thought I'd ever see a live Whitesnake concert, aside from my Whitesnake Live from Wembley DVD, but ladies and gentlemen, the planets and stars have aligned! I will be going on July 25th to see my first Whitesnake concert at The Taj, in Atlantic City, NJ. So happy!! 4547
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-26 15:28:01
    Hi snakes.. Just been to see the brilliant UFO...most of the crowd were rocking but a lot were stood like zombies filming it on their fookin phones...Word of warning and I'm sure this doesn't apply to anyone here. If you stand infront of me at a WHITESNAKE show stood still and filming the gig so that you can watch it when you get home or put it on YouTube...I will take your phone off you and shove it where the sun don't shine....Come on rockers...let's Rock..;)) Roll on December to see my snakes...I'm a bit pissed by the way,Lol Have a great night guys...keep it snakey x 4546
  • David Coverdale Fan Page   2015-04-26 10:49:36
    I don't earn money on videos I load up on YouTube... 4545
  • David Coverdale Fan Page   2015-04-26 10:47:05
    It's just to inform people who didn't see it for the moment... 4544
  • Daniel27Shake1988   2015-04-26 10:24:06
    Is David Coverdale Fan Page used to Be Whitesnake Fan Page who got banned from this site for giving out links when he should not be 4543
  • David Coverdale Fan Page   2015-04-26 09:16:43
    Can't wait to hear the new The Purple Album!!! Wait... who can? :) I love all of these interview David gave about this record!! [link] 4542
  • isleofwight   2015-04-26 09:03:06
    Just to add that I have never been offended on this site. It remains a safe place for views and humour.......I am a grandfather of two, and love my music loud, in the still of the night.... 4540
  • Graham   2015-04-26 08:16:02
    Spanked by those Puritanical Prudish types lacking a sense of humour... Slurp the Purp... 4539
  • Nicky-CRO   2015-04-26 07:34:47
    Thank you David, thanks WS guys all!!!!! For the new album, and for the another gig in Zagreb, Croatia! This will be my fifth time to be on your gigs. I've just been thinking to go somewhere in region, but you are coming at my doorway again. For me and many other fans here in Croatia - one time on year to see you would be just enough in our lives. Waiting on you David and WS. Welcome again!!!!!!!! 4538
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-26 06:59:45
    Hi ya 4537
  • northwinds   2015-04-26 06:52:08
    Oh dear - once again no money at the right time! Does anyone know where I can still get a couple of standing tickets for Wembley in December? In the 21 years since I moved to London I have never missed a show! PLEASE help me not have to break this! Cheers! 4536
  • SwedeJess   2015-04-26 06:31:27
    Well Good Sunny sssunDay y'all :) Blessed it is. Today's Swede wisdom: No One is more valuable than the One next you. I'm not much into 'gated communities' unless it's not absolutely necessary due to security and safety. When I somehow feel excluded..I back off. Friendly thoughts x I love you all and please, keep supporting best bands ever! I Will! Welcome to Sweden anytime! I raise my glass to the four persons I get in mind ringt here, right now...Mr Jon Lord xx, Mr Ian Gillan, Mr Ritchie Blackmore...and absolutely..Mr David Coverdale! Purple and White Hearts ~ Jessica 4535
  • Giovanni   2015-04-26 05:58:45
    AMEN, Christelee! Postings seemed to go south after the announcements of WS concert tour dates and the release date of the latest CD. Missing Missmo, Pandora, and whatever happened to Cora Marzi and the wonderful Brazilians of the past? Migliori auguri, GFC 4534
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-26 00:17:06
    Good morning snakes..hi Chris.;) a bit of a thick head this morning after some very nice beers last night.Gonna have a lazy day today after a busy day at work yesterday.Going to see UFO tonight so I hope my headache has gone by then,haha.Hope you all have a sssssuper Sunday.I'm just listening to Starkers(nothing too heavy)LOL.. Keep it snakey x 4533
  • christelee   2015-04-25 15:18:32
    hi Jess xx 4532
  • christelee   2015-04-25 15:16:52
    Please let's have a bit of order. Remember what we all come here for, yes to talk about White snake and the wonderful music that we all share. We have all made some great friends over the years by coming here and chatting don't want to spoil that. Also taking into account the younger followers that may come here. We may still be in Davids living room so we should respect that. So let's try and keep it nice. I know I'm sounding a bit like PA don't mean to sorry PA. Sermon over. God I sound like a Teacher lmao. 4531
  • SwedeJess   2015-04-25 15:15:49
    Hey and good evening Christelee :) thanx for clarify why G is pretty perky here ;) lol. He's on the Run? :o maybe someone need to put him in the middle of..F and H again..Ho ho :) Well, he wanted me to upload a photo of my twins... But see, they can't be uploaded.. Only downloaded IRL. Lol. Cheers G :) Sooo..May 15 it is..and just like y'all, I can't wait for someZin purple to arrive in postbox :) pre-order is made and done. Let's help eachother with the waiting-part and make the time go a bit faster, with some chillin' chats here...and there ;) One pint for me now..and then Nitey Nitey xxx 4530
  • christelee   2015-04-25 14:45:03
    Where is mike twirl when you need him. Get in here and sort Graham out he's escaped again and on the loose. again. Can't take him anywhere. Lol 4529
  • Graham   2015-04-25 14:33:44
    Christee, you can't beat a bit o' moisture Darling it makes things so much easier to Slide It In... Right to the top... (unless you're too big & you can't squeeze it all in!) Ooh Matron... I feel a spanking coming on! G x. 4528
  • christelee   2015-04-25 14:21:14
    Evening all on BBS wishing you a grand evening from a rather moist Northern England. Not long now to wait for new album, its going to be one amazing album.The critic's know jack shit. Rehearsals must be underway soon. We are ready Willing so let's get this show on the road. Xxxxxx 4527
  • Graham   2015-04-25 10:40:06
    Yeah Baby... keep sucking till till it goes a nice shade of Purple...Slurp the Purp... Bottoms Up... G x. 4526
  • SwedeJess   2015-04-25 10:01:35
    Oi, G :) you're a lil' cheesy cheeky n' nipply here ;) true that, but not always about sizes, cuz' it's more of techniques aye :) and as a Yoga-lass..Hail the Sutras..the Kama Sutras.. Yeah! :))) Have a tasty Sat eve y'all and enjoy life's gifts XX Cheers ~ Jessica 4525
  • Graham   2015-04-25 08:42:07
    Its all about the tits n' ass... Slurp the Purp... 4524
  • Mburns   2015-04-25 07:18:38
    No John Sykes ? 4523
  • SwedeJess   2015-04-25 05:42:22
    G Dear, new photo without sparkly eyes..but not a photo revealing too much though ;) It's more up to sensual imagnination see...:) Grrr tiger ;) x ~ J 4522
  • swedejess   2015-04-25 04:05:50
    Hey G :) how can I miss your request ;) well..The flashy eyes are scary and maybe devlish :-o But it's nothing compared to cleavage lol ho ho ho :) X~J 4521
  • swedejess   2015-04-25 04:05:40
    Hey G :) how can I miss your request ;) well..The flashy eyes are scary and maybe devlish :-o But it's nothing compared to cleavage lol ho ho ho :) X~J 4520

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