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  • berox   2015-05-23 07:19:41
    Hello David, Purple album is very, very good , new dimensions of Sail away,Holy's a beautiful tribute to ''old times''.Wish You all the best, i'll try to be in Zagreb(Croatia)this tour. 4700
  • Andy TNN   2015-05-23 04:12:00
    Congratulations on the fantastic new album. I have been listening to it all week and its quite simply phenomenal. One of the best rock albums I have ever listened to. Not only the best Whitesnake album but also the best Deep Purple album ! Thank you 4699
  • DavidADanby   2015-05-23 03:30:45
    When is that awesome rotating whitesnake logo going to be released as a screen saver? Or is it? If not why not. Please.... 4698
  • stevep42   2015-05-23 01:52:58
    Loving the purple album - wonderful stuff and many congratulations. DC before you you pack up the heavy rock side of things please please do one last album - the White album - remakes of the older whitesnake material - ain't gonna cry no more, ready n willing - same trestmtnt as you've done with the purple album. 4697
  • captainsnake84   2015-05-22 22:29:05
    Good morning snakes..hi there Jess,yes I'm a really good pup,hehe..all you lucky Americans must be getting excited about seeing our boys live soon,it is gonna be another brilliant year for the snake..David,the choir are all ready to sing their hearts out for you and share the emotion and spectacle that comes with every Whitesnake show..if it is your first time at seeing the snake you will be blown away by the power and intensity,the fun between band and choir,there will be laughs and tears,but most of all enjoy the ride.I always cry to Forevermore..anyway have a great weekend..keep it snakey x 4696
  • Giovanni   2015-05-22 17:28:58
    Graham Dove hai imparato la lingua? Nel stesso bordello dove lavora tua moglie? Bravo! Have a great weekend all! Keep it snakey... Giovanni 4695
  • Oonaa   2015-05-22 13:34:13
    haha the purple pill has started kickin in ;) yeah who would want extended kilburn all over again but... ;) xx 4694
  • Graham   2015-05-22 12:35:50
    I agree with you whole heartedly Twirlers me old mucca... I have just the venue in mind... since we have already checked out the accoustic resonance... which wasn't too bad as we came down the outer stairway! The large Hall in The Sage at Gateshead... Howay Lad its just ower the watter from Newcastle... What do you reckon Twirlers Darling?? G 4693
  • Noredo   2015-05-22 09:11:09
    I'm listening - AGAIN - to the Purple Album. Every time I reach the same conclusion: It's fantastic. Every song is incredible. Great job, and I'm so glad you included some great songs from CTTB. My son and I will see you in Colorado next month. "Baby I've been losing my mind!" 4692
  • Mike Twirl   2015-05-22 08:57:04
    Good Afternoon, David, Albert Le Pauvre and all. Such is the quality of The Purple Album, that it seems a pity to think that some of the songs therein, may not be presented live, during the forthcoming tour. Therefore, I'd like to propose, once again, that the entire album is performed, during a special show (or even a series of shows). Perhaps this could also be recorded for future release, as a CD/DVD set. Hope you are all enjoying The Purple Album and looking forward to the prospect of the upcoming tour, which promises to be quite something! Have a good weekend, Y'all 4691
  • MedicineMan   2015-05-22 07:44:58
    OMG, just got the purple album. It is amazing. Listened to every song carefully and it brought back so many memories ! I still love the boys - Glenn, Tommy, John, Ian, Ritchie and the magical Mr. Coverdale and have most of their musical collection....they're the best. I kinda heard Tommy Bolin on the Holy Man solo....and that brought a tear. Well done's a masterpiece ! Hope to see you on tour ! 4690
  • Ger   2015-05-22 07:11:07
    The Purple Album....What can I say....Loving it!! Have a Great Weekend all of you!! Captain and the G-Man!! Safe Travels to the Northeast and catch you soon Buddy!! 4689
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-22 03:49:26
    Ah,GOOD mornin' our Mick :) Hope you're rockin' good and Chris, G and all, too :) I keep checkin' in here now and then and I've become addicted I see, it's easy,I love this 'room', this Purply Snakey room of finest music, choir and some mischievous fun stuff as well :) I Agree so much..I'm totally blown away by this Album! Perfection!! So happy they did this! A dream coming true! Cheers to that! :) xxx Oi,Mick- don't work too hard though..but dogs are Great! Lol :) I bet you're the best pup ;) I can see in the cystal ball..A bright Tour ahead :) Gypsy kiss, all X 4688
  • captainsnake84   2015-05-22 02:22:33
    Good morning our Chris,Jess,G and anyone that knows me,haha..still can't get over how amazing the Purple Album just sounds so good..have a sssssuper weekend guys...working like a dog here,LOL...keep it snakey x 4687
  • christelee   2015-05-21 15:23:11
    WOW. WOW Had the Album a few days now and its blown me away. Thank you David and Thank you Cindy for your input into us being able to have this amazing album. This album for me is Masterclass. Have a fantastic tour, see you in Newcastle. Safe travels. Xxxxxx 4686
  • Graham   2015-05-21 15:15:48
    Andare succhiare una Limone tu Coglionazzoa... 4685
  • Giovanni   2015-05-21 13:59:17
    yeah, the outhouse... Good evening my fellow serpents! Looking forward to seeing DC and the lads in concert. Missmo, greetings to you! Long time no hear! State bene, Giovanni 4684
  • Graham   2015-05-21 13:50:48
    The G man is in da house... Yeah baby... 4683
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-21 09:27:51
    Omg...David :) Just looked at your latest tweets...haha, that awesome Sir Reginald's cute song/video-clip.. Tulips/two lips aye ;) love it!... In the still of the night..Cheers from this wolf-loving, howling, December-born Jess :) xx 4682
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-21 04:40:51
    @ClynnB - True that :) Just like fine wine..better with time..a perfectly great description of DP and WS tracks..and the musicians as well :) Flowers of Lilac, Lavender and Aquilegia, all in Purple beauty and new freshness to you all! And cheers with a nice glass of Zinfandel purpleRed :) You keep on moving...X~J 4681
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-21 03:54:45
    @isleofwight - Yay, I love bridges too :) The real ones and also the ones connecting people.. aww, that was pretty sweet, aye ;) Well yes, the bridge between Sweden and Denmark is called Öresundsbron, Öresund is the name of the strait in between the's a powerful, long bridge that connects our country to the continent almost :) Another mighty bridge is one called Svinesundsbron and links Sweden to Norway from our west coast and it's a high bridge over an inlet. Well, they aren't exactly famous as Golden Gate..but not less beautiful :)Today's lil' Swede-bridge lesson to you :) xx 4680
  • isleofwight   2015-05-21 01:46:47
    Apologies on a train and in triplicate 4679
  • isleofwight   2015-05-21 01:45:52
    Production and sound on Purple is just phenomenal ....Blown away.....Jess the most beautiful bridge I have seen links Sweden and 4678
  • isleofwight   2015-05-21 01:45:22
    Production and sound on Purple is just phenomenal ....Blown away.....Jess the most beautiful bridge I have seen links Sweden and 4677
  • isleofwight   2015-05-21 01:45:13
    Production and sound on Purple is just phenomenal ....Blown away.....Jess the most beautiful bridge I have seen links Sweden and 4676
  • janjan   2015-05-20 22:29:18
    Finally got The Purple Album today... amazing... when can I see you guys in Australia? Since I moved here I am missing out on a lot of gigs... Come to Australia PLEASE 4675
  • ClynnB   2015-05-20 20:05:20
    Loving The Purple Album! Just like fine wine, y'all get better with time! Can't wait to hear it live! m/ 4674
  • trouble   2015-05-20 15:31:45
    All I can say is - WOW!!! What a treasure!!! :) 4673
  • geordiesnake   2015-05-20 14:16:09
    Back again can not wait for Newcastle . Good night fellow Snake,s 4672
  • geordiesnake   2015-05-20 14:11:42
    This album is sheer class all songs executed perfectly you just could not ask for more all songs are sublime , after reading the classic rock reveiw a few weeks ago I have no doubt in my mind that the critic is and always will be a total bellend and may he eat humble pie for a very long time everything David Coverdale does is never good enough for the British press they are all a bunch of tone deaf fxxk wits being polite , no wonder DC moved to the state,s all those years ago . Any way favourite tracks as before all awesome but you fool no one and you keep on moving just perfect cheers DC 4671

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