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  • christa   2014-07-16 10:02:02
    David, you wouldn't want to 'leak' a couple seconds of one of them thar demos??? Just kidding...I know you won't...and I can wait...I can wait...if I repeat that enough, will I believe it? :) 3118
  • decdoyle   2014-07-16 07:56:13
    Hi David I'm a 17 year old guitarist from Hadfield, in England, Whitesnake have been one of my favourite bands since my mate lent me 1987 a while back. Once I nodded off and had a dream I was on stage with you (I was gutted when I woke up) Anyway I know a lot of your songs and always thought you picked some of the best guitarists, and when Doug Aldrich left i was wondering who you would get to replace him, and I think i could be the man for the job. I have demos and recordings of me playing, I'm young but i think i could handle it. Get in touch if you need me, Cheers! Dec 3117
  • Pandora   2014-07-16 05:43:24
    Ok, you Lot can stop wondering who the new guitarist's me, Pandemonium...go 'head, tell 'em, DC...lololololololol...oh well, da gurl can DREAM, can't she? 3116
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-16 01:07:50
    NEW VIDEO!! "5 minutes of keyboard to remember Jon Lord" >> [link] 3115
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-16 00:49:22
    2 years ago, the great Jon Lord left us... >> [link] 3114
  • missmo 1666   2014-07-15 16:06:30
    Hi David, glad to hear things are moving along with the new guy and some new tunes. Faithfully yours, Missmo 3113
  • Silvana Ferrari   2014-07-15 15:41:59
    Jeff Beck perhaps? 3112
  • Ach20   2014-07-15 15:24:05
    Can we get an idea when the new guitar player will be announced? 3111
  • robbierob   2014-07-15 13:05:28
    Good day to all, So glad to hear the album is coming along and really happy T.A will be on record with you again David. Also one last question from regarding the new guy is he already recording with you? 3110
  • Pandora   2014-07-15 13:02:07
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-15 05:52:58
    Mr Richie Sambora has announced himself on his Twitter page that he will NOT be the new Whitesnake guitarist!! DA & DC said the new guitarist plays Fender & Gibson...:) 3108
  • Oonaa   2014-07-15 03:18:37
    @Steve PA is well with us dont worry :) loved seeing that resonator, man we're in for a slide ride yeehaa. love to all 3107
  • spookytwo   2014-07-13 06:40:12
    Does anyone know if bryson graham ( spooky tooth and GIRL ) was ever considered for the drummers chair this is a family myth id lije to clear up thanx 3106
  • Anasazi   2014-07-13 04:35:34
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending you my loving energy!Happy Sunny Sunday to everyone.I have seen the pictures that you have posted David of you and the guys as you work on the new album.Thank you David for sharing these with us..I am excited to know that a new album is coming soon.Thank you PA for maintaining this beautiful site and the BBS.Blessings and love Anasazi.. 3105
  • carlosramua   2014-07-12 20:16:17
    Ron Thal? 3104
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-12 09:01:19
    NOW ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! Bernie Marsden - SHINE Track by Track >> [link] 3103
  • connected63304   2014-07-12 04:31:43
    I cant believe the uproar some are in about the new guitarist, people speculating or claiming they know who it is when they don't! I for one am perfectly content to know there is a new Whitesnake album coming with a new guitarist, and vey much looking forward to it. Its getting comical when certain folks are getting upset just because they don't know when and who. We as true Whitesnake fans should be better than that. David, keep on doing what you do, looking forward to the new material and hope to see you guys on tour soon! 3102
  • steve   2014-07-12 01:08:28
    Hi Poor Albert! that's a bit cryptic, who is gone? Not you? ;0( 3101
  • trouble   2014-07-11 16:50:50
    Thanks PA & hello! Hello to everyone! AAHHHH DC, You're putting everyone in quite the snakey tizzy!!! It's fantastic & I feel you can do no wrong, so rock on sir- I'm very excited! OOOOHHHHHH!!! Peace & love- Trouble!! Have a wonderful weekend all!!!!!! 3098
  • Hey Man   2014-07-11 16:20:17
    It might help if David posted some sort of countdown to the announcement of the new guitarist and new album info. This waiting game with no further comments from David is just brutal - but if people knew that August 1st would be the day that everything is revealed, I think people would relax and be happy knowing that there is an official date for the information. It would probably be beneficial from a marketing and promotion standpoint as well if you implement a coundown to the NEW Whitesnake. 3097
  • Poor Albert   2014-07-11 13:03:55
    He is gone for now. Carry on with all the good stuff, and thank to you 99% that make this such a good place! 3060
  • Giovanni   2014-07-11 11:24:14
    Greetings to you David: Can't we all just get along, boys and girls? Negativity is truly a turnoff. A watched pot never boils so we will know when DC reveals the new guitarist. Missmo, wishing you a fun-filled weekend, and I hope that you have completely mended. Good weekend to you all. Migliori auguri, Giovanni Castellano 3059
  • robbierob   2014-07-11 10:47:39
    @carlos be did they talk of when the annoucment might be? 3058
  • robbierob   2014-07-11 10:46:33 actually got initials from David? really? Sambora nahhhhhh i just don't see it Ritchie is a bluesy guy but i can't recall that last time i heard him shred some. I really hope it's Justin Derrico. 3057
  • carlossantos13   2014-07-11 10:11:33
    folks, i asked coverdale/aldrich and eddie truck on twitter: i got, its a guy that plays les paul and strats, and we know its a great singer, coverdale laught and didnt told me the first letters... well, cause of that,its not m schenker, or kotzen, or malmsteen... i suspect its sambora, my choice would be, john norum,al pitrelli, justin derrico, rafael moreira (american idol), richie faulkner is impossible, cause hes on priest... we now know its not a ibanez or jackson, cause i got from the horses mounth its a les paul/strat player... cheers 3055
  • kingdaw2   2014-07-11 09:38:05
    finewine. You have no clue my son. I am sure that I am older than you. (My eyes are better too) Stop already with your baby rants please. 3054
  • robbierob   2014-07-11 09:26:57
    Everyone has and opinion but to attack someone is plain far as Doug goes great player ,great tone excellent writing partner,does he remind me of sykes yes is he sloppy absolutly NOT. EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO BRING TO THE TABLE..... Now i saw someone post that Gus G would be great and to lose the L.A metal thing..well Gus is just that he is the la metal sound (great player) but same sound. I am excited to find out who will be the guy and quite honestly i don't think david would go with someone who is of equal stature in celebrity....THE GOOD NEWS IS W.S. ROLLS ON. 3052
  • glenn plumridge   2014-07-11 09:22:28
    NOW NOW boys and girls , every line up of the snakes has been incredible & enjoyable , every album , every tour , and thats down to every member that has been in the band , and thats why we are all on this site , 3051
  • kingdaw2   2014-07-11 07:09:37
    finewine...with all respect. Please stop beating on Doug. He is a great guitarist. I have seen him in person many times. My wife and I met him and talked to him a bit. Besides being a nice person too. Absolutely no attitude. I have been up close to many guitarists over the years and Doug is top notch. I know Whitesnake will go on and on. Cannot wait for news on new person in band. 3050
  • rockinreggie   2014-07-10 21:18:14
    Please go away with anything negative to say about Doug. 3046

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