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the BBS
  • isleofwight   2014-10-31 12:16:59
    Autobiography- Read Sammy Hagar RED, could not put in down, interesting from an entrepreneur perspective, who would have thought TEQUILA would be so captivating. Sammy' recall and honesty 'oozes off the page'. Bats off to Sammy........ 3612
  • isleofwight   2014-10-31 11:25:54
    Ghost walks on the Isle of Wight-Valentine was the youngest chimney sweep who still hangs the Island.............Thank you Pandora- each enjoy a large glass of bulls blood and a wedge of Gallybagger your good health 3611
  • Giovanni   2014-10-31 09:38:52
    Happy Halloween to you DC, WS, Spooky Pandora, Lovely Rosangela, and the rest of you lot out there in Whitesnake world! Make it a safe, fun night and weekend! May the "spirits" be with you... Cheers, Giovanni 3610
  • Pandora   2014-10-31 07:37:34
    OMG, Ghouls & Guy-thingies, did u just hear something go BUMP (& GRIND) in The Still Of The (Whitesnake) Night?...lolololol....isleofwight, see "How White Was My Snake" comments by ours truly...DC dahlink, how 'bout a lil trick or treat? With that, she vaporized 3609
  • snakelover   2014-10-31 06:44:36
    Hi David...Happy Halloween...Have a Beautiful Weekend...We miss you here David...And...You are always in our dreams...Have fun & be safe tonight all... 3608
  • applequeen   2014-10-31 05:43:16
    Just bought a Whitesnake CD. David is wonderful. The range in his voice is awesome. As I got older, seems I am going back to the stuff I listened to in the eighties. It was some pretty amazing music back then and Whitesnake was just on the the pretty amazing groups. David also looks great for his age. Too bad he's married. LOL 3606
  • isleofwight   2014-10-30 07:24:57
    DC would be great to hear your thoughts on an autobiography; in the works perhaps? What is it like on the road visiting cities around the globe......Is there an opportunity to enjoy culture, Do you try and frequent the same establishments to achieve a 'home from home' obviously without the can't have it all ........ 3605
  • Oonaa   2014-10-30 05:32:56
    G'day campers. Hope alls well on the front. A qst to Japanese lot, care to share impressions w back to the bone? particularly any bits & bobs 'bout the unseen & unheard parts would be a thrill to hear. xx 3604
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-10-29 09:50:49
    Givanni you are a very loving person. Fraternal embrace Let's wait 3603
  • isleofwight   2014-10-29 01:56:32
    Isle of Wight Festival June 2015 rumours that Kiss, Oasis will perform......When you are looking at a tour how about booking some Isle of Wight hospitality.......coloured sand, dinosaur Isle, home of Keats and Tennyson, and love her Queen Victoria at Osborne House. A Yorkshire Gold on ice....... 3602
  • Giovanni   2014-10-28 16:29:10
    Rosangela and Pandora... yes, I miss the old days when our dearest DC would answer our questions and we had a lot of fun contributors who have gradually disappeared since our beloved David Coverdale has switched over to twitter. All we can do is beg, right? On our knees, DC, come back to the BBS and be a steadfast correspondent as before... Happy Halloween to the Coverdale family and all the serpents around the globe. Stay well... State bene! Giovanni Castellano 3601
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-10-28 12:44:49
    Hello dear DC. you love us and we love you. Drop by here to say hello to us and the latest news from Hook City. Kisses kisses! 3600
  • Pandora   2014-10-28 10:11:38
    Giovanni, we be sharing a brain about our FABULOUSLY witty MIA host...(now just my part--come on, DC Doll Face, bring that SEXY BACK!...You've got this gurl in dry dock--lololol) 3599
  • Giovanni   2014-10-27 15:17:03
    We would all be thrilled if the lad from Yorkshire would bless us with his wit, wisdom, humor and BBS in the BBS. Come back, kind sir, you are sorely missed here. Cheers, Giovanni 3598
  • isleofwight   2014-10-26 08:53:09
    Challenges are our noble teachers- We will get knocked down in the dust from time to time and have to deal with personal loss. Role models that say , Don't let anyone make you afraid', we have someone in our corner, and through sharing on BBS we are not alone. Having a bad day listen to Judgement Day and Still of the Night. Knock me down again can't wait to get back up again...... 3597
  • SOPHOS1   2014-10-26 00:36:10
    hot sauce man , dc doesnt live on the bbs anymore , albums have been sold , touring done , merchandise bought , mansions bought less than 1000 hits per day according to webmaster cameron sholtz should encourage him back on here but you can also follow him on twitter to get your sauces flowing otherwise just keep playing his music cos thats his gift to the fans ultimately. 3596
  • Hot Sauce   2014-10-25 21:06:07
    Does David read the BBS anymore? I recall when he would spend time answer everyone's questions and provide info on a regular basis. 3595
  • Pandora   2014-10-23 05:38:18
    "Back to the Bone" chatter but no DC up in here yet? What's a slithering gypsy to do without a Coverdale Cocktail...just like ze Wicked Witch of West, she's melting, melting, melting...DC, help a sister out, Luv! 3593
  • srdja ws   2014-10-22 00:00:24
    Nice Bernie's video. I hope the footage from 1980 will be available on youtube or somwhere else. 3591
  • isleofwight   2014-10-21 05:11:02
    Will there ever be a better time to reflect and enjoy the legacy of Whitesnake and other rock legends......Sad to hear about Malcolm Young's illness and for DC to discuss our departed. They are our heroes and we enjoy the fruits of their labour, every day. Thank you for being role models for our generation, squeezing out every last drop of precious life, leaving a legacy, never to be tarnished. Again thank you 3589
  • christelee   2014-10-20 16:43:30
    Exciting times to be part of the white snake choir. Can't wait to get my hands on back to the bone CD/DVD. The excitement of a new album being created at hook city builds, would love to be a fly on the wall right love as always to you and the family Christine. Xxxxxx 3588
  • missmo1666   2014-10-20 16:09:09
    Hi David, waiting patiently for November and Back To The Bone and what's on the agenda for 2015 for the Snakes. Hopefully there's a tour in the mix. Faithful fan MissMo xoxo 3587
  • Graham   2014-10-19 16:42:32
    Greetings from what has been a somewhat dry & yet moist visit for my incredible drummer of a son, Curtis Jake we had a fantastic time at the Glasgow museum. Thanks to my 'road rash' causing friend Johnny for popping along to Penny Lane.. The moment the band did the intro. to "Give me all your Love" C.J. immediately looked across to Dad and commented, whilst slapping his thighs to the right beat & tempo, "Hey Dad, its far too slow, Cozy or Tommy would get it right" Any wonder why, learning from one of the finest drummers in the North East! Hope to see you soon,Cheers & God Bless.. (Dad) aka G 3586
  • isleofwight   2014-10-19 03:35:56
    Just wanted to express gratitude in having Whitesnake beat the drum to our life soundtrack. Loved the positive lyrics of Triumph as I grew up; later met the band and there was 'no love in the heart of the city', between band members. However, did I benefit from great songs 'fight the good fight'- Absolutely, thank you DC 3585
  • steve   2014-10-19 00:41:14
    Yeah it was strange, going back to my original point, it's the only time I can think (not just Whitesnake, but any artist) where the video is a different song to the version released on the single and album. I would love to know the reason for it. 3584
  • sophos1   2014-10-18 19:16:22
    after checking out the 57 versions of the 1987 album that were released worldwide , the here i go again (us remix) DID appear on a UK version of the album.the record companies EMI and Geffen in typical eighties style squeezed every last drop of juice out of the album. [link] 3583
  • steve   2014-10-18 08:45:08
    Hi again Sophos1, The Here I Go Again USA remix did appear on the 1987 UK LP and cassette. It was added after it was released as a single. 3582
  • robbierob   2014-10-17 11:55:35
    Whitesnake fan it's on Rebs facebook page,i just found it he says quote" WOW DC JUST PLAYED ME THE DEMOS OF THE NEW STUFF,I CAN'T WAIT TO START JAMMING ON THESE" 3581
  • robbierob   2014-10-17 11:35:20
    Whitesnake fan i belive he tweeted it ,but i am certain beyond the shadow of a doubt he said NEW SONGS it could also have been on his page as well but i am almost positive it was tweeted...also in a radio interview that joel did he said its straihgt forward rock and roll 3580
  • brendakeijzer   2014-10-17 11:07:53
    New European Tour ? 3578

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