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  • geordiesnake   2015-05-20 14:11:42
    This album is sheer class all songs executed perfectly you just could not ask for more all songs are sublime , after reading the classic rock reveiw a few weeks ago I have no doubt in my mind that the critic is and always will be a total bellend and may he eat humble pie for a very long time everything David Coverdale does is never good enough for the British press they are all a bunch of tone deaf fxxk wits being polite , no wonder DC moved to the state,s all those years ago . Any way favourite tracks as before all awesome but you fool no one and you keep on moving just perfect cheers DC 4671
  • Oonaa   2015-05-20 13:00:35
    all gems in both organic & orgasmic (live) form. the new purple white black blues jazzy south an east bach & beast works cosmic crazy. those new to these will drool & hopefully rediscover this bit of dp history too. old fans will love the voyage down rootsey road in love child MJTYL gypsy sail away. lads proving monsters can reach godzilla level w intelligently made over YFNO. love child w raspy vox is a boner. holy man q nice surprise. anyways no need to elab more. tip of the hat to all spec them string maniacs - just wish drifter was incl... 4670
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-20 08:45:11
    Fave songs of Purple Album? Tough One...all are special, unique and powerful in each perfomance. But that lil' extra thrill from me goes to...Burn, Mistreated and Stormbringer :) Xx~J 4669
  • isleofwight   2015-05-20 06:57:28
    Agree with the reviews, DC's vocals are sublime, Holy Man and Sail Away capture a different time perfectly and translate ideally for the stage.....Growing lavender, lilac, aquilegia to remind me of Purple.....they do say you should smell the roses....just substitute lavender... 4668
  • SWEDEJESS   2015-05-20 06:45:19
    Good Day snakey peeps! Cuz' it sure is a good one...are good that we also have the precious Purple Album in our lives :) Wonderful Reviews here...I can only agree with you all. Let's gather up in awesome best rockin' friendship ever - best Choir! Now...we get back to our Choir-rehearsals aye ;) I practise every Crank up the volume...and go for it :) On tour, we'll show the world...what a Choir can do :) Big Smiles & Cheers, all! xx 4667
  • captainsnake84   2015-05-20 06:23:25
    Eh up snakes..I've had the Purple Album a couple of days now and it just gets better with every play,it really is an amazing album..these boys are gonna kick our arses live...have a fun day peeps and look after each other..back to work now..cheers guys..Keep it snakey x 4666
  • Oonaa   2015-05-20 04:10:05
    my lil man speaketh :) thank you for yfno and for being who you are tommy. so cool to mention rondat that guy is someting else, on the edge is sublime w the late brill petrucciani. peeps enjoy the read if u havent already. x [link] 4665
  • Graham   2015-05-20 02:04:55
    Keep it positive, Keep it Purple. When all is said and done, David sacrificed a great deal of time and effort with the rest of 'The Snakes' to not only revitalise and regenerate tracks that he wrote and constructed with Ritchie, Glenn, Ian & the dearly departed Jon and Tommy. Listening to the original Albums from my local Record shop,on a rainy Saturday afternoon spent enjoying lyrics we've come to know and love. As I listen to this new Whitesnaked version of my 'old' favourite D.P. tracks, David has produced them to meet today's audio standards. He proves quality stands the test of time. G x 4664
  • IndySteve   2015-05-19 14:30:40
    Can't remember having so much fun with an album! I loved all the original albums, and it seems you picked my absolute fave tracks from each, esp. those from CTTB. I gave this a glowing review on Amazon. Incredible musicianship and production! It sounds great, especially at ever higher volumes. Seriously, for my money, one of your best works, David & Snakes. DVD is great-love the vids. You guys are in top form. Can't get enough and am telling everyone I know. Cheers! 4663
  • richwesley   2015-05-19 13:22:12
    Thank goodness the Snake took the "blue" pill and res"erected" after such a long absences. Now the purple comes out. What a treat! I first discovered Purple just after the Mk II shakeup and before Burn was released. Burn, Stormbringer and Come Taste the Band remain among my favorite DP albums. To here them here, re-imagined, is more than anyone can ask for and to hear DC's take on the Hughes sung Holy Man is a treat. I suppose the only other addition that would have been nice would be one track with a duet with Glenn. Thanks for giving this material new life. 4662
  • snakegirl   2015-05-19 11:29:12
    Listening to the Purple CD now! Love it DC!! Love the liner notes too. See you on tour! Love, Laura xxx 4661
  • Graham   2015-05-19 10:03:47
    Having listenened to the Purple Album for a good few days now and absorbed the subtle differnces from the 'original' recordings. There simply aren't enough superlatives to describe how David and 'The Snakes' have re-vamped and updated various tracks from 3 of the G's favourite Deep Purple Albums. The production quality on the Japanese import is absolutely superb, crisp clear and tonally magnificent. Sail Away, Holy Man and the 2 versions of 'Soldier' had hairs standing up on the back of G's neck!! The bonuse DVD compliments the package nicely and gives us a wee insight. Where is Owed to G?... 4660
  • isleofwight   2015-05-19 09:53:57
    Isle of Wight got electricity last week.......hence I was happy to receive Purple album today. Now to find the gramophone...... 4659
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-19 07:17:38
    Today I really got the quite and serene time to really sit down and read David's words of the Purple Album's journey..In the album-booklet-and Wow!! Stunning!! these last couple of days has given so much clarity and respectful love for the two bands..DP and WS..and it has been a true journey to me as these days were just like the over 30 years I've been listening to them. Tears. Of joy and gratitude guys! You are truly awesome in the way you are! And such a wonderful woman - Lady Cindy, who came up with this amazing make this project come true..under the WS banner! Love y'all 4658
  • Oonaa   2015-05-19 06:01:15
    @degsy if u wanna see anything near wild mk4 take miami or long beach any time over jap 4657
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-19 01:22:36
    Hi Mick, Dear snake of this beautiful purple World :) Keep it Snakey! X The more I listen to these old/new shades of splendid instrumental techniques meet my ears and heart...brilliant! Deluxe edition indeed! So...time to set sail, vikings - sail away tomorrow, sailin' far find it, steal or borrow.. I'll be there someday :) See ya on tour - Happy purple Days - Cheers! 4656
  • Degsy   2015-05-19 01:03:14
    Just watched Purple in Japan, which was on Sky arts last saturday, with DC singing Burn, Smoke on the water etc. Would you believe from 1975, just goes to show the old snakes voice has actually got better over the years. If the forthcoming tour of purple nostalgia is anything like this concert then we are all going to be in for a real rock fest, prepare your voices Whitesnake choir. 4655
  • captainsnake84   2015-05-19 00:45:06
    Hi Jess,hi snakes of this beautiful purple world..I expected the new album to be good but I am in shock just how amazing it is...David,you and your band of merry men have created a rocks,it made me wanna dance,jump up and down,sing my heart out!! "Soldier" made me cry!! It will be an honour again to see you guys live on our stages doing what you do best..I told you a thousand times on Twitter yesterday but thankyou again David for this gift you have given us...we luurrve you man,see ya soon to make some f@ckin noise!!...have a great day guys...Keep it snakey X 4654
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-18 14:29:27
    Hi Snakes, band and fans :) Just me droppin' by again, for once again forwarding my Deeply thanx and congrats to the whole band and crew, for making a perfect new album! In Great respect you re-live the legendary tunes in an uplifting, heavy fresh way of sound performance..drums,guitars,vocals. Awesome new symbiosis!... And another big plus to the handsome twitter-Photos from your rehersal 'work outs'...always Nice to see a band enjoy working like that :) Thank you and warm Credit for sharing! Xx.. We'll give it back to you out at the arenas, on tour. You'll feel our love :) G'night, all xx~J 4653
  • Oonaa   2015-05-18 11:57:45
    Glad to see ya all loving the purple white :) cant dwell more at the mo but hearty shout out to lads for You Fool No One - the best of all 'heavier' renditions there, brill entry, clever unfolding and that almost 'one-like' riff bit just blend in perfectly. hats off to all but most of all to my lil man Tommy :) xx 4652
  • althepo   2015-05-18 11:22:43
    Just played it through at ear shattering volume. Opinion? Well, putting aside those who can't get over it not being Deep Purple and as a set of Whitesnake songs,really rather superb. Oddly, the boners sound like they were made for Come an' Get It. Nice job...cheers! Look forward to hearing some of these epics at Cardiff and Wembley. 4651
  • captainsnake84   2015-05-17 22:35:37
    Hi ya snakes,how are ya? Is that all..How Are Ya?? Haha..yes G we are definitely going to have to meet up and cause some "Trouble"up and down ol' Blighty,especially In The Still of the Night!! Haha...thx for you know what!!:) The Purple Album is just hours away from my grasp now,excited is not a big enough word...a new Whitesnake album is a very special and precious gift from DC...."Cov you are the Gov!"..Thankyou so much David for the album and please thank Cindy also for her encouragement ..have a great week guys and remember to keep it snakey..x Forevermore 4650
  • mamica   2015-05-17 15:37:24
    Dear David, Thanks for Japan tour dates!! I've pre-ordered 5 tickets...:) The more I listen to The Purple Album the more I fall in love with it!! Looking forward to seeing you and snakes in Japan! ... Love from Japan, Mamica 4649
  • Brian72   2015-05-17 12:07:35
    Just been listening to the new album, LOVING IT, not really a fan of deep purple but these new interpretations are sounding amazing, It's making a wet and windy Sunday in Glasgow feel less miserable. Well done DC and The Snakes. 4648
  • Puska   2015-05-17 08:23:28
    Loving the new album. Cheers! 4647
  • mike twirl   2015-05-17 07:33:37
    The Purple Album. If the aim was to pay tribute, to The University of Deep Purple...then the album itself, is a Masters Degree. Pure Quality 4646
  • Alex Kako   2015-05-17 03:18:06
    .... And I am ready to Rock in S.Petersburg... November 9, 2015 4645
  • Alex Kako   2015-05-17 03:14:00
    I Thank You All Guys, long live Whitesnake, very very very ... Purple Album Ahh))) 4644
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-17 02:33:21
    Hej alla = Hi all :) Agree G - I'd love White tees and Purple ones as well. Even though...the black tishas get more beautiful by age and washes..when they are turning in to 50 shades of Grey... Lol :) Just the same with people..the older we get the more genuine experienced we the tees we look at in the closet and wear with pride and love :) Rise n' Shine Snakes! Happy Sunday Funday,G & all! Xx P.s. the Purple Album is heavenly awesome!! 4643
  • Graham   2015-05-17 02:14:05
    Is there any cnance those friendly and polite merchandise people might consider printing up some shirts on Purple cotton or white instead of the 'typical' any colour you like as long as its 'Black'?? 4642

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