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  • christa   2014-08-29 06:47:42
    Happy Birthday, Rosangela! 3373
  • pascui   2014-08-28 22:33:13
    Welcome to Whitesnake Joel!!! 3372
  • AudioSlave   2014-08-28 15:36:29
    That was fun seeing David, Michael, Joel and Reb get soaked for a good cause! Hope Tommy & Brian R. get to get in on it, too! The video of KISS & Def Leppard getting doused was a hoot, too. Bless 'em all and everyone else for participating in this ALS ice bucket challenge. :) :) 3371
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-08-28 13:50:27
    Be very welcome to the WS family, dear Joel! Success in this new journey! Dear DC My birthday is Saturday, I am the sign of Virgo as you, but with Gemini ascendant. What is your ascendant? Can you tell me! 3370
  • christelee   2014-08-27 14:03:24
    Hi David not been here for a while. Hope you are well and hi to all on BBS. I am really looking forward to the new chapter of white snake, exciting times. I thank you for this wonderful journey I've had with you and all members of whitesnake. Its been amazing. You work so very hard to keep your fans happy, a true Yorkshire gentleman. With love to you and the family as always Christine. Xxx 3369
  • Giovanni   2014-08-27 05:22:47
    Now let's see Tommy Aldridge take the challenge! 3368
  • robbierob   2014-08-26 12:11:42
    David ,just wondering now that Joel's name has been released will we see a really nice slide show of the recording of the new album,like the one you had on forevermore.? 3367
  • hlubek123   2014-08-26 07:16:08
    where is michael devins challenge video...has he baile out? 3366
  • Giovanni   2014-08-26 07:02:10
    Careful with the ice bucket fun- [link] 3365
  • Pandora   2014-08-26 06:01:10
    Alright, alright, alright...mah boy just did the thang & took the ice bucket challenge....David Doll Face U...DO...ROCK!!! And B4 she gets Randy, she's gonna exit with her dream...(oo-er!)...Maestro, towel, s'il vous plait! LOL 3364
  • isleofwight   2014-08-26 00:43:55
    Imagine WS have been announced for Isle Of Wight Festival 2015 DC gets the word we need another 20 minutes, in addition to your set- What additional live material do you want to see? 1) Trouble 2) Don't break my heart again/Kittens got claws medley 3) Judgement day 3 further points for discussion: Why are US toilets equipped with a 'viewing gallery' I.e gaps that you can se through.....? Why aren't Ladies toilets reconfigured so that you have less mirror and less queues....... Did you know that they discovered a new species of Dinosaur on the Isle of Wight that lived 150 million years ago? 3363
  • connected63304   2014-08-25 19:08:10
    David you have truly picked on bad ass guitarist, Joel you rock! Cant wait for the new album, and hopefully US Tour? 3362
  • Lee Thompson   2014-08-25 10:04:26
    Hello All! Been awhile,as a long standing BBS poster,I would like to say I'm delighted to see yet another amazing musician joining our beloved Whitesnake,no faves here just the music & Remember! David Coverdale & Whitesnake ROOL! 3361
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-08-25 08:04:01
    NOW ON YOUTUBE!! Bernie Marsden - Trouble (ft. David Coverdale) >> [link] 3360
  • Children of the Night   2014-08-25 07:03:04
    Welcome to the Snake family Joel! Now, the next thing what we all can wait is new album and tour (if we don't already have)! Best wishes from rainy Finland :) 3359
  • whitesnaker   2014-08-25 07:00:58
    Since Whitesnake just got a new guitarist that suggests they're still an active band etc, I wonder if they'll get a semi-decent website at anytime. This interface looks like it's straight out of 1997. It makes the band look unprofessional. 3358
  • isleofwight   2014-08-25 01:15:06
    Good weather for ducks on Isle of Wight Looking forward in great anticipation of new album and hopefully 2015 tour dates In the meantime bring on the US Open balls please... 3357
  • Graham B   2014-08-24 12:50:42
    David. I've been a Whitesnake fan since 1978 and still headbanging, although Here I go again is looking more appropriate as my funeral tune. Live in Wales presently over r in Sedgefield as my daughter is in the maternity ward in Stockton ready to give birth. Today we went across to your old homeland of Redcar, Saltburn and Staithes. Last saw Whitesnake at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Keep rocking Graham. 3356
  • snakegirl   2014-08-24 11:36:19
    Awesome video from Reb!! Well done!! Laura 3355
  • emil.sahlstrom   2014-08-24 09:24:58
    Hey all I'm new here Whitesnake has been my favorite band I since was 8 years old now I'm 21 Thanks for the great inspirations within song writing hope we get to hear hear something from the new album soon thank you :) 3354
  • Jay M   2014-08-24 07:46:10
    Top of the Morning to Ya David!!! Holy Crap, That Water looks COLD!!! CHEERS to You ALL for doing it! Also a BIG Hearty Snake Chorus Welcome to Joel Hoekstra!!! Looking Very Forward to the new Tunes that are being created @ "Hook Studio's"!!! I feel Very fortunate to be able to partake in Your musical endeavor's Dear Sir!!! Things are looking Very Good here. Mother Nature has been Kind to us yet again. So I say, CHEERS, to the new Album, New guitar player, and ALL things "Whitesnake"!!! As Always & Forevermore, Your,"Obedient Serpent", Jay. Catch Ya Later. :) 3353
  • isleofwight   2014-08-24 03:00:02
    Good day from the Isle of Wight So pleased that WS are committed to bring 'live material' to the table. Great to build around Forevermore and is a great litmus test for quality. When I am on a long flight always put on Donnington 1990, takes me back and you are right there.....what shall we say to the BBC ..... 3352
  • mamica   2014-08-23 16:44:44
    Dear David, Hello, Happy to hear all is going well :) Welcome to the WS family Mr. Hoekstra!! Really looking forward to new album. Around when will it be released? Christmas time? ... Have a great time @ Hook City :))) Love from Japan, Mamica 3351
  • Konstantinos   2014-08-23 16:30:43
    Greetings from an very hot day in Greece!!Welcome to the Whitesnake family Joel!!i miss already Doug but Joel is an incredible musician...i think this is the most interesting guitar line-up since the Vai-Vanbenberg days!!!Do you agree David?? 3350
  • sonia blanco   2014-08-23 09:22:33
    Hi to all :) Poor Albert... Can´t wait to see you in action with ice bucket!!! :) 3349
  • snakegirl   2014-08-23 08:13:44
    Hi DC, So brave of you to do that cold water! BRRR! Have a great weekend! Love, Laura xxxx 3348
  • Aniulka   2014-08-23 07:22:43
    I need to admit one thig. That cold water is really impressive... I'd never do it unless water is enough warm, with flower petals and beautiful smell :P 3347
  • pam   2014-08-23 02:29:39
    Lol David that was hilarious , bet you had a nice hot shower after that ice cold water brrrrr ,now what you need after that is a big bear hug,or maybe not lol, looking forward to seeing the new line up , welcome Joel to the nicest ,best band ever,you will have a ball as we all do . Love Pam (-; 3346
  • isleofwight   2014-08-23 01:46:01
    Wanted to broaden the scope of the choir focus.... What is the point of : Cyclists shaving legs and wearing Tour De France clothing......are they in the chasing,chasing,chasing pack! Also more importantly I read Sammy Hagar autobiography and it was both compulsive and informative like BBS......would be super to get a DC view of the world.....meanwhile I am loving the ice bucket challenges, great to see Mark Wahlberg and family enjoy a British ice down pour... 3345
  • blackbat   2014-08-23 01:00:34
    Can't wait for the new album and tour. Listening to Bernie's album, totally recommend it. Will go and see him on his tour later this year. 3344

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