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  • Pandora   2015-08-15 08:39:11
    "Keep calm & stroke a Snake??" (Mercy, did the heat index just hit SMOLDERING up in here?!) Squire Coverdale, U naughty lad, U shouldn't Tweet thingies like that, considering this raw female is STILL in recovery from lack of 2015 'Snakebite! 4897
  • Helen Johnson   2015-08-15 00:01:15
    Indeed you have brought me back from the woodwork ... just got my mitts on this superb THE PURPLE ALBUM and haven't stop playing it .... its divine , sublime and SO bringing me back to you .... been a long time .... you all smashed it ... thanX for the music , that voice , that guitar .... gosh ... Im 20 again ! Fabulous work WS and you can mistreat me anytime xxx Cheerios DC xxx 4896
  • Mindshopmusic   2015-08-14 15:57:36
    Hi Dave and the boys! I have been a fan of yours Mr Coverdale since Burn. My fave song for years was Sail away. I could feel so much passion in your vocals. It was awesome! I was 10. Rock and roll became Rock and has never looked back. Since then I have been a devoted fan. When you brought in Tommy Aldridge it was the cherry on top. I've been a fan of his since BOA. Happy birthday Tommy! I have never had the opportunity to see Whitesnake in concert until now. Tomorrow night I finally will! My wife became a huge fan through me and we are both so excited to see you in Arkansas! Rock on forever 4895
  • Pandora   2015-08-14 09:21:07
    David Doll Face, hope ALL was uneventful and full of 'Snakey fun as U & ze 'Snakes slithered thru Tulsa last nite @ The Joint. Unfortunately Ms Pandemonium is STILL in a raging rant cos she didn't get to lay eyes on her fave piece of eye candy or give ear to his incredibly intoxicating vocals due to JUST being D/C'd from a VERY LONG hospital stay (6/16 to 8/12)! Then she checked the tour schedule and saw the last U.S. tour date of 8/16...(is there enuff Kleenex in the world 2 dry her tears?!) Nevertheless, she has faith that God will make a way 4 her to get 'Snake bit in 2015! OO-ER! 4894
  • Vix RFT   2015-08-14 05:41:39
    [link] All profits to 'Rockin' For Tots' raising funds for special care babies. Please share Thank you :) 4893
  • Chicago Joe   2015-08-11 18:31:48
    Is anyone else having a problem with merchandise? I'm a big guy and want/need a 3XL shirt from the current tour. They were sold out at the Merriville show back on July 18. I contacted the merchandiser and they told me they'd have more in stock, but that has yet to be true after checking numerous times daily since the show. Now they said that size will no longer be carried. Make up your mind.....I am sorry Albert and I understand if this gets deleted or I get a reprimand,but I'm very frustrated with the merchandise company 4892
  • Children of the Night   2015-08-11 08:06:30
    Summer greetings from Finland to you all! Tour seems go on well, so I can't wait what kind storm our Stormbringer does create in Helsinki. Have a nice day you all! 4891
  • the49ers   2015-08-09 17:03:44
    Dear Mr. Coverdale, Thank you s much for the song "Holy Man", now I can't stop drinking! Damn, That is a good song! HERE'S A SONG FOR YA!!!! 4890
  • Mark McCleary   2015-08-07 19:13:22
    Hi guys has anybody in the UK bought one of the VIP packages just wondered if they were any good already have a ticket for the Manchester show but was thinking of upgrading but have never purchased a VIP package before so this is just a general shout out for peoples advice really!!.Thanks for any advice 4889
  • Sneaky snake   2015-08-07 08:02:48
    Hello David Coverdale! I finally got to see your totally awesome show on Aug 5 at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. It was the best concert I've ever been to and you and your band were MAGNIFICENT! Your show totally exceeded my expectations. You are a true entertainer and I was totally thrilled by your performance. The solos by your guitarists and drummer were awesome and amazing. I loved your ending with "Still of the Night"! I'll always be a fan. XOXO 4888
  • snakelover   2015-08-05 22:08:06
    Hi Sweet David...Great to see you and all the SNAKES this tour...You all sound & look amazing as usual...Ready and oh so willing for the next tour...Less than two weeks and you'll be home in the loving arms of your family...Have a Beautiful night...Luv, Snakelover... 4887
  • relivkris   2015-08-05 06:43:32
    Come back to New England!! An hour and 45 minutes AT Hampton Beach, NH was not nearly enough of Whitesnake/Deep Purple! David Coverdale ... SWWWOOOONNNNN :p 4886
  • Flooze57   2015-08-04 18:27:36
    Had a blast at the Whitesnake Dead Daisies show Melbourne Florida a night I will never forget xx 4885
  • forever1snake   2015-08-03 08:51:33
    wow!!!...Friday night in Jacksonville was amazing!!! Saturday night in Melbourne was fantastic!!! we will be there on the front tonight at the hard rock in Orlando!!! and Thursday night in Clearwater!!! WE ARE READY TO MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! 4884
  • Cristian Garay   2015-08-02 09:37:32
    Permission ... We want to share a cover we did with our Svartalf band Argentina , one of the best bands of all time. The issue that we leave is Slow and Easy . We hope you like because it was done with great respect and admiration for Whitesnake . Thank you!! [link] [link] Svartalf. [link] 4883
  • salty no. 3   2015-08-01 08:15:02
    just a a memory thing saw you guys when you open for foghat at the cape cod colosseum Massachusetts do you remember ? 4882
  • snakegirl   2015-08-01 07:49:16
    Hi DC, It was great to see you in Westbury, NY and in New Haven, CT! Awesome shows! Much love, Laura xxx 4881
  • Billy DiNapoli   2015-08-01 05:36:32
    Hello David, was wonderful to meet you as you were hopping off the bus in New Haven the other night. The Show was unreal!!...I've seen you a ton of times over the years and this version of the band is also fantastic. I was on the floor right next to the very fun Brian Tichy! Got to meet the entire band after the show and they were very wonderful to all my friends. The Snakes took pictures with everyone and really gave of their time. Alot of so called stars don't seem to get that...Your Boy's are exceptional on the stage and off. A wonderful evening. Thanks So Much 4880
  • MoorlandMist   2015-08-01 03:27:05
    Happy Yorkshire Day! 4879
  • Pistols_at_dawn   2015-07-31 14:23:34
    Dear DC, I hope you get to read this. My name is Brad and im 27 years of age. But I want to thank you for your words and songs. Just last year I had a fellow band mate and blood brother lose his 10 year battle with leukemia. He lived a true Rockstar life and didn't let his illness stop him from anything. But I wanted to say how much your song, far thee well means to me and how much it helped me and my band mates through one of our darkest times and brought us more together than ever. And I thank you from my heart. Cheers my friend be safe be happy and don't let anybody make you afraid. 4878
  • georgethree33   2015-07-31 09:35:55
    and also much love & congrats to Michael and Drea! Wishing you both all the very best - you both deserve all that and more! 4877
  • georgethree33   2015-07-31 09:34:26
    David - just wanted to thank u for the Purple album. The thrill of listening to it reminds me of the first time I heard the 1987 S/T. Immediate, powerful, familiar yet electrifying to hear beloved tunes getting a modern facelift. The songs were always solid, but the fine tuning and reworking - brilliant, refreshing & a welcome addition. Have you considered giving other songs from the WS catalog a similar treatment? I'd love it if Bloody Luxury, Wine Women & Song, Lie Down, Rock 'n' Roll Women, Victim Of Love, Would I Lie to You, Black and Blue, Rock an' Roll Angels got a similar treatment. :) 4876
  • forever1snake   2015-07-29 11:35:11
    Time is closing in fast!!!.....Four Purple Shows in 6 days in sunny Florida!!!!.........Stormbringer Coming!!!!! 4875
  • Lisa&Cool Mike   2015-07-28 08:19:14
    Always a pleasure David! Last night's show in Westbury, NY was amazing! The voice, the set list, and the WS choir was in full effect!!! We had a great time. Thanks so much for the big kiss and hug... Always my Prince Charming! 4874
  • fdp   2015-07-28 05:58:28
    Hello David, I will be very brief and sincere: My wife and I are fans of yours. In the last 25 years we've ever seen on stage in several countries. Since then our greatest desire was to have five minutes with you. She recently celebrated 40 years of age and I know you thought would be your best gift. I'm not naive, I know it may be impossible I ask you (many admire you and many will want to know), but if not try in this life .. when? ;-). For this reason I write to you to tell me whether it is possible to realize his dream, his greatest wish ... Obviously within our means (we have 2 children also listened to you from pregnancy), we would adapt to whatever is needed to meet for example after one of your concerts. We currently live in Europe, that would be a pleasure if you help us, if you can give us five minutes of your precious time, you do know me. She would touch the sky !!!. With respect and affection. Long live the R & R !!! 4873
  • dusko serbiansnake   2015-07-27 08:58:45
    I wish a happy birthday to Michael Devin, and congratulations to him and Drea on their engagement !! Wishing both of the very best ;) 4872
  • guitarsoflove   2015-07-26 12:01:16
    David, I have a Charity, GUITARS OF LOVE. [link] we raise funds for children with life threatening illnesses. I would like to request attending your show either tomorrow July 27, 2015 Westbury, NY or July 28th New Haven, CT to have our charity guitar signed by You and all of Whitesnake which will be auctioned on Charity Buzz. Please forgive me for the last minute request. I can be reached at [email] as well. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 4871
  • lsg original Local Band Review   2015-07-24 09:29:37
    Reaching out from Local Band Review. Would love to cover your show in New Haven next Tuesday. I know we're a little late to the dance but we've enjoyed covering you in the past here in CT as well as Dead Daisies. My email: [email] Cheers! 4870
  • Shakkar   2015-07-23 04:39:42
    The Whitesnake was out in full force at Hampton Casino Ballroom. The sound was perfect, nice long set which, in my opinion, was one of if not the best setlist. I've waited 40 years to hear some of these songs live....more than worth the wait. The band....the Voice....stellar 4869
  • kgee102605   2015-07-20 13:32:21
    Please please please visit us in Portland, Oregon US!! 4868

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