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  • Kyoko8818   2014-09-21 09:21:06
    David, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May your year be fruitful! LOVE, Kyoko 3447
  • snaky88   2014-09-21 07:47:40
    Happy birthday David!! Have a nice day with Cindy and Jasper! :) 3446
  • atsoudi   2014-09-21 05:00:49
    Happy Birthday David!!!!!!!! Wishing you all the best you can get!!!!! Keep on Kicking ass!!!!! And keep on Rocking!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!! 3445
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-09-21 02:26:36
    If you can't wait for tonight to see "David Coverdale - 63rd birthday", you can watch last year's video >> [link] 3444
  • dcwsnake   2014-09-21 02:22:57
    Happy birthday David !!!! I wish you the best for you and your family from Spain! 3443
  • j.niznik   2014-09-21 01:04:30
    Tomorrow another Birthday all the best . 3442
  • susanpurt   2014-09-21 00:07:27
    Dear DC, for your coming birthday, I wish you all the best & hope, you are ok! Have not been here awhile, but follow you on Twitter... Hugs & kisses, as usual, from Switzerland... 3441
  • Graham   2014-09-20 21:21:02
    Lochwinnoch Test... 3440
  • superwhitesnake1   2014-09-20 17:03:38
    I heard Reb is doing some dates with Kip Winger. A friend told me they closed with Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love". He also said that before the band went on stage they played a Whitesnake tune over the PA system. And, after the concert there was another Whitesnake song over the PA system. Showing respect to DC! Love it! 3439
  • lovenrockandroll   2014-09-20 13:44:22
    Curiosity brews! Want to see Whitesnake more. I can only dream you guys will hit the roads and skys to tour again. When you do I will be waiting. 3438
  • AngelStorm   2014-09-20 12:06:00
    Dear David. We (May and Storm) are sitting here and enjoying some music while we sing along... our common favourite song is without a doubt soldier of fortune :) And so we came to think of you and youre amazing music. I (Storm) have never experienced a consert, and need something real to be "the first"! Can you please come to norway and play for us? We would love that!! My wife brags about your last consert in Oslo all the time. Rock on!! 3437
  • Ach20   2014-09-20 10:46:21
    Can we get an album update? 3436
  • julia17   2014-09-20 06:52:00
    Hi there....I live in England and just tried buying the hook city coffee mug, but 22 dollars was added for postage!!almost double the cost of the item!! is that correct? will you be getting any hook city merch on the UK STORE as can not afford the high postage rates on the usa store ;-( 3435
  • glenn plumridge   2014-09-20 01:52:51
    HI DC and all , its birthday weekend for me , it is my darling wife Gails birthday today ( we are the same age for a month )then its grandsons Charlie Joes tomorrow ,and then it is the turn of son in law John and of course your good self on Monday , so may we wish a VERY happy birthday to you and to anyone else who is having a birthday , stay safe , from the Plumridge family 3434
  • isleofwight   2014-09-19 14:15:16
    Many happy returns from the Isle of Wight Wishing you and the family a wonderful day Enjoy! 3433
  • Giovanni   2014-09-19 11:04:56
    Dearest David: Let me join the millions of your fans out there in this wonderful world of ours to wish you a very Happy Birthday along with many blessings for you and your lovely family! Buon Compleanno! Giovanni 3432
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-09-19 06:42:24
    Since YouTube changed their interface, it seems you can't watch a private video EVEN IF YOU HAVE GOT THE LINK. Sorry if you sent me COVERDALE63 via e-mail, but you have to wait for September, 22nd... 3431
  • soulserpent   2014-09-18 18:19:52
    Hi David. Are you looking forward to your sixty third birthday can't believe it you certainly don't look any where that age I was born August ninteen fifyu two wish I had ful head of hair like yours how do you keep so young and healthy looking forward to a new snake album and a brand new guitarist Joel loved dougs guitar licks but have heard Joel on YouTube on metal show and he is a worthy replacement for Doug are you planning to release it as a classic rock album special collectors pack as you did with Forevermore ? hope so any plans for touring in UK next year ? 3430
  • Pandora   2014-09-18 10:24:38
    David Doll Face, hard to believe 63 is 'round ze corner (but just between you & me, I KNOW about your portrait in ze attic)! So, what did you wish for?...REALLY?...That, again? OO-ER! Have a Happy One, Lad! 3429
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-09-18 07:44:56
    Watch a special video for David Coverdale's birthday BEFORE everybody else? Tip COVERDALE63 & send it to [email] 3428
  • glenn plumridge   2014-09-17 10:59:47
    I have the vinyl Lp And about time too , by Mr Marsden , the cover is signed by Bernie , Ian Paice , Neil Murray , and a one Bobby Dazzler , next please . 3427
  • scratched&bitten   2014-09-17 10:33:35
    I have a Whitesnake artist's pass from the Saints & Sinners Tour. It was a gift from Samson Bassist Christ Aylmer, who was a friend and who passed away in 2007. Samson supported Whitesnake on the British leg of the tour, if I remember correctly. 3426
  • steve   2014-09-17 09:27:27
    Hi sadric86! Just tell her to wear it and cherish it!!! Don't sell she crazy? ;0) 3425
  • sadric86   2014-09-17 08:53:56
    My ex wife was given a Whitesnake jacket by Neil Murray, who was told by the management at the time that he had to take his name off the back before it was handed over. She still has his jacket and now wonders if it is worth anything all these years later, and if so, how much. 3424
  • steve   2014-09-17 00:15:13
    Hey! Congratulations xtrailcutterx! A beaut of a vinyl.....;0) 3423
  • xtrailcutterx   2014-09-16 12:31:06
    I want to thank poor albert and sir david coverdale for picking me in the trouble lp giveaway a little love and affection sure does go along long way! snakebit forever.xtc 3422
  • sonia blanco   2014-09-14 07:22:18
    Hi to all ;) Albert and David... Are you having trouble with your email?Please check it.I sent one.Thanks. :) 3421
  • missmo 1666   2014-09-13 08:45:43
    Hi David, wishing you a glorious weekend. Is your weather still warm? Hi to Gionanni and all the other WS children. All is well in Fl. SOTD Children of the Night xoxoMissmo 3420
  • scratched&bitten   2014-09-12 09:17:50
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, so a quick post to hello. I'm from Germany and hope that Whitesnake come over soon to play some shows here again. 3419
  • Giovanni   2014-09-12 07:08:16
    Happy weekend to you DC and the BBS gang! Happy to see Valeria back posting here. I miss many of the active, former contributors. Please come back and share. Missmo, hope all is well with you in Fla! Raising my glass to you all, cheers! Giovanni 3418

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