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  • dcwsnake   2015-02-26 00:30:24
    What great piece of news!!! I love Deep purple mark III.... they introduced me to al Rock.. since then I've been married to David... so it's fantastic to hear again these songs. In any case, anything you do, it'll be awsome to me..... Good bless you David... and the bandmates. PLease don't forget Spain... we are looking forward to hearing you again!. Regards!! 3992
  • LindyLou   2015-02-25 23:38:34
    Whitesnake Vancouver !!!!!! 3991
  • connected63304   2015-02-25 19:48:21
    Mow I cant wait to hear all the other revamped songs on this album, especially Sail Away- Already sounds to be a great album, and it is awesome to see Reb shredding that guitar! 3990
  • Ach20   2015-02-25 19:32:10
    I was hoping they would have reworked some Whitesnake songs from the Sunburst years. 3989
  • feeling hot   2015-02-25 18:52:20
    david, kudos to you and the band, preordered deluxe edition on amazon, hoping to see u live at your show in geneva il july 17, cant wait stormbringer is amazing, i loved the burn album and come taste the band purple albums, love ya david,, cant wait to hear new album love and respect to deep purple.. 3988
  • Purplesnake   2015-02-25 17:25:00
    AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! What a band!!! Whitesnake, boys & girls!!! 3987
  • joey318   2015-02-25 17:09:08
    hi david love the song i think it kicks ass, glad to see that you are still rocking. keep kicking ass david 3986
  • Callum   2015-02-25 16:07:53
    Whilst I will buy the super deluxe mega bollocks version of the Purple Album. Very disappointed. Cov you can do better than this. Not surprised Doug did something else. Hopefully Reb gets more of a go as in my opinion a better Six String Slinger than Doug anyway. I suspected a covers album but with more imagination. 3985
  • Anasazi   2015-02-25 15:46:57
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!Thank you for this wonderful gift and surprise for us.."The Purple Album"..I absolutely love this version of Stormbringer.The band and you David are electrifying and causing a storm of excitement in me..Thank you ..Blessings and Love Anasazi.. 3984
  • paul.burnip   2015-02-25 14:24:20
    Whitesnake got me in to purple. Now Whitesnake's influence will get more people in to purple and make for a diamond best of Whitesnake. Hope this is presented live on the usual English circuit? Demand will outstrip supply as usual. Thanks for the easy link to pre order CD and endorse the band properly. Early Christmas. Happy days. 3983
  • snakegirl   2015-02-25 14:20:40
    Awesome news today! Can't wait to get the album! Hope to see you on tour DC! xxxx Love, Laura 3982
  • inamurato   2015-02-25 14:12:41
    The album I'd been dreaming of (but, to be honest, not expecting) has been announced! Thanks DC. Pre-ordered today and looking forward to receive it. 3981
  • chrisy3   2015-02-25 14:09:26
    Do you know if they will be doing Meet & Greets for their upcoming tour? I was planning on going to their Clear Lake, IA show! Would love to meet them! :) 3980
  • mark jude   2015-02-25 13:01:16
    Thankyou 3979
  • mark jude   2015-02-25 13:00:42
    Hi David & the mighty snakes. I have been a huge fan since day one back in 78. I can't wait for the new purple covers album. I know it will be absolutely brilliant just like every album you have ever made. 3978
  • Dr.Carl   2015-02-25 12:51:39
    Dear David, this news stirs my heart !!! I'd never ever expected this from sweet and VERY courageous to do so...EXCELLENT choice of songs and quite some about Comin' Home, the FIRST song that shattered my head when I listended to CTTB at the age of 14...and Holy Man, the song that only Glenn sung at the original album...Congratulations...Love the Stormbringer Whitesnake version 21st Century Powered Up Rendition....VERY promissing...Can't wait for the CD and vinyl edition...Thank you for the music...LOVE...Carl 3977
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2015-02-25 12:49:15
    Dear DC and band, this sensational tasting comes around. All are wonderful, but DC and RB, no words to describe, simply wonderful. Good luck and a happy journey in tournee 2015. I very much hope to see them soon. Kisses Kisses. Love and Peace. DC, you seem wine, each time his voice is bigger and better. Fantastic, Beautiful a Show! Ha ha! 3976
  • fitzy   2015-02-25 12:44:54
    Rockin again boys and girls - barman pint of purple slurp please ! 3975
  • pam   2015-02-25 12:43:10
    Oops forgot to say loving the title of the new album it will be awesome ! pam (-: x 3974
  • pam   2015-02-25 12:39:42
    OMG one of my fave Songs just brilliant !! Awesome you all look amazing and sound amazing that video is brilliant . I really can't wait to see it live again .Looking forward to all the WS goodies coming our way .Hopefully see you in Newcastle David .Pam (-: X 3973
  • dogstar   2015-02-25 12:37:03
    I watched the video (Stormbringer) and the song was great and this will be your best album yet....Excellent tribute to Deep Purple....Congratulations to all of you guys.....Cheers! 3972
  • assafnroses   2015-02-25 11:32:23
    yes, simply yes... :) 3971
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-25 11:07:58
    STORM...BRINGER!!! [link] [link] 3970
  • kindredsoul   2015-02-25 10:20:28
    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! The Purple Album???? Who'd a thunk?!? Sure threw me for a loop....LOVE it! And a CLE date to boot...this February 25th is a mighty fine day!!!!!! I'll be there front and center David...I've waited TOO long. Would love to get up and play a song with you, NO, I won't embarrass you...I Am Experienced ;-) 3969
  • robbierob   2015-02-25 10:18:15
    Wait and how about the album cover....effin great!!!!!!just got done with boring bussiness meeting now preordering ....Oh Yeahh!!!! 3968
  • DavidADanby   2015-02-25 10:09:49
    Really excited about the new Purple Album; wasn't expecting that one David! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and I do hope you will come over to old Blighty for the second leg of your tour. 3967
  • schuster-teruel   2015-02-25 09:57:36
    uauuuuuuuu , the Snake is back big time remembering where everything started , great video, and look forward to much more CONGRATULATIONS DAVID Y CIA. and I do not forget to Spain¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡yeahhhhhh 3966
  • Mark McCleary   2015-02-25 09:53:24
    Although I'm looking forward to the Purple CD immensely,I was hoping for some news on new original Whitesnake too any news on that front? 3965
  • Moreci42   2015-02-25 09:17:55
    SOUNDS GREAT! nice to see those old boys (songs) getting a face lift... Already looking forward to the White album... HaHaHa 3964
  • afcgunner   2015-02-25 09:00:51
    OK, first the new Album, how about releasing it on Purple Vinyl please. Second, where are the Florida shows? My days of seeing you at the Hammersmith Odeon are long since past, but I need a show down here, please. 3963

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