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  • kingdaw2   2014-09-23 08:56:28
    David...Hope you had a great birthday! Wishing you and your family the best! Hope they sang a great Happy Birthday song to you. Hope to hear about new album and new tour soon. Your fans await the news. 3517
  • francesco   2014-09-23 03:08:49
    Dear David, first of all, happy birthday! The years passed, I was a rebel, I am now a manager, but your music, your voice is always young,powerful and clear, because it has a fundamental thing that always excites everyone and that is not in the band today: the SOUL I hope that you can come early to the Summer Festival of Lucca (Italy) to perform in my beautiful city and get to know you in person! And as I tell my colleagues: to do well in life, it takes balls, heart and head. A big hug, Francesco 3516
  • john watson   2014-09-23 01:06:54
    Happy Birthday David, I am sure you had a good one! 3515
  • shadesatnight   2014-09-22 20:12:04
    Happy Birthday David!! Hope its as wonderful as you are! 3514
  • sonia blanco   2014-09-22 18:05:47
    One call for solidarity...I am looking urgently whereabouts of Mr.Poor Albert...hahaha :) Please contact me...Thanks :) 3513
  • dino_nassis   2014-09-22 17:56:22
    happy birthday david! thank you for ressurecting my soul one more time! hope to see you soon! greetings from cyprus! 3512
  • Purplesnake   2014-09-22 17:02:47
    Happy Birthday, David! Enjoy your day, enjoy your week, enjoy the entire month!! HAHA All the best!!!!! 3511
  • MaddieSnake   2014-09-22 16:35:31
    Happy Birthday David, many more birthdays to come full of peace, love, light, joy, happiness and music. Many greetings from Recife, Northeast Coast, Brazil. 3510
  • bojana   2014-09-22 15:02:18
    Happy birthday, dearest David! I wish you well. Thank you for the music of the heart, friends I had made through it and memories. May God bless you with beautiful life, blessings, eternal happiness, love, brightness, magnificent songs and concerts, safe and remarkable travels, success in all you do and fulfillment of all your incredible wishes! And health, we must not forget health. Bojana from Montenegro P.S. My family all say Happy birthday to you as well and wish you all the best. 3509
  • David Purple   2014-09-22 14:42:55
    Happy birthday David! Wish you all the very best and hope to see you soon! Have a great time!! Cheers from Greece! 3508
  • AudioSlave   2014-09-22 14:35:16
    Happy Birthday - week to you, DAVID! 3507
  • joanne-iowa   2014-09-22 14:17:26
    Dear David, Happy Birthday!! You are still a HANDSOME DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!! Luv from the LunchLady!!!! 3506
  • Ivelina Bulgaria   2014-09-22 14:04:12
    Happy Birthday, sweet and wonderful David! I wish you health and all the love and happiness you need! I love you, I adore you, I dream to meet you one day because you're the person (you and Rithie Blackmore) who I admire the most as a musician! I love your voice!!! Enjoy your birthday... and be like a child... holy, loving, pure and happy! God Bless you and your family! 3505
  • Anitah   2014-09-22 13:48:11
    Hi again, Dear David, we can see you've having fun!! Keep on rocking and rolling that mood!! Purplesnake, the B'Day video is wonderful, I really love the first part with DC's evolution in... life and then the next part with everyone wishing him well :) Really enjoyed it! Believe David will too! Thank you! Love, anna 3504
  • maria araujo   2014-09-22 13:36:35
    Querido David , Parabéns e muitas Felicidades, beijos e abraços mil do Brasil. 3503
  • sanja.rock   2014-09-22 13:32:12
    Happy birthday, David!!! Wish you a grand day with your family. Kisses, Sanja from Serbia 3502
  • kham   2014-09-22 13:16:27
    Happy Happy Birthday David!!!! I will lift a few to you and also myself since today is my anniversary..Keep it rocking DC:) 3501
  • berox   2014-09-22 12:55:44
    happy Birthday David !! 3500
  • dragutin   2014-09-22 12:26:43
    Happy B-day,David! Greetings from Serbia...& all the best...WS/DC forever! 3499
  • mary   2014-09-22 12:19:29
    Buon Compleanno David!!! I wish you all the best! Spend a beautiful day with your loved one. Greetings from Rome, mary 3498
  • dragonlady   2014-09-22 12:12:55
    Happy Birthday David !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greetings From Valhalla Club -Komotini-North Greece-Thrace. We Love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3497
  • rachelr   2014-09-22 12:05:52
    Happy birthday david have a good one xxx 3496
  • missmo 1666   2014-09-22 11:11:00
    Happy Birthday DC, hope to share many more with you, xoxox Missmo 3495
  • superwhitesnake1   2014-09-22 10:45:00
    Happy Birthday and all that. Lift a few glasses for me. Can't wait to hear the new material and hopefully see you in upstate NY, USA 3494
  • snakecharmer   2014-09-22 10:32:21
    H A P P Y B I R T H D A A A A A H Y Y Y Y - D A V I D ! ! ! ! M A Y T H E V O I C E F O R E V E R B E W I T H Y O O O O U U U U !!!! Thanks for all your Music, I wish you well ! snakecharmer (I´ll rise a glass (or two ..!) for yah.. 3493
  • johnnie   2014-09-22 10:23:22
    happy birthday dear david 3492
  • Children of the Night   2014-09-22 10:08:10
    Happy Birthday David, all the best, forevermore!! Cheers from Finland! 3491
  • tangosnake   2014-09-22 10:03:14
    Congratulations on your anniversary and many happy returns. Here in La Paz, Bolivia, the number one FM played "Here I go again" in your honor. Keep on rocking! 3490
  • toms   2014-09-22 10:01:55
    Happy Birthday,David!!! Greetings from Latvia! 3489
  • AncaRomania   2014-09-22 09:54:56
    Happy Birthday ! Romania hasn't forgotten the blessed moments when you were here, on stage. And we were so happy ! If only we could give at least some of this happiness back to you.... with our wishes, today of all days. We love you dearly, and have been with you forever. And will be with you forever. Please receive our love. 3488

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