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  • dusko serbiansnake   2015-07-27 08:58:45
    I wish a happy birthday to Michael Devin, and congratulations to him and Drea on their engagement !! Wishing both of the very best ;) 4872
  • guitarsoflove   2015-07-26 12:01:16
    David, I have a Charity, GUITARS OF LOVE. [link] we raise funds for children with life threatening illnesses. I would like to request attending your show either tomorrow July 27, 2015 Westbury, NY or July 28th New Haven, CT to have our charity guitar signed by You and all of Whitesnake which will be auctioned on Charity Buzz. Please forgive me for the last minute request. I can be reached at [email] as well. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. 4871
  • lsg original Local Band Review   2015-07-24 09:29:37
    Reaching out from Local Band Review. Would love to cover your show in New Haven next Tuesday. I know we're a little late to the dance but we've enjoyed covering you in the past here in CT as well as Dead Daisies. My email: [email] Cheers! 4870
  • Shakkar   2015-07-23 04:39:42
    The Whitesnake was out in full force at Hampton Casino Ballroom. The sound was perfect, nice long set which, in my opinion, was one of if not the best setlist. I've waited 40 years to hear some of these songs live....more than worth the wait. The band....the Voice....stellar 4869
  • kgee102605   2015-07-20 13:32:21
    Please please please visit us in Portland, Oregon US!! 4868
  • bonesaw13   2015-07-19 13:43:52
    David, I have somewhat of a selfish request, my wife and I will be attending the July 25th show in Atlantic City NJ and the last time we saw Whitesnake perform our wedding song "The Deeper the Love" was in Phila. on the "Slip of the Tongue" tour in the early 90's and was wondering if there would be any chance you are or would add that awesome song to the set-list for the AC show on July 25th. Best Wishes, Rita & Russ 4867
  • Stormbringer34   2015-07-19 12:35:29
    I can't wait to see you guys in Greensburg PA tomorrow night. Please play Stormbringer, that song kicks ass!!! m/ 4866
  • Giovanni   2015-07-19 10:19:09
    Dearest David and WS: What a show last night in Merrillville! Five Stars! My girlfriend and I want to quit our jobs and follow you around the USA and even the world! Very impressive. Also, I had the chance to meet the wonderful Signor Luppi and his maestro son, Michele! Speaking Italian came in handy. Molte Grazie! To all WS fans in the world, you MUST see the lads live on this tour. Cheers, Giovanni 4865
  • stknthe80s   2015-07-16 14:25:37
    And also....RIP Jon Lord :-/ 4864
  • stknthe80s   2015-07-16 14:24:46
    The show at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando is coming up SO quickly but doesnt seem quick enough for me!! LOL Can't wait to see maybe some of you there....anyone going? I'm hoping to be shooting the show there so I'll be easy to find! LOL :) 4863
  • Jay M   2015-07-16 14:01:23
    Ohhh,Yes,The Surf Ballroom show was completely Incendiary!!! Had a Blast with it! My good friend Chris, aka Snake Rattle Roll & loverly Wife was there to Jam/Party with, along with my Luv, Teresa, & my good self. A Grand Night was had by All!!! A high 5 and sing into DC's mic. was 2 of many highlights including meeting and photo/chat with Joel, Michael & Michele!!! The Purple tour is on Fire Chorus members!!! Catch a show and Jam with a Great bunch of Snakes!!! CHEERS to David, Joel, Reb, Michael, Michele, & of course, the "Power Skins Banger", Tommy!!! Catch Ya Later! Jay. :) 4862
  • Col   2015-07-16 07:25:31
    Three years ago today the world was robbed of it's greatest ever keyboard player. Deep Purple and Whitesnake fans will never forget the great Jon Lord! 4861
  • Giovanni   2015-07-15 14:22:47
    DC: Looking forward to seeing you and the lads this Saturday night. Any chance for a shout out? :) Cheers, Giovanni 4860
  • cookie   2015-07-14 19:02:46
    We want some DC in DC. Wish you would grace us here in Washington, DC or Virginia. It would be a sold out venue. We miss you. Happy 64th Birthday to you. OOXX 4859
  • WSFanPage   2015-07-14 13:58:14
    As David Coverdale's birthday is getting closer, WHITESNAKE Fan Page would ask you to send a 15 seconds video of you with family, friends and whoever you want wishing David a happy 64th birthday! Please send your video at [email] before September, 10th. I will post the video on my YouTube channel! 4858
  • robbierocker   2015-07-13 12:06:29
    Ahhhhh ,had to re-register, it's been awhile...But first off David awsome album I Love it!!!!!! I hope that you guys film the new tour for a dvd The Hoakstra,beach team needs to be documented. I honestley have to say I love every whitesnake album.i did read in an article David that you said this may be the last big arena rock album...Sir with all due respect i hope not...the band is just white hot and new songs would be be soooo goood with this line up...anyway enough of me...keep on rockin David. 4857
  • Snake Rattle Roll   2015-07-12 20:11:24
    Thank you David for a great show in St. Paul! You and the band really rocked the place. What a great lineup of fine musicians and showmen! My wife (who was holding Cindy's cookbook) and I were lucky enough to get up close to the stage are were trilled so see you again. We will be hitting the road to see yon in Iowa next. See you (and Jay M) in a few days Sir! Thank you for all the joy you spread. Chris. 4856
  • jimi gillispie   2015-07-09 13:17:15
    The show in Huber Heights had the worst sound of any I have ever seen. The whole system went out during the first song and was bad the rest of the night. My wife and I love the band and I have followed DC's and Tommy's career's for over 40 years, and I have got to see both, together and with other bands, many times. The first time I saw Tommy was with Black Oak. I don't know what the problem was but it ruined the whole show. This was the one show this year we were really looking forward to seeing. Hopefully you will get close enough for us to see again someday. Thanks for all the music. JIMI G 4855
  • Graywolf   2015-07-08 15:19:36
    Hello David, How can this Naughty Snake and his bride meet you and your lovely bride Cindy before we expire from this bloody heat in Washington DC? When is DC coming to DC? This disabled veteran, lifetime super-fan, can't get enough DC!!! This is my dream, my mission, my one and only wish; to meet you and hang out over dinner a great wine! Thank you David! It's an honor sir! Respectfully, Mike H. 4854
  • gp   2015-07-08 15:01:41
    Hi DC! Please, in Geneva, IL we want the whole Purple Album plus a song I would love to hear and I guess very few people request these days: TROUBLE Counting the minutes... 4853
  • caro2salt   2015-07-08 02:08:51
    Hi Mr Coverdale..Greetings from not so sunny at the moment Saltburn! for a weeks break..lovely peaceful place to get away from it all!...looking forward to seeing you in Sheffield in December Xxxx 4852
  • florencia angel   2015-07-07 20:19:03
    thank you David coverdale because you help me to survive dificult times during the bloody dictature that i had to live when i was so Young..thank you and thank you form your amaising music that help me to go f. 4851
  • forever1snake   2015-07-07 18:11:31
    After one awesome show in Biloxi on june 19th....and now the countdown begins!!! In 24 days I begin my trek across the state of florida!! First stop Jacksonville...then to Melbourne...Orlando...and Clearwater!! Ten days in a PURPLE HAZE!!! WE ARE READY!!!!!!!! 4850
  • oli   2015-07-07 18:09:02
    Hello Guys , just wanted to say i did enjoy listening to Whitesnake once again. I have seen Whitesnake 1981 back in Germany and i had the opportunity to meet Jon Lord, Ian Paice and Neil Murray in person! Again i have seen Whitesnake 1983 at the Monsters of Rock Tour as Headliner! And now after all this Years, we all grown lil older but the Music and Mr DC's Voice is still one of the best out there . I am so happy i was able to catch some of you Guys before the Concert to sign some CD's! Great Guys !! Thanks a lot !! 4849
  • Jay M   2015-07-07 13:56:32
    On This Day, I raise a Glass to celebrate a birthday, Not just any Birthday, That of my Dear Brother, Mr. Purplesnake and his twin Brother Mr. Snake Road!!! Happy Birthday Guys!!! CHEERS!!! All The Best!!! Jay. :) 4848
  • cmomo   2015-07-05 20:48:54
    hi guys you are my favorite band of all time I admire Mr.Coverdale please it is possible for you to play the song The Judgment Day or The Deeper The Love in Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on July 22, because we're from Montreal , Canada with the daughter(Karolane) of my girlfriend(Sharon). From Claude - Thank you guys for taking the time to read us :) 4847
  • Col   2015-07-05 10:31:38
    Hey DC, are you going to invite the amazing Space Elevator to join you on tour at some point? I think that they'd compliment you guys greatly and The Duchess just has to be the best female vocalist on the planet at the moment as I am sure you are well aware. 4846
  • steveo   2015-07-03 06:11:54
  • frankmoses   2015-07-03 05:21:33
    Once again thanx David and band a great album (purple) but the thing that excites me the most is the rumour there could be a unplugged style album cumming with Davids great voice bring it on I still listen to starkers for the love of that voice. Thank you again a true fan from New Zealand. 4844
  • zeldagirl   2015-07-02 09:56:36
    Jaydog28--Just an aside so you don't think I don't have any friends . . . just don't have any that like classic and glam/sunset strip bands. They're loss, I guess. 4843

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