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  • SwedeJess   2015-05-06 13:42:52
    Soon night-time here and a lil' reflection made...just been reading a DC-interview in a rock magazine and it was truly good rock news but what really hits my heart was the way David express how he is as a father and man. Amazing gratitude towards son Jasper. Just as every child on this earth deserves, but not all get. As a mother to a son of 23 and a daughter of 21...I live this every day as well. The proud feeling :) That love. Endless. Parenthood is a blessed journey in life. If we want to help children in check out Unicef. Cheers David and to y'all in the WS-family too! PurpleLove 4593
  • mike twirl   2015-05-06 06:31:31
    Agreed, Brother G! @ Jess...I hope yer Magpies, will remain in the top flight! We always enjoy a visit to The Toon! 'Soldier of Fortune' has generated an incredibly positive reception! That's no surprise....and maybe offers us a glimpse into the future, as we enjoy the present and salute the past! 4592
  • isleofwight   2015-05-06 05:10:59
    Agreed melodic and soulful.........The Purple tracks released all have a great CLARITY and resonance of sound.....beyond words.... 4591
  • Graham   2015-05-06 04:11:57
    Oh David, Darling you've got the G crying with happiness... God Bless your sweet soul 4590
  • kingdaw2   2015-05-05 16:36:08
    Beautiful. Just Love It! Brings back a lot of memories. David, Reb, Michael and Joel sound great. Cannot wait to see new tour. Less than a month away. Have a great evening snake fans. 4589
  • christelee   2015-05-05 15:44:42
    Ah soldier of Fortune...Just beautiful love it. 4588
  • wsnakelady   2015-05-05 13:15:58
    Love the new version of Soldier Of Fortune. One of my favorite songs. David sounds great on this new version of the classic. 4587
  • wharris7195   2015-05-05 11:47:27
    Seen tour dates just need to know why when people pick dates why kansas city is usually missed 4586
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-05 09:55:15
    @Mike...yes indeed, how could I forget...Evertoon ;) Meself? A lil' magpie in toon army :) X Such an awesome DP tribute we can hear in this version of Soldier of fortune! WS is truly a force of Fortune! Luv n' respect ~ J x 4585
  • Alex Kako   2015-05-05 09:51:24
    So sweet sound Soldier of Fortune 4584
  • Arja   2015-05-05 09:44:06
    I think it sounds better than ever 4583
  • Arja   2015-05-05 09:41:28
    I truly love Soldier of Fortune 4582
  • mike twirl   2015-05-05 09:32:48
    Jess, that can't be right....Liverpool is BLUE! Good Afternoon, Y'All. What an exquisite new presentation of 'Soldier of fortune' we have been blessed with! 4581
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-05 08:17:57
    @Oonaa, yay n'yup,I'll melt..and am melting as I'm walking the 'Street of dreams' but as some scousers once told me..'you'll never walk alone'. :) Lil' x-mas eve here soon and some Sweet lovin' purple awaits in the sock ;) Cheers! xxx 4580
  • Oonaa   2015-05-05 06:00:34
    may 11 teaser boxset, may 12 rainbow denver booty (finally) & ah may 19th the purple baby. these r just some comin my way :) btw stillness in motion, for those who werent lucky to catch vai on tour or hear him recently, go get it, vai is just vai no need to elaborate :) xx campers. @jess new vid is comig and its gonna melt ya :) 4579
  • isleofwight   2015-05-05 05:14:42
    Gales on the Isle of Wight.......can you hear the wind blow?......well done to Stuart Bingham 20 years of graft to get his rewards, World Snooker Champion, and no spring chicken.....super news 4578
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-04 23:46:38
    Hiya dear David and WS, peeps and fellow snakes :) It's actually May 5th here now in Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe...and we're waiting eagerly :D What may it be? Happy 5th of May y'all...I know it will be awesome! Together we make it so :) Cheers and Rock on guys! m/ ~Jess sssss 4577
  • Graham   2015-05-04 12:48:17
    Good evening from Glasgow...I feel a slight stiffness coming on!! Matron time for a rub down with a damp copy of the Radio Times... Cheers... Bottoms Up, or if you're that way inclined Up Bottoms... God Bless... G. 4576
  • carmen855   2015-05-04 10:23:15
    Got my tickets for 21.11. show in Croatia,can`t wait. 4575
  • Daniel27Shake1988   2015-05-04 08:27:42
    Hi David and all the bbs In two weeks today i'll be having the the purple album deluxe edition in my hands so looking forward to it and hopefully see you live for the first time 4574
  • Oonaa   2015-05-04 03:11:34
    hiya peeps, howya been. r u ready for the 5th? may the 4th be with you too :) have a swell week & month nation, be urself & crack da sky. u cant hold me, i have told u ...;) 4573
  • ADRIANO   2015-05-03 06:19:20
    Congratulations!! I'm Brazilian Fan!! The Purple Album!! 4572
  • ADRIANO   2015-05-03 06:18:32
    Great Whitesnake!! 4571
  • pbelanger69   2015-05-02 08:14:44
    Hi David, Fuckin Nice interview, With Mitch I've Delighted every second of those words you said...Hope to see that new Acoustic project With Joel. Bluesy Unpluged Album would be very fucking nice in deed...;))And Very fuckin Proud of you for your Almost 50 years in music Industries...Hope to se you in Montreal...Make some fuckin Noise Montreal...I've got my ticket to Casino Rama…Call Back Mitch and tell him that Casino Rama is closer then New Hamshire…;)...See you At Rama Casino...Ciao Master David...To you n yours...;)Have some fun Yeahh...!!! 4570
  • IMaiden   2015-05-01 21:02:23
    Yes- I would also like to know if there are pre-show parties before the shows! I'm coming to the Grande Prairie, Texas show and want to know where the pre-action will be. If nothing is schedule, let's create something! Locals??? 4569
  • Pandora   2015-04-30 12:36:33
    Alright, alright, alright, David Doll Face, U sure like to push how am I am gonna look @ u AND Mr Luppi without my eyes staying permanently in the east to west position? (LOL)...Ahh, nevertheless, ur still Ms Pandemonium's eye candy of choice (psst, bet u knew that, tho...oo-er). Ciao, Babe! 4568
  • whitesnakefan0306   2015-04-30 11:10:32
    Is there meet and greet for Whitesnake concerts - if so please let me know how to go about getting one. Thank you Jamie 4566
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-30 00:42:36
    Good morning to the choir,hi Jay...the birds were up early again singing their awful song,I'd wish they would sing some Whitesnake songs instead..LOL,(they sound more like Nickelback,Haha)..have a great day guys,one more day closer till we get The Purple Album in our excited the meantime "I'll be waiting for the night to c c c come,"Haha.....keep it snakey x 4564
  • Jay M   2015-04-29 21:30:43
    @Capt. "Like I've Never Known Before"!!! Ha!!! "Here I Go Again"!!! :) Ya, Our Japanese Bro's & Sis's got it sooner then we will, but, It Is, worth the wait Bro.!!! CHEERS!!! Catch Ya on Twitter!!! :) 4563
  • Daniel27Shake1988   2015-04-29 17:20:08
    well there's 17 days 22 hours 41 minutes until the release of the purple album here in the UK 4562

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