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  • trouble   2015-02-25 08:53:48
    AWESOME!!!!! Can't wait to sweat out at the pool in Scottsdale with the snake! WOW! Thanks DC!!!! :) 3962
  • Moonpie3   2015-02-25 08:53:12
    AWESOME!!! Stormbringer video!!! Will be buying the album as always!! Hope you can hit Maryland on your tour this time!!! Big hug to you and the guys from me!!! 3961
  • geordiesnake   2015-02-25 08:50:26
    Oh my god worth the wait nearly peed me pants ,so come on hurry up and get to newcastle DC and whitesnake Cheers 3960
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-25 08:48:16
  • underthenrightlights   2015-02-25 08:32:59
    Looking forward to this! Bring it on DC & the is awesome...pre-ordered album. Excited about the tour...hoping more dates are added closer..but will travel!! 3958
  • Lee Thompson   2015-02-25 08:30:38
    Fantastic stuff...& very significant...can't wait to wear these wonderful songs out...cheers David!! 3957
  • glenn plumridge   2015-02-25 08:24:49
    OH Yes , superb , were in for a treat boys & girls , I remember mistreated live ( goosebumps ) and all oooooooh ya 3956
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-25 08:24:02
    Who loves the new version for Deep Purple's Stormbringer?! [link] 3955
  • Chicago Joe   2015-02-25 07:50:19
    I'm excited to see these songs get a new lease and representation. I was born I 1972 and never got to see the MK3 Purple,early Whitesnake and all the other greats of that time. I'm glad David has pulled A LOT of those songs out of retirement since resurrecting Whitesnake. I'd wated since I was 10 years old to hear 'Ain't No Love..." live and finally did in 2005 @ Chicago HOB. After reading some of the posts on youtube and here for the new video/release , "If you don't like it,don't listen or buy". 3954
  • isleofwight   2015-02-25 07:47:58
    Agreed I am excited by all things artichoke and I have just pre ordered via Amazon......I was looking forward to a new studio album to follow Forevermore......which was first class......and it costs just a bit more to go first class. News on new content would be wholly welcomed 3953
  • lindab   2015-02-25 07:34:12
    Love it! Great version of Stormbringer! Cant wait for the UK tour xx 3952
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-25 07:26:25
    Who has been waiting for this so long??? EVERYONE!!! [link] 3951
  • Ale the singer   2015-02-25 07:18:49
    1,000 Thanks David!!!!!!!!! 3949
  • robbierob   2015-02-25 07:16:45
    Hmmmmm am i excited of course,i just thought it was anew album as in new songs but i have to confess when i saw joels picture of a purple guitar i started to get the inkling that it would have something to do with deep purple...That said theses kinds of records are really cool and i do very much enjoy them.....can't wait. 3948
  • snakelover   2015-02-25 07:11:02
    Happy Whitesnake Day!!!Hell Yeah Baby!!!Love you Sweet David & Boys... 3947
  • mikekiss   2015-02-25 06:59:49
    [link] Yeeeessss!!!!!! 3945
  • ZochaBo   2015-02-25 06:59:05
    Poland is also waiting!!! Come on!!! 3944
  • mikekiss   2015-02-25 06:58:34
    Aaaaaare Weeeee Readyyyyyyyy?!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!! Bring the first single and new album info on!!! 3943
  • mikekiss   2015-02-25 06:58:34
    Aaaaaare Weeeee Readyyyyyyyy?!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!! Bring the first single and new album info on!!! 3942
  • steve   2015-02-25 06:52:13
    I'm Ready and Willing for the Whitesnake announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3941
  • Giovanni   2015-02-25 06:48:52
    I feel like a child descending a long flight of stairs on Christmas morning! Drumroll, boys and girls! Here's the new Whitesnake album for ya! Cheers, Giovanni 3940
  • trouble   2015-02-25 06:46:02
    WE ARE READY!!! :) 3939
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-25 06:20:20
    Hi arken! I'm from France, too!! I realy hope our Snake will come to France (unfortunately, not HellFest this year...), I would love Bordeaux! But if there is one show, it will be in Paris, I think...:) [link] [link] 3938
  • arken   2015-02-25 06:17:14
    It's coming very very soooooooooooooooooon..... France is waiting for a great concert in 2015 to support the new album. WE WILL BE THERE !!! 3937
  • Blindman3108   2015-02-25 06:08:35
    Keep refreshing the page in the hope that something new appears, but guess we'll have to wait another 52 minutes 3936
  • SazzyJ30   2015-02-25 05:55:34
    I'm tired of waiting, an' closing my eyes... Morning, Snake... :) XX 3935
  • Ale the singer   2015-02-25 05:29:57
    Come on David & Albert!!!!!! ¿? !!!!! 3934
  • ignatius   2015-02-25 03:50:31
    what? what? what? what? what? what? what? what? what? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? 3933
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-25 01:18:31
    What is going to happen today??? Apocalypse??? Almost... The announcement of Whitesnake's new album that we have been waiting for so long!! All will be revealed at 7am Pacific Coast Time... BE THERE!!! [link] 3932
  • Blindman3108   2015-02-25 01:10:12
    Remember seeing a tweet from David timed at 7am yesterday saying exactly 24 hours to go. As my last message, posted at midnight UK time was timed at 16:00, I guess we've got about 6 hours to wait............still trying to be patient 3931

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