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  • sophos1   2014-12-11 23:31:05
    Giovanni ,‎il mio amico. you can listen to DC and twas the night before xmas here -[link] -- merry xmas to all the whitesnake family --- WHITESNAKE has just completed work on its new studio album for a tentative late March/early April 2015 release via Frontiers. In addition, the band has shot videos for four songs from the CD, which will be promoted by a world tour, "most likely starting in the U.S., probably in May/June next year," according to Coverdale.[link] 3684
  • Giovanni   2014-12-11 06:22:36
    Dearest Poor Albert: Will David's reading of Twas the Night before Christmas, and the roaring hearth be on the site this X-mas season? Thanks, Giovanni 3683
  • Pandora   2014-12-11 05:47:19
    Greetz & Sexy Sallies, DC Doll Face, curious Georgette here. B4 Joel was chosen as the 'Snakes new axeman, was Warren DeMartini a contender?...wondering, as me & my sis were giving ear to some Ratt tunes & a few of Mr. D's solos had QUITE the 'Snakish flair. Also, how 'bout posting a photo of the Coverdale rez all decked out in Christmas garb? It's off to the "means" (work). Have a smashing day, Luv! 3682
  • Aya-for-HM/HR   2014-12-11 00:15:57
    Hello, Mr.Coverdale. Mr.Poor Alebert :) Always loves to seeing WS Official Website. WS snowflake logo is so beautiful!! And, love to watch "Give yourself a WS Christmas" movie. I'm fascinated with Mr.DC's beautiful voice...Happy Holidays, & Good Luck on your work!! Tweet you again...:) xx 3681
  • Guilty of Love   2014-12-07 19:09:48
    Which Whitesnake albums are Mr. Coverdale's favorites? And which of his solo albums does Mr. Coverdale like the most? Thanks! 3680
  • mamica   2014-12-07 02:26:39
    Dear David, Whitesnake Christmas logo is so beautiful! Love it!! Love from Japan, Mamica 3677
  • Hanna   2014-12-07 01:48:49
    Testing from Finland. 3676
  • isleofwight   2014-12-06 01:06:26
    Very festive website today....Love the word TEMERITY admonishing describing word, however, still makes you smile......Happy holidays from Isle of Wight, can't wait to open advent calendar today...naughty.... 3675
  • missmo1666   2014-12-05 10:03:48
    Hi David, Great day , just received Back To The Bone and just listened to your interview with Eddie Trunk. Great chat and some interesting news. Will wait for more details, but have got my girls on call for a tour date. Have a lovely week-end. Missmoxoxo 3674
  • Giovanni   2014-12-04 15:07:22
    [link] great shot of Tommy with David and DP... looking smart. 3672
  • Ale the singer   2014-12-04 14:22:26
    RIP Tommy Bolin 3671
  • sophos1   2014-12-04 05:16:34
    DC says john sykes did record the solo on here i go again on the 87 album , but he thought it wasnt good enough and brought in adrian vandenberg to record the solo instead .he says the 87 sykes influenced a generation of guitar players . 3670
  • sophos1   2014-12-04 05:04:01
    If anyone wants to listen to david coverdales interview with eddie trunk last week , heres the link [link] 3669
  • TheinfamousDodge   2014-12-03 13:47:33
    Hi again to all you sneaky snakers out there...Now Posting this again as it didn't seem to get a response last time... - Does anyone know anything about the Whitesnake Trilogy videos ? All we want to know is where the smart stylish Black jacket or suit which DC is seen wearing came from in the "Is This Love" video.. Does anyone know what this jacket is/was...or who made it ?...or what individual, manufacturer company or Designer Label Name or Store produced the jacket and where it originated from ? Come on folks...girls and boys...let's have an online clothing, fashion and style discussion ! 3668
  • Pandora   2014-12-03 05:58:34
    "Can You Hear The Wind Blow" cos it feels like "Til The End Of Time" in here without Senor C...Come on back, Doll Face! 3667
  • Giovanni   2014-12-02 09:09:26
    Correction: December 4th marks Tommy's very premature passing. Giovanni 3666
  • Giovanni   2014-12-02 08:49:21
    David: Let us raise a glass to your friend and DP band-mate, Tommy Bolin, whom we lost on this day in '76! Such potential... Cheers, Giovanni 3665
  • Tahir Bise   2014-12-01 18:54:28
    David, I met up with Marco Mendoza on the weekend he was here in Melbourne on tour and did a clinic. He spoke very highly of his time in WS and how wonderful it was being in the Snake. He said he would work with you again in a heart beat if the opportunity arose and that he went on to different things at the time when WS was in hiatus. He is a great bloke and said all the people he has worked with have left great impressions. 3664
  • kingdaw2   2014-12-01 16:22:57
    Happy Holidays to all Snake fans worldwide from Kauai. We all are waiting for tour info soon. Please David, let us know for Christmas. That would be a good present to all fans. Keep Rockin. !!! 3663
  • kindredsoul   2014-11-30 16:48:09
    'Ello David, and my fellow snakes! Hope all is well David, really missing seeing your posts, whether updates, or answering questions we ask. Hopefully you'll get back to that soon. Love and Light from Cleveland! 3662
  • isleofwight   2014-11-28 12:40:58
    Happy holidays from Isle of Wight....amazing that we have Black Friday now 3000 miles away....Good news is Gingerbread Latte.....Forevermore but likely just until Boxing Day.....Mulled wine anyone? 3660
  • Moonpie3   2014-11-27 17:27:18
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, David, my dear! 3658
  • Jay M   2014-11-27 07:03:08
    Yes Indeed!!! A Very Happy Thanksgiving David & Family!!! And to All the Snake Chorus Members out there!!! Just got my Back to the Bone Pack the other day from the Post Man!!! Amazing Stuff Folks!!! 1000 Thanks David & Gents!!! Raising a Glass or 2 today for All things I am Thankful for!!! CHEERS!!! Jay. :) 3657
  • missmo 1666   2014-11-26 17:00:34
    Hi David, Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving xoxoMissmo 3656
  • pebo581   2014-11-26 11:10:17
    Thanks Oonaa , would love to hear orchestra And choir , the sound would be immense . Make it happen DC lol !!!( I know you're Very busy at the moment but what do you think ??? ) Cheers Big Man . 3655
  • snakegirl   2014-11-26 08:52:57
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours DC! xxx 3654
  • Ach20   2014-11-26 05:58:45
    Thanks for the update Oonna. 3653
  • Oonaa   2014-11-26 03:52:05
    @ach20 yep, plan is to release it by april then kick off tour prob may/june 2015 starting US. currently editing videos, too. happy days ;) ps. our man was all sparks of wit & humour (as always) @pebo581 a number of symphonic orch did a couple of ws songs. not all spot on imho. its tricky mind you, if you want to do it it has to be perfect or you dont do it. ceratin all time WS songs rearranged for orchestra + gospel choir (latter being crucial) would be amazing to hear live. Happy Thanksgiving All. enjoy life! 3652
  • Ach20   2014-11-25 07:19:05
    Did coverdale say anything about the new album on Eddie Trunk's show? 3651
  • isleofwight   2014-11-24 12:46:39
    Happy thanksgiving from IOW......when ET interview is over come home...... 3650

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