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  • schuster-teruel   2015-10-18 22:53:12
    Hi DC and Cia.... only 41 days from Spain to Belgium, i can´t wait¡¡¡... ;)))) 5003
  • Children of the Night   2015-10-18 07:26:01
    Congratulations for the Grammy nominations! Wow.. that is really amazing. Have a nice day you all :) 5002
  • Paul007   2015-10-18 04:13:54
    Enjoy Japan DC & Co! 5001
  • snakezone   2015-10-18 00:02:14
    Hiya! Does anyone have any spare tickets for sale for the upcoming Cardiff gig? I was unemployed when they went on sale & the gig is now sold out, (and I refuse to pay the ridiculous amounts of money being charged on the "reseller" websites). Anyway, I'm looking for 2 tickets in total. If anyone can help, please get in touch. Many thanks, DG 5000
  • SwedeJess   2015-10-15 10:06:54
    ... see ya at pre-gig-party, during-gig-party and post-gig-party in Stockholm, November 13 :)) Whitesnake-weekend awaits! Warm Warm wishes to the WS family and the Coverdale family xxx - best of Luck! ~ Jess 4999
  • SwedeJess   2015-10-15 10:02:16
    Wish the whole band and crew an awesome Japan tour n' time! You'll all rock amazingly hot together 4998
  • Fabulosa brother   2015-10-15 08:51:40
    Hi David ol son Having problems with internet here in Baku, just wanted to wish you well During your Japanese tour Back in Blighty next week will pass on regards to all the Fabulosa Brothers F.B.( still your brother) 4997
  • mamica   2015-10-15 05:51:05
    Dear David, thank you for sharing your beautiful family pic today. I'm so glad that you are well and happy. ... Japan Tour very soon!! Are you ready to Rock? I hope you have a wonderful trip to Japan...:) Love from Japan, Mamica 4996
  • Anasazi   2015-10-11 22:05:53
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending loving energy! David and guys have a safe trip,travel with Angels blessings,our thoughts are with you as you journey,Blessings and love Anasazi. 4995
  • isleofwight   2015-10-11 13:01:19
    Safe travels....may St Christopher be with you.... 4994
  • forever1snake   2015-10-07 20:57:25
    wow ClynnB, Im so sorry you had to miss the concert. But more importantly, you are alive and well. I had the opportunity to see them 4 times in florida. I will say Coverdale did not disappoint in his vocals! Three of the shows I had v.i.p. tickets. I would be more than happy to send you one of the v.i.p. packages, after all, I do have six of them! I know its not as good as being there to see the show. But I know one thing, Whitesnake fans are more than just fans, We are family!! And only true diehard Whitesnake fans can relate!! 4993
  • ClynnB   2015-10-06 05:00:57
    Of course, I knew I couldn't get a refund for them. I figured at least I'd gotten that close to seeing the most amazing band ever, not to mention, the most talented vocalist I've ever heard (David Coverdale). I still have my tickets to grieve over. (Lol) I guess what I am asking is would it be possible for me to use these tickets to see you if you were to tour near me again? I am not financially able to travel at this time, but I would be thrilled if I could use these tickets to see you someday. I am willing to show the tickets and documentation of my procedure as proof. Thank You! 4992
  • ClynnB   2015-10-06 04:55:02
    so two stents were placed. I figured I was good to go! I continued to have chest pain and feel horrible. On July 6th, I was admitted into the hospital again and on July 7th, the day of the concert, I had to have another angiogram which revealed that one of my stents had migrated blocking another artery. Two more stents were placed and I was forced to miss the concert. I tried to give the tickets to a few friends, but they couldn't go. Needless to say, I was literally HEARTBROKEN! 4991
  • ClynnB   2015-10-06 04:52:33
    Literally HEARTBROKEN...I have been a fan of Whitesnake since I was 10 years old, I am 40 now. I had always wanted to see you live but never had the opportunity. This was number one on my bucket list!! Anyhow, I was absolutely thrilled that you were playing close to me in Huber Heights, Ohio on July 7th. So, I bought my tickets in May to make sure I had decent seats and had the best night of my life all planned. On June 17th, I was rushed to the hospital for severe chest pain. On June 18th, I had to have an angiogram which found two major blockages... 4990
  • Bithor   2015-10-05 15:40:27
    Where does David get his sexy shirts from. Anyone know the store? 4989
  • isleofwight   2015-10-05 13:17:58
    Now not counting the days to Xmas.......but the week before in sunny London (well we can always hope...) I get the Twitter feed comments and support the BBS, omni channel communication is fine, but I am unable to use Twitter and Facebook for business reasons 4988
  • caro2salt   2015-10-01 10:34:30
    Good evening Mr Coverdale..all the very best to you & yours!..Have now got tickets to your gig in Sheffield on Dec 19th.... sooooooo looking forward to it!!!!...Woohoo!!!XXxxx 4987
  • guitarman75   2015-09-27 16:53:51
    For all those looking at the moon eclipse tonight: [link] 4986
  • Cherbear73   2015-09-26 16:24:08
    Just wanted to say I've enjoyed your voice for years and during the 80's you were my dream man!! Still love to rock out to you and I'm glad to be here.❤️ 4985
  • Giovanni   2015-09-26 07:49:22
    "Here you can use more lines than in Twitter!" Well written, Children of the Night! How true! How apropos! Or does Sir David view us as irritants that if ignored, we will simply go away! My silly attempt at levity. Forgive me... We shall never forsake Sir David of Yorkshire and Lake Tahoe! Please return, kind sir, please return. My last try...Cheers, and have a grand weekend... Keep it snaky! Giovanni 4984
  • razzlelambrini   2015-09-25 12:34:27
    A very happy birthday to my mate Roobs, a died in the wool 'Snake fan, and one of my best mates :) 4983
  • Giovanni   2015-09-25 06:29:34
    Rosangela- David vai responder a nossa oração mútua ? Essa é a questão? :) 4982
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2015-09-24 14:50:09
    Ah Giovanni, as you always are our sweet spokesman. Maybe if we all we are always here in BBS, we can get our beloved DC re-post here and share with us in good and pleasant chats. Kisses, kisses, love and peace. 4981
  • Children of the Night   2015-09-24 07:39:24
    Giovanni, you are totally right, we want David back and we beg for it on our knees! What else we could do? So, Mr.Coverdale, please return and share your thoughts with us.. Here you can use more words than in twitter! 4980
  • Giovanni   2015-09-24 06:22:27
    Pandora, la ragazza che tutto il mondo adora! I remember the days when Sir David frequently posted on the BBS addressing our comments and questions with his wit, humor, and intelligence. We also had a memorable lot of contributors from all parts of the globe... those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end... I am sure that Mr. Coverdale reads the postings here of his loyal, unwavering flock! It's his call... :) Ti vogliamo bene, Davide! Giovanni 4979
  • Pandora   2015-09-23 10:24:33
    Giovanni, dear Boy, I couldn't have written it better myself....but will add a lil OO-ER...David mah Luv, come on back now! I've got body parts wasting away over here! Lololololololololol! As an exit note, what did U wish 4, hmm? 4978
  • guitarman75   2015-09-23 08:08:25
    GIOVANNI: AMEN.. !!!!! :) Dear David, happy birthday!! and yes, we miss you here.. twitter is outside, this remained to be your livingroom as i always was told.. X Alex 4977
  • Giovanni   2015-09-23 07:33:18
    Dearest David: Please forgive the redundancy in my request, and I believe everyone who contributes to the BBS on a regular, long-term basis would concur, that I (we) beg for you to start posting again here. Yes, we all read the tweets, but it just ain’t the same Mr. Coverdale, now is it? So ‘ere’s a post for ya! We impatiently await your return to the BBS, kind sir. Come sempre, Giovanni 4976
  • GuilhermeParra   2015-09-22 17:49:53
    Happy Birthday DC! Hope see you soon in PORTUGAL 4975
  • rossrf05   2015-09-22 16:40:30
    Happy Birthday! You are still hot and rockin at 64!! Jennifer (Bay Area) 4974

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