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  • Stormbringer   2014-08-14 03:17:26
    Hi all, whilst we all wait, with bated breath, for the announcement of the new WS guitar hero some of you may be interested to know that there is a petition running to get the great Cozy Powell some recognition in his hometown of Cirencester by the placing of a permanent memorial plaque somewhere in the town. You can sign the petition to help make it happen by going here... [link] 3240
  • robbierob   2014-08-13 10:59:42
    Ok first Hello family and David ...I don't even dress that well for work and while i am my own boss the thought of a tie sends me straight up the wall...secondley i know this is the W.S. site and i know whatever is comeing in the new whitesnake record will be great i would like to mention that Doug is in a new band with the drummer from journey and Jack from night ranger looks to be very cool good luck to Doug and both will be part of my cd collection. 3239
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-08-13 05:47:49
    Hello, schuster-teruel... I totally agree with you. This new version for Trouble is amazing (I've already heard the full album SHINE, it's amazing!!) & I promise I will post the full version of the song when the guys of Mascot Label Group will tell me to pull the trigger. You just have to check out my Youtube channel [link], there are a lot of surprises coming soon...:) 3238
  • Pandora   2014-08-13 05:45:52
    Indeed, Ms Pandemonium is on pins & needles awaiting the unveiling of WS's new axeman, as he will complete the WS cake but have to admit, this Randy ol' gurl is quite prejudiced, slithering & squirming, to give ear to the main cake batter ingredient--one bluesy songbird that converts females to buttah---BA-DA-BING! 3237
  • Anasazi   2014-08-12 15:55:24
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!It is so good to get to see you David and PA and read your posts..Thank you as always for all that you do for us ..Blessings and love Anazasi.. 3236
  • schuster-teruel   2014-08-12 15:24:19
    Hello family, spectacular example of trouble bernie marsden (ft david coverdale) I love to hear the old songs again whitesnake sung so many years later by DC, SPECTACULAR, wanting more ... to my ears, Greetings family. 3235
  • Dr.Carl   2014-08-12 13:08:10
    Beautifull signs on the wall folks...something magical is happening around the corner ! We must be prepared for a new sensational Whitesnake Opus. It's been like that since day one ...Exciting wait...Love DC ... 3234
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-08-12 12:21:24
    NOW ON YOUTUBE! Bernie Marsden - Trouble (ft. David Coverdale) (Extract) >> [link] 3233
  • Children of the Night   2014-08-12 04:16:54
    Hi everybody! Nice to see that David writes here too, we all aren't in twitter :)(of course we all can read things from there..). It is really great that there is new Whitesnake album coming, can't wait to hear it! And maybe there is tour coming too, what would be nice because it's over three years since I saw you live.. Well, everything happens when it's time. Best wishes, Suvi 3232
  • carlossantosguitar   2014-08-11 10:56:51
    error, those coverdale/page guys are so dumb, first thay say R/G guitars was refeering of rebs and someguy with L... hahaha ok, not left and right? sure... now someone asks david if the first letter is A, and as he replies, NO, THE END... they say its the names end!! wtf? hahahahaha this is horrrible... 3231
  • carlossantosguitar   2014-08-11 09:48:52
    i was said on twitter by coverdale/page fanclub that the first name ends with an A... thats pretty rare, but i remember that my first choice, Rafael Moreira from the voice is aka as RAFA MOREIRA! 3230
  • Pandora   2014-08-11 09:48:31
    David, mah Dear, how's every lil ol' thingy? 'Snake-tacular, I'm sure! Just a-slithering by, Doll! Keep doing it! 3229
  • Loving Snake   2014-08-10 12:33:36
    Good afternoon to all WSN and DC fans. I wish you health, hapiness and Listen WSN with the ones you love. David Coverdale, I have a doubt in my mind at so many years that I would like to clarify. I read a few years that in the beginning of the 80's you almost give up.....and then you saw two fan's dancing a Snake song in a so much enthusiastic way that gave you stength. This happenned in Armação de Pera - Portugal? Song: Don't Break My Heart Again. Please answer. It's in my mind for many years...... Thank's. 3228
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-08-10 07:39:06
    Hello DC, Happy dads day, I do not know if in the USA too. But, it is my intention. Wonderful Sunday for you and your family. While we have no new album, I'm watching the dvd show London 2006 Kisses, kisses, Love and Peace 3227
  • musk   2014-08-10 04:59:49
    Hi David Ive been a fan since Burn and seen you live countless times Ive been rather worried about how your voice is holding up over the last couple of tours coupled with the criticism in Classic Rock mag etc. How do you feel about this? I really hope you dont need throat surgery etc.Do you think you will have to structure live work around singing in a lower register? I hope you are well and in good spirits. I remember on the first solo tour you had a gig planned at the Fforde Green pub in Leeds I turned up and was the first there only to be told the gig was off!!Cheers Simon 3226
  • Scousesnake   2014-08-10 03:04:18
    Hi David and fellow BBS' , it's good to be back and I'm looking forward to reacquainting myself with you all. I hope I find all of you in fine fettle!!!.....regards Barry. 3225
  • isleofwight   2014-08-10 02:26:09
    Greetings from the Isle of Wight great Cowes Week Lest we forget that other bands release very sparse material we are fortunate that WS continue to release quality product with energy and passion Please contact Jon Giddings at Solo to play Isle of Wight Festival.......yes I know I am always banging on about it....., 3224
  • trouble   2014-08-09 21:00:36
    CHEERS!!!!!!!! 3223
  • trouble   2014-08-09 20:53:39
    Good evening all things SNAKEY!!! On a lighter note, are you all enjoying the cool moon-light of the super moon? It is truly fantastic on this beautiful August night!!! PEACE TO ALL! DC, we all love everything you do, for you sir are my Elvis & you can do no wrong!!!! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us all-So exciting!!! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! TROUBLE 3222
  • David Coverdale   2014-08-09 12:55:56
    Hey Man'...What more can you suggest than us being absolutely honest with you & all the people who visit our site & support Whitesnake?...We said quite clearly that we were respecting our new member's request to keep his identity secret until he felt it appropriate to tell his current band? & that is what we are doing as he is still engaged in touring. Hopefully, we will be able to announce his name sooner, rather than later...At least I can tell you he is an astonishing musician who will bring a fresh, new energy to the Snake...& as I type, he is playing his ass off next door...The band & I are thrilled he is a part of now & the future...It is entirely up to you what you believe from any other site...Have a drink, & relax...Whitesnake is in good hands...DC
  • schuster-teruel   2014-08-09 11:03:09
    Hi David, Albert and company. Listening to the last bite of David, Shailing ships f 'vademberg's moonkings. Excellent drug. ahhhh, well ... We look forward to you David, you know all the surprises, waited patiently ... The good always waiting for. Spain is very hungry snake. A big hug David, Albert and company. 3219
  • joanne-iowa   2014-08-08 14:56:30
    Hey Snakes! The Anticipation!! The Excitement!! Let it flow through your veins!! A Brand New Album, AND a NEW SNAKE GUITARIST!! Let it SLITHER all through you!! David will make it worth the wait! 3218
  • Giovanni   2014-08-08 06:41:54
    Another Friday has arrived! Most of us are tired of those who consistently and irritatingly post their predictions and suggestions concerning the new guitarist despite David's and Albert's urges to be patient, and that all shall be revealed at its proper time. Patience wears thin with petulance. Missmo, I do hope all is well with you. David, WS, and fans of the serpent, have a grand weekend. Grazie tanto, Giovanni Castellano 3217
  • carlosramua   2014-08-08 00:53:08
    Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think the new guy is Joel Hoekstra ... He is a great guitar player but he is like Randy Rhoads (The best guitarist I've ever heard!!) ... He likes to mix rock with classical music ... You can listen to that in his solo cds ... Maybe I'm wrong!!! ... I don't know ... Maybe Alex Beyrodt ... Luke Morley ... Ron Thal ... Steve Stevens ... hahaha ... I know we all love this guessing game ... God bless you all ... 3216
  • carlosramua   2014-08-07 18:38:16
    Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think Joel Hoesktra is the new guy ... He is a great guitarist but he is like Randy Rhoads (the best guitarist I've ever heard) ... He likes to mix rock and classical music ... Maybe I'm wrong ... Alex Beyrodt ... Luke Morley ... Ron Thal ... Hahaha ... The guessing game continues ... God bless you all 3215
  • Poor Albert   2014-08-07 14:48:24
    Ahh, well often it life there are no timelines you can count on (as in this case), it is all in flux. The recent Dr. Who so eloquently described it as "wibbily wobbly timey wimey" stuff. I can't answer to what others may do.. I answer to someone else. Sorry, so just enjoy the ride, it won't be long now I think. I know you will be pleased! 3209
  • Saints@sinners   2014-08-07 14:10:46
    Hi DC.. Can't wait for the big surprise...! Just wanna let you know, that thanks to the GTBB album, we have this ws tribute band going for the sixt year. So, thanks for the musik, and years to come!! 3207
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-08-07 13:55:25
    DC and PA Hello dear, love you too. I make my own the words of Giovanni and I thank my fellow countrymen in names. Love you all. Kisses Kisses. Love and Peace 3206
  • Greystoke1987   2014-08-07 13:10:07
    First time posting. It's great to hear peoples excitement over the new guitarist. My opinion is John Norum would be a good fit. He can sing & he certainly can play. 3205
  • heycisco   2014-08-07 11:48:14
    I am sorry mate. I will shut up. Please delete my comments. 3204

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