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  • DDebs13   2015-03-31 14:23:33
    Soooo excited for Sheffield 2015 ... 3 generations goin my mum and 2 daughters ... Can I please have a shout out to my eldest Olivia who is 17 years old that night xxx 4304
  • SazzyJ30   2015-03-31 14:10:45
    Hey guys... I got my standing tickets for Manchester!! Ticketmaster wouldn't submit my order using Internet Explorer. I used a different browser (Mozilla Firefox) and it worked first time. HTH XX 4303
  • maestegmark   2015-03-31 13:57:16
    I got tickets yesterday without using the presale code ticket master never asked for it 4302
  • isleofwight   2015-03-31 13:19:44
    Top tip....Remember to add purple in lower case.....not capitals.......then stand on one leg and cluck like a .....worked for me! 4301
  • deeper the love   2015-03-31 12:57:35
    standing tickets for Manchester is just not happening even with presale code HELP x 4300
  • deeper the love   2015-03-31 12:55:45
    anyone else having probs with ticketmaster? 4299
  • Chrisletrek   2015-03-31 09:08:10
    Anyone know resale code for Birmingham?? 4298
  • Gobberz   2015-03-31 07:46:49
    Well, paid for my ticket so plenty of time to get ready of Dec. 16 gig in Cardiff, UK. Definitely not missing this one!!! 4297
  • snakegirl   2015-03-31 06:40:19
    Thrilled to have WS back in NY! See you in Westbury, NY! And in Texas. XXX 4296
  • lb2076   2015-03-31 05:11:10
    DC - I saw your interview from That Metal Show recently - I'm getting very pumped about seeing you in Biloxi in June! However, I saw all the new dates added recently and NONE are in Atlanta!!! You have FIVE dates in Florida and none in Georgia!! Please come see us Georgia Peaches & Dawgs! We'll make it worth your while! 4295
  • Cutesnake   2015-03-30 23:32:43
    Thanks for the pre sale we really appreciated it!!!! 4294
  • stknthe80s   2015-03-30 17:21:16
    WOOHOO!!!! Got a concert just announced in my area - Central FL Aug 3rd. Cant wait! Hope I can shoot the show too. We shall see - it would be awesome :-) Tons of friends going and to some of my friends I say, if you were never a fan, just GO and you WILL be! See ya there! ~Stknthe80s Rock Pix~ 4293
  • lonestar   2015-03-30 15:23:25
    Birmingham and Wembley in the bag..Let"s Get Ready To Rumble !!!!! 4292
  • pebo581   2015-03-30 15:03:18
    Got my tickets for Glasgow Yee Ha !!! D C , do we have a keyboard player yet ?? Who plays keys on the Purple Album ??? Cheers Big Man . 4291
  • Graham   2015-03-30 14:16:00
    A Non Stop Ride from start to finish... Just what the Doctor ordered... "Shouting, Matron, prepare The Purple Room"... Oh Yeasss... Remember your safe word Boys & Girls... 'BURRRN'' 4290
  • Graham   2015-03-30 14:00:03
    Fucka diddly wonderful to see & hear from some of the original members of the WS. Choir... such excited in one day is almost enough to make a Gerries helmet weep!! Yeah Baby... 4289
  • geordiesnake   2015-03-30 13:59:30
    Got me tickets for Newcastlle booked divn,t no if I can wait 10 months ah never mind got AC/DC in the summer yee haaaaw 4288
  • Lisa&Cool Mike   2015-03-30 13:57:29
    Whoop Whoop!.....See you in Westbury, NY! It's been too long. 4287
  • roseo007   2015-03-30 12:35:54
    So excited that Whitesnake will stop by Hollywood, FL. Can't wait !!! 4286
  • Rosalind Pool   2015-03-30 12:26:50
    Well well well, it's been a LONG time since I was last here !. Just HAD to notify His Lordship that, despite me now being on 24/7 oxygen and in a wheelechair, my husband and I will be attending the SHEFFIELD gig. To say I'm elated would be a travesty of truthfulness indeed!!!!. So OH GRACIOUS ONE, if you can remember, look near the stage as we have the nearest disabled seats to it, and cast me a little wave perhaps ????. In all seriousness, you could not have made my Christmas any more delightful. Thank you, from my soul to yours ... XXXX. 4285
  • Tirednemotional   2015-03-30 11:33:41
    That's tickets bought for Glasgow Woohoo! Now only got to get time off work and overnight babysitter organised ;) 4284
  • Edgeley   2015-03-30 11:00:09 tickets for Manchester! 4283
  • trouble   2015-03-30 09:53:14
    Goood morning DC! We are ready! Hello Missmo, all is well!! :) 4282
  • task67   2015-03-30 08:48:22
    here we go again (manchester) two great bands to watch letes get lets get rocked 4281
  • maestegmark   2015-03-30 07:48:12
    Lol isleofwight that's a hell of of a change maesteg to the Isle of Wight 4280
  • whitedawn   2015-03-30 07:08:55
    Spent all morning on laptop used code then sat ages after submitting order only to be told timed out lost tickets! Apparently was web browser fault I'm gutted !!! 4279
  • Pandora   2015-03-30 07:01:59
    Wassup, me buckos!...Hey, Giovanni!....Alright, alright, alright, DC Doll Face!! You just made Randy Pandy's day, week & year!!--just saw that the 'Snakes are slithering BACK to Tulsa @ ze Hard Rock!!! OO-ER, BAY-BAY, OO-ER! Down in front, she says, down in front with towels at ze ready (be still ALL body parts, be still--insert wicked city woman laughter)...until then, a little GOT WHAT YOU NEED, Maestro! 4278
  • isleofwight   2015-03-30 06:53:15
    Also passcode is case sensitive ....lower case purple not as listed 4277
  • isleofwight   2015-03-30 06:51:56
    Learnt to swim at Maesteg baths Mark, good job as I live on a smaller Isle now.... 4276
  • Oonaa   2015-03-30 06:48:45
    pre sale CODE for ALL venues is purple2015 if anyone is having any problems with online purchase use eg chrome instead of explorer... @katielove41 look at the announcement - ticketmaster... @soldieroffortune76 yup mor 83. DC did it occasionally during 97 tour, too. a bit of it at least. my fave ws version is from hammy 80. nothing beats it ;) cheers peeps 4275

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