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  • dragutin   2015-02-01 06:18:15
    I hope to see WS again in Belgrade!!! We are waiting you DC!!! All the best from Serbia!!! 3843
  • Alex Kako   2015-02-01 04:07:18
    Welcome to Russia on stage:) 3842
  • missmo 1666   2015-01-31 05:54:10
    Have a great Super bowl weekend David, are you a fan? Even though I live on the east coast I'm going with Seattle.Now that Joel is finally all yours and first tour date setI bet you guys are really jamming.Waiting for more dates.A big hello to my friend Giovanni.xoxoMissmo 3841
  • isleofwight   2015-01-30 12:34:59
    Agreed I enjoy a glass of Merlot and and an ensemble of cheese and crackers...reading posts from all over our WS globe....salute 3839
  • Anasazi   2015-01-30 12:32:19
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!I am so happy to see the Back to the Bone Tour dates starting to appear..our Whitesnake family everywhere are ready and willing to come and get it.David ,I have been sick lately but needed to go to the grocery,got my energy together to do this.Walked into the grocery store and as I walked in,Here I go Again,started playing through the store..Your voice washed over me in love and comfort,helping me to get everything done..Thank you ..Blessing and love to all..Anasazi 3838
  • Giovanni   2015-01-30 12:09:06
    Pandora, you always bring a smile to my face with your colorful postings! Grazie tanto! Dearest David: Please, please, please, we beg you on bended knee to return to posting on the BBS. Wishing you all an eventful weekend. I raise my glass to you! Saluti a tutti! Giovanni Castellano 3837
  • lb2076   2015-01-29 06:13:44
    I am SO excited to see a US city on a tour! PLEASE come to Atlanta in 2015!!!! PLEASE!!!! 3836
  • Pandora   2015-01-29 06:00:25
    ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT!...1st 2015 tour date be POSTED! Now, David Doll Face, Honey Lamb, surely you're gonna make an appearance in here B4 U & your hot orchestra hit ze road, so that Pandemonium will have ALL of her tour TOWELS at ze ready (wicked city woman laughter abounds)...that's a BIG oo-er, Senor Coverdale! 3835
  • Lady T   2015-01-29 04:23:36
    Greetings BBS very long time no see, here we go again..another tour in the making. After 37 years there's still a buzz in the air and our hearts are beating faster.Cannot wait for dates in the UK. Let's see where the Snake will slither to, good luck to all that you may get the Snakes rocking a venue near you this year 3834
  • himarkie1   2015-01-28 17:35:51
    Hey David, I was sure happy to see that Whitesnake is touring. I sure hope y'all are coming to Southern California. I hope to see Mr. David Aldrige at the drums--He is fantastic. Take care, Mark N. 3833
  • 6maul6   2015-01-28 11:00:37
    I hope to see Whitesnake again in Zagreb, Croatia on their European tour!! 3832
  • isleofwight   2015-01-28 09:15:47
    Great to see activity on the site to coincide with tour dates.......Isle of Wight festival would be a great legacy in 2015......I'll raise a glass to Missmo and more tour dates....cheers 3831
  • P4ELI4KA   2015-01-28 02:52:18
    Good afternoon from Bulgaria , Sofia!'' Whitesnake '' , Mr. Coverdale , You announce your Tour dates 2015 - Would You like to come back in Sofia , Bulgaria , again ! Please ! My country - Bulgaria and my town - Sofia , we are waiting you , Guys ! Have a nice day ! Hugs and kisses from Sofia , Bulgaria ! :D (Y) 3830
  • Max Speed   2015-01-27 19:38:02
    So pleased to hear that DC and co. are coming to my home state of Colorado this summer! I can check out Joel in person without flying to Japan : ) I'll cut him some slack if he misses a note here and there. A lot to learn buddy ;-) Maybe Cindy can come too, David? Light Workers Unite! 3829
  • pbelanger69   2015-01-27 18:50:55
    Hi David and all Whitesnake Fans...long time been here...finaly got my aircraft mecanic diploma...Hope to see you in Montreal...See you soon. I'll spead the world and the radio...Ciao Pat...;) 3828
  • dcparrot   2015-01-27 17:19:41
    Hi, David - I'm so excited that you are touring again this year!! Hopefully you will be coming back to Washington State and closer to Tacoma - maybe The Washington State Fair in Puyallup or the Emerald Queen Casino? Looking forward to hopefully getting front row seats again! I'm a real fan and I've been going to see you ever since you started! Will you be having a presale for tickets? C ya soon? 3827
  • Red-Dragon-Cro   2015-01-27 16:34:03
    Great to see that you guys are going fo another tour so soon, sure hope you come to Croatia again(try for the coast this time, the beach is great in summer).Would love to see you guys live again, also my father would get the chance to see you live since he missed it out last time due work, he is a big fan as I am and Whitesnake is our fav band. Great news, can't wait to hear more, rock on! :) 3826
  • Giovanni   2015-01-27 16:05:01
    David: Any new wines coming out this year? Whitesnake Sangiovese? How about Coverdale Ale? Missmo, Buon Compleanno, amica! Cheers, Giovanni Castellano Go Pats! 3825
  • missmo 1666   2015-01-26 03:26:07
    David, just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out to wish me a Happy Birthday Yours faithfully Missmo 3823
  • joey318   2015-01-25 14:52:15
    hi all and hi david hope all is ok with everyone, and to everyone on the east coast of the u.s. stay safe we have a big blizzard (snow storm) coming 3822
  • 6maul6   2015-01-24 05:32:34
    Can't wait to hear the new album. Will the next album be the last? 3821
  • Ach20   2015-01-23 14:22:03
    Does David Coverdale ever post on this site? If so, why is the new album so secret? Makes no sense. 3820
  • joey318   2015-01-23 14:11:02
    happy friday all, hope you all have a great weekend, as well as you and your family david 3819
  • Jay M   2015-01-23 11:28:01
    Birthday week is coming to a close. It started on Sunday 1/18 and will end Sat. 1/24. I have had a Grand time with family and friends! Both here and in cyberville. Most of all with my Beloved Teresa!!! She has made the week Most Enjoyable!!! Love You Luv!!! ;-) Looking VERY forward to the new album David!!! Can't wait to hopefully see You on the stage again!!! CHEERS!!! All The Best!!! Your "Obedient Serpent", Jay. :-) 3818
  • dazzhill   2015-01-23 11:22:26
    Rockr87...who knows when the album might be out....i'd save your pennies and pencil April into your diary if i were you though... 3817
  • Rockr87   2015-01-23 10:47:11
    Okay, I'm NOT gonna ask when the new WS album will be out. But maybe You could at least give a hint about when the ANNOUNCEMENT will be made...? ;-) 3816
  • isleofwight   2015-01-23 00:13:11
    Isle of Wight temperate weather is extreme and cat bowls are frozen......time for emergency toasted crumpets with lashings of butter....cats take the day off....purrrrr 3815
  • Ken Chun   2015-01-20 14:47:46
    David, I'm absolutely mystified. I haven't been on Twitter for a couple of months. Got on today and found you blocked me. What happened? I assure you I posted nothing bad to or about you, Sir. Please let me know what happened. @IAmKenChun. This is very distressing to me and if I offended please allow me to make amends. 3813
  • robbierob   2015-01-20 10:26:20
    Hey there everyone,David I hope the mixing is going well i can't wait for the new album Doesa anyone have any info on the new opus ...title,song titles, etc...dying to know something. 3812
  • joey318   2015-01-19 15:54:50
    hi all hope everyone is ok, also hello to you david hope you and your family are doing well. 3811

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