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  • soulserpent   2015-03-29 19:07:00
    Was so excited and surprised at cd announcement was expecting new whitesnake songs but the original Burn album was awesome saw you live in Coventry in 74 with my aunt Nancy she got the tickets been a fan ever since then love the new arrangement of Stormbringer was hoping you would play Nottm Arena again was knocked out My dream came true will you playing Whitesnake classics as well as the Purple songs it would be great a mix of the two can't wait to see Black Star Riders also have got their CDs Keep rockin David a 62 yr veteran fan 4251
  • Graham   2015-03-29 18:59:59
    7 Hours... 4250
  • Graham   2015-03-29 17:59:59
    8 Hours... 4249
  • Von   2015-03-29 17:00:01
    Can't wait til December........whoooooop! 4248
  • Graham   2015-03-29 16:59:59
    9 Hours... 4247
  • Graham   2015-03-29 16:00:04
    10 Hours... 4246
  • Tirednemotional   2015-03-29 14:41:06
    S'alright got it.... sometimes I shouldn't be out without adult supervision ;) 4245
  • maestegmark   2015-03-29 14:40:32
    Anyone wanting the presale code its on the tour schedule section its purple2015 4244
  • Tirednemotional   2015-03-29 12:52:35
    Can someone let me know how to get the presale code? 4243
  • nessynova   2015-03-29 12:50:28
    Hey maestegmark, how'd you get pre sale code? X 4242
  • Thunder7   2015-03-29 12:40:56
    New to this, but was wondering David, when are you gonna be back in the Tahoe area? 4241
  • lil@jo   2015-03-29 12:04:52
    How do you get a presage code? I'm not paying to joing the def leppard concert club... 4240
  • maestegmark   2015-03-29 11:32:38
    I have presale code now for tickets panic over!!!! 4239
  • maestegmark   2015-03-29 11:26:21
    presale tickets go on sale tomorrow for the uk shows is there an official fan club I could join so I can get tickets I cant seem to find one 4238
  • soldieroffortune76   2015-03-29 10:13:00
    This is getting crazy. I first saw D.C. with Purple in 1974. The burn tour, followed by Stormbringer in 75 then Come taste the band in 76-77.Therefor , ive seen every single one of those songs that are on the new Snake album already. I can honestly say i'm excited about this new one .. Purple all snaked up .I love it. Cant wait till 10th dec in the Hydro, Glasgow. D.C. will be 64 by then and i'll be 60. Ive lost count of the Whitesnake line ups ive witnessed , but they all have one thing in common. Brilliant!Nice one David , as I actually thought Nevermore was youre last. 41 years and counting 4237
  • captainsnake84   2015-03-29 07:22:00
    I've booked my hotel rooms for the Newcastle, Manchester and Sheffield shows. All I need now are my tickets. Tickets are on sale tomorrow morning so I'll probably stay awake all night waiting to buy them..haha. ARE YOU READY ?? 4236
  • captainsnake84   2015-03-29 07:07:26
    Hi there snakes, this is Mick(captainsnake on twitter)...presale goes onsale tomorrow for UK TOUR and it says fanclub presale!!! Will there be a code number put on here or do we use our usernames from here??? Thanks if anyone knows..I'm a bit of a dingbat.LOL KEEP IT SNAKEY 4235
  • pam   2015-03-29 00:32:07
    David that link that Reb sent you is an amazing review I really am looking forward to hearing the Purple Album all the more now , Pam (-: x 4234
  • Graham   2015-03-28 15:59:53
    Losing an Hour tonight... but Gaining an hour nearer to the next installment of the legend of DC. 4233
  • isleofwight   2015-03-28 11:32:59
    Actually very positive about hard of hearing cat and our choir.......know the issues (reduced WS set particularly with great sounding Purple album) and yes Journey were not everyone's cup of tea, on last tour....c'est la vie......Be positive kittens got claws.... 4232
  • pam   2015-03-28 11:08:57
    Although Ticketmaster are saying vip seats ,the venues told me today that they are mistaken and on the floor is standing , so I'm confused as to which is right ? Pam (-: 4231
  • Emmie   2015-03-28 10:30:01
    Doh! Thanks Oonaa, you're a star! 4230
  •   2015-03-28 09:03:48
    Thank you Oonaa 4229
  • therocker   2015-03-28 07:36:32
    Are all the UK venues seated for these gigs ? 4228
  • ant1765   2015-03-28 06:17:17
    I was wondering about the VIP tour packages for the current tour mainly when Whitesnake play Belfast on 7th December basically I've read this Whitesnake - VIP Tour Package includes: . One premium reserved ticket located in the first 12 rows OR general admission with priority entry . Specially designed Whitesnake tour shirt etc but what I want to know is do you actually get to meet the band backstage at the concert with a chance of getting a photograph taken with the band etc Thanks in advance if anyone can answer this for me 4227
  • lee burnett   2015-03-28 05:55:15
    Is there a telephone number to order pre sale tickets for nottingham gig or do you order via link 4226
  •   2015-03-27 22:37:45
    We Love you so much and miss you a lot!!!! Love, Brazil/Rio de Janeiro. ❤ 4225
  • Oonaa   2015-03-27 19:48:45
    @kani.bawa the pre sale code is purple2015, unless you've already figured it out. all info is there people just read carefully :) cheers 4224
  • snakelover   2015-03-27 18:44:55
    Whoa DC it's gonna be a SNAKEY ride...Woo Hoo...Just ordered my tics...Can't wait...Yeah Baby...Have a great weekend...Luv, L 4223
  • magoo   2015-03-27 16:18:20
    Sooo looking forward to the return of whitesnake to Belfast ,feels like forever from you guys have been here.xx 4222

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