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  • Metalmancory   2014-04-15 15:14:48
    Forgot the word get haha
  • Metalmancory   2014-04-15 15:13:49
    Hello all and sir David. I wanted to find out how I could all cd's of everything mr. Coverdale has sang on. I'm truly a huge fan of David's wonderful voice
  • robbierob   2014-04-15 12:14:25
    David and fellow snakers good afternoon, David I was wondering do you and sir Douglas have anything new cooking?
  • robbierob   2014-04-15 12:14:18
    David and fellow snakers good afternoon, David I was wondering do you and sir Douglas have anything new cooking?
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-04-15 09:04:41
    For Christmas 2014 & New Year 2015, I will make a video that I will upload on [link], but for this, I will need your kind participation : I will need a pic of you (& your family, why not ?) before December, 10th !!! I will make a video with all your pics (only pics, no videos please!) ! Send me your ones at [email] !!! I will say it again, don't worry! :)
  • schuster-teruel   2014-04-15 03:07:42
    Hello Mr Coverdale, much much support from Spain, hope you're fully recovered from your operation, just sending you a big hug ... your philosophy always present in my life. Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Reiner S.   2014-04-14 09:36:10
    Hello Mr. Coverdale! I am glad that (after many moons!) I managed to return to the BBS today! Of course I clicked on your Website nearly every day. So, a belated big THANK YOU for advertising Vandenberg's Moonkings! I bought my copy of their album on the day it was released in Germany. Absolutely awesome, IMO. Especially Your contribution on Sailing Ships. Now I must watch Your Cal Jam 74 clip again. Best regards. Reiner S.
  • egg wolves civic1   2014-04-13 08:14:39
    Well well, Jaguar seemed to have forgot how much DC promoted the brand back in 87....have toy seen Jaguar good to be bad. David must be a link somewhere to be found? Get the marketing team on the case, because it's Good To Be Bad..........[link]
  • PreciousPeanut94   2014-04-12 17:01:15
    Hiya :)
  • personal   2014-04-12 16:04:14
    Hello David happy 40th anniversary CALIFORNIA JAM .That was the best time of Deep Purple and BURN the best album in the history of the band. Returns to Argentina,please GOD BLESS YOU P.S: congratulations on the anniversary COME AN GET IT and WHITESNAKE the best band in the world.
  • *~* Heart_of_Angels *~*   2014-04-12 13:26:43
    Congratulations dear David on the anniversary of Whitesnake's Come n' Get it:) Sending you much love, light & great vibes:)
  • *~* Heart_of_Angels *~*   2014-04-12 13:26:35
    Congratulations dear David on the anniversary of Whitesnake's Come n' Get it:) Sending you much love, light & great vibes:)
  • Lucky Dog   2014-04-12 11:18:45
    Congrat's to you Mr. Coverdale, This is a anniversary worth celebrating… Whitesnake Come And Get It. The title track is one of my favorite tunes and includes the words that any dog would want to hear… Cheers!.. Lucky
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-04-11 11:10:22
    David Coverdale : 40 years he rocks the world TRAILER !!! -> [link] This is a video that I've made to anounce that I'm making a video for DC's 63rd birthday (Sept. 22) ! :)
  • Rodolfo   2014-04-11 07:03:53
    Oonna: I have to think that me there turns out to be strange our darling DC, this way also since Guillan and other members of DP! It was not in the ceremony, JL has been friend and WS's part. Salute
  • Oonaa   2014-04-11 04:47:10
    Last, but not the least, i wanna wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the brilliant masterpiece - COME AN GET IT! come to think of it now, this was my WS induction actually, over a cassette retaped by a friend of a friend & so it goes:) i carry powerful memories of hearing it for the 1 time & loving it instantly in its entirety, to this day. If i had to single out personal favs #1 goes to wine, women & song (to me classic WS signature song), lonely days lonely nights, hit&run, till the day...dont break my heart...child of babylon, hot stuff, aah fak it's simply WS Magnum Opus. Period.
  • Oonaa   2014-04-11 04:07:11
    Ciao a tutti!Hope you are well & rocking. Christa dear yes its 27, good math :) the interview was done for 20y anniv :). Jay so nice of you, may i join in to wish John a belated happy bday too, cheers! MuddyA if you look round a bit more u'll find plenty of refs & news re darling Adje, we were (still are) all over da moon for his (long awaited) come back. Rodolfo i am afraid that recent knee party prevented D from joining, he was there in spirit and thoughts! happy days ya all.
  • Rodolfo   2014-04-10 07:35:50
    Hi DC and comunnity!!! I saw the honoring to Jon Lord at the Royal Hall, but I it have not seen DC! what appenned? Regards!!!
  • MuddyA   2014-04-10 01:05:34
    Strange as far as I can see no one posted something for the new Adrian Vandenberg, [link], Vandenbergs Moonkings. Finaly his new album shows his stunning guitar playing and great R&R in the Whitesnake & Free tradition !
  • Jay M   2014-04-09 19:15:58
    Good Evening David and ALL Chorus Members!!! Just Popped by say Hi and, If I may, Wish a Very Good Friend of All of us a Happy Birthday!!! Ahhh, Yes, Mr. John Laundry III. Truly hope You are having a Magnificent time of it, Dear Sir!!! So I raise my glass (maybe a couple of times tonight), and say CHEERS!!! To another Glorious Year!!! May Many More continue to Come Forth!!! And with that, I Will, Catch Ya Later!!! Jay. :)
  • Jessws   2014-04-09 09:50:34
    Hi girls & boys!! Here I'm at home listening and singing some WS songs!! Ha Ha!! Yep I don't have David's voice :( that's sucks! Truly the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is listening to WS is a huge part of my life!!! Even when I'm taking a shower I carry my mobile phone with me and put some WS!! Ha Ha!! Kisses from Argentina.
  • christa   2014-04-09 06:09:25
    Aren't we closer to 30 years with 1987?? 2014-1987=27 I'm not being a smart-ass...I'm confused. :)
  • beaubob   2014-04-08 21:35:50
    I hate to be picky, but, 20th anniversary of 1987 - is this not a little premature???
  • shadesatnight   2014-04-08 18:05:04
    Congrats David and everyone who had a hand in all the wonderful musical projects and the anniversary s!!! Enjoy!!
  • Graham   2014-04-07 11:12:37
    Absolutely tragic news about beautiful Peaches Geldof's sudden death. How much more pain and anguish does Sir Bob and family have to endure?? Thoughts and prayers to the families and friends... God Bless... G. xxx
  • missmo1666   2014-04-07 08:47:04
    Happy Monday DC, Hope all is well where you are. Love the bear story. You are quite the storyteller. Waiting to hear what's going down at the new man cave. Are you still doing pt? I just got through some for my collar bone. It's no picnic. Stay well David Love ya MissoXX
  • Oonaa   2014-04-07 08:10:13
    hope alls well in Snakelot! So happy to hear some of you had the opp to enjoy the beautiful JL tribute nite! Yes greatly missed man & musician, really what an artist he was, along with another dear dear soul Cozy Powell. Enjoy these 'oldies goldies' people, that mental hygiene is important these days, if u know what i mean ;) baci a tutti
  • Isleofwight   2014-04-06 00:23:46
    Enough is enough Hendrix played our Isle of Wight Festival; then came The Who; Bowie and The Stones If Donnington is your spiritual home your legacy should encompass The Isle of Wight Come on..........
  • nickcooper   2014-04-05 12:10:21
    Concert for Jon - you were missed - shame - it would have been truly memorable if you'd made it
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-04-05 11:17:22
    Deep Purple - California Jam 1974 40th anniversary : [link]

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