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  • missmo 1666   2015-11-05 14:52:50
    So sad to hear about PA.Prayers o out to his family. RIP dear David. You will be missed. Missmo 5063
  • Paul007   2015-11-05 14:25:57
    Very saddened to here of Poor Albert, with sympathies to his friends and family. Ive followed the development of this site and interacted through it over the years, what a nice chap he was. Much love from England x 5062
  • caro2salt   2015-11-05 10:49:18
    RIP Albert..Sincere condolences to his family & to Whitesnake xx 5061
  • fabulosa brother   2015-11-05 07:03:55
    Sorry to read the. Sad news on poor Albert aka David Masters, my sincerest Condolences to his family and the Whitesnake family R.I.P. F.B. 5060
  • dusko serbiansnake   2015-11-05 06:40:02
    R.I.P. Poor Albert, will never be the same without you :( 5059
  • Scousesnake   2015-11-05 04:51:51
    R.I.P.Poor Albert, deepest sympathy and kind thoughts to your family and friends at this sad time.Regards Barry. 5058
  • ju_v   2015-11-04 04:24:00
    David, very sad to read about Poor Albert. Rest In Peace!!! I'm waiting for you in Sofia on 24.11!!!!! 5057
  • Anitah   2015-11-04 00:29:33
    R.I.P. Dear Poor Albert and thank you for all you've done for us! You will be missed and always remembered! 5056
  • Chicago Joe   2015-11-03 15:37:14
    David..very very sad to learn of Poor Albert's passing....He did such a fantastic job on here and helped so many of us get to know as more than the Rock Star on stage...I was even able to correspond with you thru the mail a few times around the time of Into the Light...he also helped me a handful of times as I was new to computers and the internet but didn't know who else to ask...RIP P.A. 5055
  • SazzySnake   2015-11-03 13:41:46
    Very sad to read about Poor Albert. Rest In Peace :( 5054
  • kingdaw2   2015-11-03 13:22:01
    Sorry to hear about our friend and family member Poor Albert. He was a class act. Best wishes to his family. He always responded when asked to. What a wonderful person. He is in rock and roll heaven. Take Care my friend. David 5053
  • challanstige   2015-11-03 09:11:53
    Soooooo saaad!!! :( 5052
  • challanstige   2015-11-03 09:10:25
    R.I.P Poor Albert, sad to here :( 5051
  • glenn plumridge   2015-11-03 04:55:45
    so sad , R.I.P. thoughts to family , love Mr & Mrs Plum . 5050
  • cornish   2015-11-03 01:13:46
    Rest in peace dear Poor Albert, with deepest condolences to your family. I remember talking to you in chat many years ago. 5049
  • isleofwight   2015-11-02 17:29:16
    PA was always super helpful; a class act; sadly missed 5048
  • bonscott22   2015-11-02 16:46:42
    I've not been on the site for quite sometime for one reason another,but I've just read of the passing of poor Albert and felt the need to pay my condolences and respect to this man. I remember when I joined the site,we had our teething problems etc and sometimes didn't always see eye to eye on opinions but it never diminished any respect I had for Albert,David or any of the fans on here.albert always did his best for us all and it's only now that he has passed,that we will truly appreciate the special values he brought to us and for that have my utmost respect. condolences and thanks 5047
  • AudioSlave   2015-11-02 16:01:23
    Wow, so sad to learn of P.A.'s passing. The Whitesnake BBS was the first website I ever really participated in. I joined up sometime after I saw WS & Dokken open for the Scorpions. I recall being a little scared of P.A. when he popped into "New Yak City", as I thought he was going to scold us! I met alot of great folks in there, and throughout the years here, I found P.A. to be extremely helpful and took care of any "funny business" brought to his attention right away. He is definitely going to be missed. R.I.P., Mr. Masters. 5046
  • Moonpie3   2015-11-02 12:48:06
    David, I have no words to express how so very sorry to hear of the passing of Dear Poor Albert. He was a very patient and exceptional webmaster. My most sincere prayers go out to his family and all of you for your loss. 5045
  • tammy h   2015-11-02 12:17:38
    [link] 5044
  • tammy h   2015-11-02 12:16:19
    My words cannot express the deep sadness I am feeling about the loss of Poor Albert. So very sad!!! I dedicate this song to him, and hope he is Dancing in the Sky.: 5043
  • watchman   2015-11-02 10:54:52
    Oh, dear! What a sad news! I felt real sympathy for the man, he was ever so responsible and helpful. He was the real Cat in this cyber house to keep the mice in order. I read in his profile that he was fond of a Polish singer Marylia Rodovich (as me in my youth), did he have some Polish roots? I'll go to the church tomorrow (strange thing - I start to like it with age), and I'll light a candle for his soul in Moscow, where the next Whitesnake gig is... what a mixed feeling! So sad. 5042
  • Sonia Blanco   2015-11-02 09:45:41
    A true sadness the loss of our beloved Albert. Many times in which I needed help, He ALWAYS has been there With much patience because I did not have good command of English and I will always be grateful.Much love to his family.Sonia. 5041
  • Aniulka   2015-11-02 09:32:35
    I am so so sorry to hear this... My condolences to all family and friends... 5040
  • Children of the Night   2015-11-02 07:32:53
    My condolences to David Masters family and all his friends. Like christelee wrote, you kept everything in order and did your best to make these website great. And I have to say that it has been well done job! 5039
  • christa   2015-11-02 07:08:36
    I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Masters. My thoughts will be with his family and friends...I only knew of him through this website since 2000, but it was a great shock this morning to find out. Very sorry, David...words cannot express... 5038
  • Jay M   2015-11-02 06:58:45
    I to echo the sadness of the loss of out Beloved "Poor Albert". Remembering my 1st. experience on was a Easter egg hunt in 2010. My Son was "helping" me, we found them all after I figured out Albert's strategy, I received an autographed copy of "Into The Light" from David!!! Truly a cherished memory of quite a few here!!! May the Angels welcome you and Hold You Forevermore Poor Albert!!! A 1000 Thanks for ALL the help and Fun!!! CHEERS, to Poor Albert!!! I for 1 will Truly miss You!!! Catch Ya Later. Jay(Bird). 5037
  • BloodyDany   2015-11-02 06:46:59
    there are no words :( so sad 5036
  • Lady Louisa   2015-11-02 02:30:05
    R.I.P. David. (Poor Albert) . 5035
  • Graham   2015-11-01 23:26:23
    Adiós, adieu, addio, adeus, Totsiens.... & finally since the other David is doing his thing in japan.. Sayonara David Masters aka. Poor Albert San (さん) 5034

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