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  • caro2salt   2015-07-08 02:08:51
    Hi Mr Coverdale..Greetings from not so sunny at the moment Saltburn! for a weeks break..lovely peaceful place to get away from it all!...looking forward to seeing you in Sheffield in December Xxxx 4852
  • florencia angel   2015-07-07 20:19:03
    thank you David coverdale because you help me to survive dificult times during the bloody dictature that i had to live when i was so Young..thank you and thank you form your amaising music that help me to go f. 4851
  • forever1snake   2015-07-07 18:11:31
    After one awesome show in Biloxi on june 19th....and now the countdown begins!!! In 24 days I begin my trek across the state of florida!! First stop Jacksonville...then to Melbourne...Orlando...and Clearwater!! Ten days in a PURPLE HAZE!!! WE ARE READY!!!!!!!! 4850
  • oli   2015-07-07 18:09:02
    Hello Guys , just wanted to say i did enjoy listening to Whitesnake once again. I have seen Whitesnake 1981 back in Germany and i had the opportunity to meet Jon Lord, Ian Paice and Neil Murray in person! Again i have seen Whitesnake 1983 at the Monsters of Rock Tour as Headliner! And now after all this Years, we all grown lil older but the Music and Mr DC's Voice is still one of the best out there . I am so happy i was able to catch some of you Guys before the Concert to sign some CD's! Great Guys !! Thanks a lot !! 4849
  • Jay M   2015-07-07 13:56:32
    On This Day, I raise a Glass to celebrate a birthday, Not just any Birthday, That of my Dear Brother, Mr. Purplesnake and his twin Brother Mr. Snake Road!!! Happy Birthday Guys!!! CHEERS!!! All The Best!!! Jay. :) 4848
  • cmomo   2015-07-05 20:48:54
    hi guys you are my favorite band of all time I admire Mr.Coverdale please it is possible for you to play the song The Judgment Day or The Deeper The Love in Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on July 22, because we're from Montreal , Canada with the daughter(Karolane) of my girlfriend(Sharon). From Claude - Thank you guys for taking the time to read us :) 4847
  • Col   2015-07-05 10:31:38
    Hey DC, are you going to invite the amazing Space Elevator to join you on tour at some point? I think that they'd compliment you guys greatly and The Duchess just has to be the best female vocalist on the planet at the moment as I am sure you are well aware. 4846
  • steveo   2015-07-03 06:11:54
  • frankmoses   2015-07-03 05:21:33
    Once again thanx David and band a great album (purple) but the thing that excites me the most is the rumour there could be a unplugged style album cumming with Davids great voice bring it on I still listen to starkers for the love of that voice. Thank you again a true fan from New Zealand. 4844
  • zeldagirl   2015-07-02 09:56:36
    Jaydog28--Just an aside so you don't think I don't have any friends . . . just don't have any that like classic and glam/sunset strip bands. They're loss, I guess. 4843
  • zeldagirl   2015-07-02 09:52:06
    Hey Jaydog28--Did you find a "date" yet? I have two lawn tickets but my friend canceled on me. I want to go to the concert but really don't want to sit by myself. 4842
  • jaydog28   2015-07-01 14:50:29
    Hello, I have an extra front row ticket to Whitesnake at Freedom Hill this Friday. My buddy cancelled and I need a date! A female date! Anybody want to go? Ticket is free! 4841
  • tomsnake   2015-07-01 13:34:17
    Hello everybody. It's been a while since I commented on here, but I had to chime in after the Milwaukee show last night. I had a blast! The show was fantastic, and catching up with members of the choir was fun, as well. Can't wait til next time! 4840
  • aleks   2015-07-01 12:06:50
    I was wondering, will be any changes on the setlist on European part of tour?? Would love to hear (besides Is this love, Here i go again, Still of the night) "Fool for your loving" and "Ain't no love in the heart of the city", when you come to Serbia in November.. Thanks in advance for response.. 4839
  • althepo   2015-07-01 11:44:44
    I see a certain 1987 track 2 has returned to the set list. Excellent...keep it there for the UK dates please. Oh, and Forevermore. My trips to Wales and Wembley will be worth while. Sorted...cheers. 4838
  • rodeo214   2015-06-30 15:46:35
    hey david, love the purple album.We are coming to see you in Rhode Island on July 24 we have VIP tickets and i was wondering is there a meet and greet with that? 4837
  • georgethree33   2015-06-30 15:13:22
    David - as a proud member of the WS Choir - I just wanted to say thanks! Saw the Norfolk show and Whitesnake never sounded better. Arguably one of the best concerts I've ever seen - the blend on the voices w/ your mighty leads was incredible. Keep this group of Snakes together by any means possible. Loved the Purple album & the setlist was perfect. Please come back through NE or IA soon. Loved the show so much I grabbed a signed solo album, dvd, Tshirt & signed tourbook to show my love & support. Please keep rockin & keep WS around for many years to come! More new albums please! Never stop! 4836
  • helena73   2015-06-30 12:20:32
    Finally got my Deluxe edition of the Purple album,yeah baby;) 4835
  • isleofwight   2015-06-30 08:23:03
    Sad to hear of Chris Squire today from Yes. Hopefully will be laying down a bass track with Phil Kennemore and and respect...... 4834
  • ericvinger   2015-06-29 05:55:07
    David, I am a huge DP MK 3,4 fan, I love the album, but unfortunately here in America your fans are the mtv/1987 fans. I heard one girl say they should have brought Tawney "Kitten" as in the cat. It is no fault of the "MtV" fans that they didn't know rock classics like burn. , it kinda was a downer. in Europe those purple songs should go over well, Maybe you should think about the Blackmore partnership again. your duets with Glenn in LA WERE HISTORIC! Thank you! Thanks for embracing your purple years again! 4833
  • Anasazi   2015-06-28 23:39:00
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!Thank you PA for putting the lyrics to the songs on the Purple Album on the site.I like to read and see the lyrics,.thank you.David I am greatly enjoying the Purple Album as well as Private Number on Delta Deep.Thank you..Blessings and Love Anasazi.. 4832
  • ghcooke   2015-06-28 14:15:18
    Greatly looking forward to Whitesnake in Birmingham in December but also greatly saddened by the death of the great Chris Squire - bassist supreme. RIP 4831
  • althepo   2015-06-28 13:29:37
    RIP Chris Squire of Yes, one of the world's greatest bass players and music makers. 4830
  • fitzy   2015-06-28 11:48:55
    LOL - Kanye the worlds greatest living rock star , that brought a tear to my glass eye ! Here on the Whitesnake BBS we know different don't we boys and girls ! 4829
  • Anasazi   2015-06-27 18:47:15
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending you my loving energy!Thank you for the the video set of Purple Memories,,I have greatly enjoyed listening to these memories David.Continue with safe travels in Angels arms..and in every venue, may your voice,your lyrics,your music touch many hearts that night,..Blessing and love Anasazi.. 4828
  • colinjdexter   2015-06-27 16:53:30
    will you be playing liverpool uk anytime 4827
  • missmo 1666   2015-06-27 08:40:43
    David and the boys thank u for a truly memorable night in Biloxi. We were on the rail right in front of DC, I sang in his microphone and touched his hand. My dream has been fulfilled. They were all so together the sounded fantastic. We also had pics taken with the band unfortunately no DC But that's ok I loved that my neck hurt looking up at him all night. WS Kaye was with me and we both had the time of our lives. Thank You David and the lads. Missmoxoxo 4826
  • snakegirl   2015-06-25 11:18:01
    Fantastic night in San Antonio!! See you in NY! Love, Laura xxx 4825
  • bennythedog   2015-06-24 16:00:42
    Hi David!! Long time no talk!! Noticed tonight on that Stormbringer hasn't been in the setlist. Hmmmm... Can you at least please put it back in for the Geneva, IL on July 17th? It's my very favorite song from that era and sine you released a video of it, I was positive it would be in there no matter what. I don't see it so, I'm lobbying!! Long time Whitesnake concert goer!! John 4824
  • afcgunner   2015-06-24 08:16:49
    Love the addition of the Dead Daisies, but let's be honest, there's only one reason to go to the show, and that is Mr. Coverdale 4823

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