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  • Graham   2015-03-16 16:29:36
    Oooh. Oooh. Fucking.. Ooh Matron.. Sounds like the 24th of MARCH 2015 is going to be the date when something very very special is released/unleashed from that Rock 'N' Roll spiritual Ethearial 'City' which sounds suddenly come out of nowhere and cascade through that magical 'Hole' pulsating with that familiar throbbing, pounding unstoppable urge, desire sensation that those of us who can still remember, passion and emotion that would make 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' seem like something from Mills & Boon or a Catherine Cookson novel.. Keep it Safe.. Keep it Hard & Keep it Long... Yeah Baby.. G x x x 4133
  • Jay M   2015-03-15 14:26:18
    A BIG Howdy to All Snake Chorus members out there! David & PA too!!! Watched "That Metal Show" last night, Truly was Killer!!! A BIG round of applause to Joel, You Totaly Kicked Major Arse Bud!!! Very nice interview with You David, Salut!!! 1000 Thanks for it All!!! Can barley contain myself to see All of You Fine Gents on the stage this Summer!!! With that, I will, Catch Ya Later. Jay. :-) 4132
  • Giovanni   2015-03-15 13:52:12
    HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY to all of you Irish snakes out there, especially Michael Devin! Slainte! Enjoying several pints of properly poured Guinness for you lads and lasses. Giovanni 4131
  • Ach20   2015-03-15 11:43:26
    So David Coverdale gave up the opportunity to do another album with Ritchie Blackmore? That is the album I would have like to have heard. 4130
  • dianas   2015-03-15 09:50:53
    Thank you Whitesnake fan page on , Your a (*) Star 4129
  • dianas   2015-03-15 07:54:17
    Thank you Whitesnake fan page on , for posting that link to youtube , would have been good to have seen the whole interview with david & joel , i can't believe that all david had to say about joel was " Burn Burn " maybe you could post all of the Thatmetalshow clip on your ws page or at least post a link to it elsewhere ? 4127
  • dcparrot   2015-03-14 21:55:47
    Hi, David! I am really bummed! I was just over at Emerald Queen Casino (in Washington) to check to see when the tickets would be going on sale and they told me that they were already on sale! All of the good seats down front have been sold! I was really disappointed that I can't get the seats in front - up close and personal. I am hoping they will release some of the seats later! Looking forward to hopefully seeing you!!!! 4125
  • dianas   2015-03-14 07:14:33
    hello WHITESNAKE fan page on , Poor Albert , why isn't that metal show available to watch in the UK ? can David put the show on His youtube page so all his british fans can watch it as well ? thank you xx 4124
  • Beholder   2015-03-13 17:38:59
    Hi David and everyone. This is Terri from Twitter, and I am looking forward to the Purple CD. I hope there will be more US Dates added. 4122
  • dianas   2015-03-13 17:06:59
    Thank you Oonna , i have tried that link , it doesn't work in the UK. i was hoping Poor Albert Or David Coverdale Himself would have answered my request . vh1 broadcasts in the uk and vh1 classic used to broadcast , but they appear to have stopped . i have tried tweeting to @ThatMetalShow ,@EddieTrunk , @VH1Classic , David @davidcoverdale & Joel @JoelHoekstra13 . to try to get an answer to my quiry . David Has answered my tweets Before now and Joel Normally answers them all when he gets around to reading them . so Fingers crossed :) 4121
  • Oonaa   2015-03-13 11:01:49
    @dinanas u cannot watch it in the uk as its not aired out of usa. your other options are (few days after it airs of course)either eddie trunk site or yt. ppl usually upload vids in few days. you can also 'hideurass' and watch it online. in any case artists/bands do not have any say in this, it is a policy of vh1, from inception... cheers peeps keep it snakey ;) 4120
  • dianas   2015-03-13 08:37:57
    @ThatMetalShow where can i view this in the uk ??? this link doesn't work , just shows up as " Sorry this video is unavailable from your location " can anyone help please to let me watch @ThatMetalShow from the united kingdom ( uk ) or great britain (gb) . vh1 classic is not available on virgin media only vh1 . 4118
  • Graham   2015-03-12 17:15:02
    A big big thank you to my old friend Phil & dear friend of Mike Lee, for the very special memento from April 6th 1974, I'll cherish it along with the 'early photo's!! Cheers & God Bless... G. 4117
  • Jay M   2015-03-11 23:13:01
    @ Snaketeaser, Glad to hear the Great News!!! CHEERS!!! See Ya There!!! :) David, Can't get enough of the new "Stormbringer" Vid.!!! Serious Kick Arse Tune!!! 1000 Thanks, Catch Ya Later, Jay. :) 4115
  • Coverlover-gin   2015-03-11 19:14:38
    Hello Poor Albert ! I know David prefers tweeting but alas, I am a hold-out and prefer a more intimate exchange. I just thought I would send a fond "hello" to you and David from an old fan. I hope that you & David are doing well !!! Till next time! love, ginni aka ginantonicus 4114
  • isleofwight   2015-03-11 15:12:48
    In Germany watching Chelsea.....very stressful.......DC lighten the mood with a visit to Top Gear.....they need you now...... 4113
  • snaketeazer   2015-03-11 12:15:07
    Got my tickets for the Surf Ballroom! And a Table,to sit at,so I can enjoy the show!! Can't wait to see the Purple Tour!!! 4112
  • Pandora   2015-03-11 07:44:01
  • NLTCrow   2015-03-10 21:16:13
    Hey David - Looks like there's a gap in the tour in June between SF & CO. Hometown gig? Village green? That'd be sweet! 4110
  • Gsnake   2015-03-10 20:31:06
    Hi David, hope all is well with you and yours. I see you have a Michigan date but didn't notice if there was anyone else on the tour with you. Are the tour dates just Whitesnake or is there someone opening up or that you are co headlining with? I'm fine with a Whitesnake only show but just wondering. Thanks. Also any info on when the other videos you did when we'll get to see them? 4109
  • ALBERTINO   2015-03-10 06:45:54
    Hi David, I´m very anxious to listen the complete new album!!!! many release the japenese editions has extra tracks, these new album will some exclusive track for Japan? I hope see you in my country Brazil on these new tour!!!! Best Regards 4107
  • lockjawmoon   2015-03-09 23:06:07
    Nice David. Really Nice. I have to say that you've done a helluva job. 4106
  • Graham   2015-03-09 12:03:52
    Blowing a f*ckin' gale in Bonnie Scotland, October the 10th 1975 may be several months away. Just reflecting back to when I put the 12" L.P. from Brothertons on the old 16/33/45/78 that our Steve had wired up to some external speakers..Oh, the moment the stylus dropped into the groove (Ooh crack open the Baron Otard XO Cognac) as Rufus would say about his admiration & devotion for the musical talent of Judy Garland.. when I think back to the days when DC. used to come and sing at the front row, away from the microphone & to hear the sheer power of DC's vocals. wonderful mammaries. God Bless G 4104
  • Graham   2015-03-08 14:57:52
    If its in long, its in deep and its in hard, it's in decent!!... Ooh er Missus... Ooh stop yer tittering... 4103
  • Giovanni   2015-03-08 14:42:22
    David: I'm over the moon knowing I will see you live in the States this summer and a new Whitesnake CD to add to the WS/DCDP collection. Missmo, come stai? Pandora, ti manco e molto! As always, thanks for everything you share with us, David. Stai bene, Giovanni 4102
  • Graham   2015-03-08 11:50:52
    "You Keep On Moving" You keep on moving Far away far away You keep on moving Far away far away Everyday wheels are turning And the cry still returning Dawn will soon be breaking The day has just begun You put your arms around me Like a circle 'round the sun Dance across the seasons To a place that no one knows Where angels fear to tread 4101
  • snaketeazer   2015-03-08 09:26:47
    Correction to my postings- July 14th @ Surf Ballroom,NOT June 14th! Help out one of your own from the Snake Choir!! 4100
  • Wendy74   2015-03-08 09:15:07
    Hello David,I am so thrilled about the new purple album!On the release date I had my own celebration in honer of this but wearing all purple.It has been my dream of 27 years to see you in concert & Im so excited that you are coming close to my home in Hampton beach N.H,Still got to get my tx before a sell out.I only wish that you had a contest on your web sight to win tx at a show of your choice or meet & greet!Although I dont no if my heart could take it,I wouldnt want to have a heart attack if I got to meet you. 4099
  • wsfan69   2015-03-08 01:36:25
    Hi David, I wish that Whitesnake will come this year to Finland ! It would be AWESOME !! :) 4098
  • Graham   2015-03-07 19:09:39
    David's webmaster extraordinaire, please ammend the post, to read 'Party like its 1999 (Prince) Yeah Baby... 4097

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