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the BBS
  • Valeria_Coverdale   2015-11-01 20:17:51 will never be the same without Poor Albert. I am very grateful to him! A great man is gone! R.I.P sweet Albert! :) 5032
  • Tahir Bise   2015-11-01 20:03:39
    Condolences to everyone involved with Whitesnake for the beloved Poor Albert (David Masters) RIP.. what a champion of a man and always there to keep Whitesnake in the media spotlight and keeping all of us in line where needed. We salute you! 5031
  • johnvlandry   2015-11-01 17:27:36
    There is so much ❤LOVE❤ for Poor Albert The person that helped us all meet and keep us connected & informed So many friendships have been made via him & Prayers for him and his family We will miss you Brother. God Bless You, JL 5030
  • Rosangela Chaves   2015-11-01 17:00:19
    Poor Albert, it was so easy to like you, we'll never forget what you did for us and for WS! Rosangela & Marco 5029
  • Mary   2015-11-01 15:42:29
    Sorry for bad typing...I hate T9!!! 5028
  • Mary   2015-11-01 15:39:23
    Dear David...I cannot what to say...I am so sad...Albert was a good webmaster and he did what you were looking for: a very private place where to share the love for your music and making new friendship.I was still in my 20s when I found out this beautiful place in the beginning and I bless you both since you both chaged life of so many of us...Albert was gentle and smart, he gave me support when I needed also helping me to be wiser and having more Self esteem. I embrace you David for your loss and I send my support to his wife and daughter. See you again Albert. Mary 5027
  • SwedeJess   2015-11-01 15:28:23
    But, now you're gone There's an emptiness closing around me, An' I can't go on When all I have left is the memory *warm thoughts and respect ~ Jessica* 5026
  • Purplesnake   2015-11-01 14:27:26
    We used to chat when I was living in Japan. A great guy indeed.Rest In Peace, Poor Albert. 5025
  • guitarman75   2015-11-01 14:01:47
    Poor Albert, David Masters, A stranger who was always kind to other strangers. Correct, and always helpfull. THANKU for your help on my website years ago. THANKU for all the help within the BBS. THANKU for being part of WS, as said the "seventh member". Let the BBS live on as YOUR legacy. May you never be forgotten. Thoughts and prayers go to your daughter and wife. Kind regards, Alex [link] 5024
  • Paulo   2015-11-01 13:50:24
    Poor Albert, your work meant a lot, but more importantly YOU meant a lot. You are one of the key people in our lives who helped shaped me and Pina's destiny. It was an honour knowing you. 5023
  • Pina   2015-11-01 13:47:29
    I can’t believe I will never hear Poor Albert's voice again or receive an email from him. I kept every single one of his emails... 13 years worth. He was always so interested in my life and was basically there for me through my divorce, move to the UK and relationship with Paulo. In one of his last emails to me, he wrote that Paulo and I are good examples of how lovers should be. He had such wonderful insight and truly cared about people. Poor Albert, thank you for your support and guidance over the past 13 years. You were instrumental in helping forge the friendships I still have to this day. 5022
  • Mike Twirl   2015-11-01 12:43:50
    So sorry to hear of the passing of our beloved Webmaster, 'Poor Albert'. It was truly an honour, to have worked with you, on so many projects, here at WS.Com. You established a virtual home, where we could share our passion for David's music. It soon became the epicentre, of all things, Whitesnake. This and the numerous, lasting friendships, forged via the BBS, will serve as a fitting tribute to all that you created. You will be missed, my friend. Tony. 5021
  • christelee   2015-11-01 12:06:45
    Such sad news David that Poor Albert has passed away. He was a great webmaster and kept us all in our place when topics got out of hand. Whatever we asked of him he tried his very best to share links, interviews, everything. You only have to look at this fantastic website. So many friendships with other fans have been made here over the years, it won't be the same without you PA, may you rest in peace but be forever watching over us on white My love and thoughts are with all your family and friends. Xxx 5020
  • Anasazi   2015-11-01 12:03:49
    Hi David,(it is at this point that I usually say and Albert)Sending you loving energy!!!David may flights of Angels hold you close in loving comfort as well as PA's family and all that loved him,as we say until later to our loving friend,We the Whitesnake family gather close and tightly together to give you our love and support as PA goes on this journey of rest,May loving rest and peace be with him,he is greatly missed,,and as you say "Goodnight all,safe journeys",,until we meet again,we love you.David you said it so well,PA"May flights of Angels sing thee to thy Rest"Blessing and love 5019
  • scorpionsserbia   2015-10-31 07:40:18
    Hi guys, I can't wait your show in BELGRADE on 22nd of november, im sure u'll make a wonderful show. Once again, i belive we all wish David to sing SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. David, ure voice is so much SPECIAL in that song so come on, share it with us :D best wishes, we're waitin for u. 5018
  • Giovanni   2015-10-29 07:00:05
    Michael Devin: Are you keeping a diary on this tour as you have in the past? If so, why not share some excerpts here on the WS site? :) Congrats on the engagement and upcoming nuptials!!! Cheers, Giovanni 5017
  • ClynnB   2015-10-27 23:33:36
    Forever1snake...thank you so much! That was very thoughtful of you to offer. I am sure I will get to see them one day in concert. 5016
  • isleofwight   2015-10-26 16:04:58
    In John Landry country....Wolfgang Pucks at Dallas....should have realised that the month comes before the day on the U.S. too late for snakes.....roll on 18th December.... 5015
  • kei and sho   2015-10-26 06:08:50
    Hello David Japan tour is almost halfway and we got Tokyo tickets. We are looking forward to seeing you. We have waited for two years and now our waiting is finally over. We are very excited to watch the show. You don't know how you mean to us. 5014
  • Graham   2015-10-25 16:50:05
    Good evening from Scotland, this message goes out for the benefit of the 2 ladies after the Glenn Hughes gig in Glasgow, rebecca from Perth, tried to uplod the photo's to you & your friend, yahoo something pssr or .co. missing?? Go onto Twitter or ask P.A. (webMaster) to confirm email address for pics, I feel so sorry I'm unable to upload to photo's especially after you had 6 Radio Therapy treatments. Go onto GrahamDavies01 on Twitter & I'll upload the pics of you & yer friend with Pontus, very nice to meet you both, God Bles... G xx 5013
  • Giovanni   2015-10-24 05:26:33
    Children of the Night- Thank you for the info! Watching the Grammy Awards shall be a red-letter day on my calendar. Now I have to find out when they are on? Cheers, Giovanni 5012
  • Paul007   2015-10-23 12:04:28
    Anyone read Martin Popoffs book about the Snakes yet? Paul x 5011
  • Children of the Night   2015-10-23 07:58:29
    Hello to you all! Giovanni, David wrote in Twitter Oct.18th about that WS is nominated in two categories: Best rock album, and best rock performance. 5010
  • christelee   2015-10-21 13:33:55
    Hi fabulosa brother great to see you here again. Looking forward to seeing the snakes in Newcastle. Joe bonamassa is on fire, me and my son saw him beginning of the year in London. Enjoy. 5009
  • Giovanni   2015-10-20 15:20:17
    Grammy nominations? Could someone please elaborate? I was out of the country for some days and just returned... I await the details. Cheers, Giovanni 5008
  • FABULOSA BROTHER   2015-10-20 08:17:34
    That should read is he the Best!! F.B. 5007
  • FABULOSA BROTHER   2015-10-20 08:13:06
    hope your first night in Japan was a great success, i wish you well, always have ,always will your ol'pal F.B. Off to Leeds at the weekend to see Joe Bonamassa. is he he best!! i certainly think so!! F.B. 5006
  • scorpionsserbia   2015-10-19 11:19:25
    Hey, when u come to Serbia please play soldier of fortune, we want it for probably last time. So please, Soldier of fortune for one last time, PLEASE. Love u guys, wish u all the best. 5005
  • Pandora   2015-10-19 05:53:45
    Hola, 'Snakes!...Giovanni dear boy, once again, u nailed & hammered my thoughts exactly!...David Doll Face, voice of my ears, star of my dreams (hey, u know me, DC, ALWAYS honest), slither on in here & give this Lot a 'Snakey cyber treat as only YOU know how. We know you're having hella fun (as always, leaving a trail of 'Snake venom for the WS choir to wallow in & giving 'Snake bites, for which there is NO cure...OO-MERCY-ER!), but DO drop BACK in, Luv & break us off a lil something! 5004
  • schuster-teruel   2015-10-18 22:53:12
    Hi DC and Cia.... only 41 days from Spain to Belgium, i can´t wait¡¡¡... ;)))) 5003

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