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  • pascui   2014-09-22 07:13:17
    Haaaaappy birthday David!!! Have a nice day, Today and always!!! CHEERS! ;* 3483
  • snakegirl   2014-09-22 06:57:39
    Hi DC, Wishing you a happy joyous Birthday!! Enjoy your day! Love, Laura xxxx 3482
  • Ale the singer   2014-09-22 06:56:15
    Happy, happy, happy BDay! Sir David Coverdale! A hug from Argentina. Cheers! 3481
  • Ger   2014-09-22 06:44:27
    Birthday Greetings to the King of the Snakes...Have a Great Day David.......Jaysus Graham...Get down off that bike before you do yourself an injury!! Some size of bike to be riding ;-) 3480
  • Anitah   2014-09-22 06:35:54
    Dearest David, wish you a very happy birthday and all the best for this new year in your life! & Many, many really good ones still to come! Cheers :) Love, anna 3479
  • left4ward   2014-09-22 06:30:38
    Happy birthday Mr.Coverdale to you!Too many wishes,Georgian health & joyful long from riot Donetsk.Ukraine 3478
  • Graham   2014-09-22 06:20:09
    Birthday Greetings... from one old tart to another!! Bottoms Up.. Ooh Matron... Cheers & God Bless... G. 3477
  • Jay M   2014-09-22 05:40:04
    So, This Glorious Day is here again! The Climatic Day of "Birthday Week" for You Dear Sir! (Or just the beginning)? Either way, Happy Birthday David!!! Have a GRAND Day/Week of it!!! CHEERS!!! All The Best!!! Jay. :) 3476
  • Andreeva Galina   2014-09-22 05:23:37
    I sincerely wish David harmony and happiness, and also to raise the bar and status vocalist so high, so that future generations swearing from the idea, at least to repeat Coverdale! 3475
  • Shakkar   2014-09-22 05:13:36
    Good Morning everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY David. May the light of a thousand smiles light up your day. Hope you have a great day!! 3474
  • Cindy   2014-09-22 05:05:27
    Sending you wonderful birthday wishes dear David! I hope you have an awesome birthday week......Cindy 3473
  • shoky   2014-09-22 04:56:54
    Hope you have a magnificent birthday with your loved ones! Best wishes for a Happy Birthday!:-) Cheers from Bulgaria :-) 3472
  • one happy snake   2014-09-22 04:45:38
    Happy birthday to our best singer and musician! We wish you many,many years of happiness, success, health and of course, many, many years of this wonderful and beautiful music!!!! 3471
  • rainbow1   2014-09-22 04:31:50
    Happy birthday David, my wife Karin and wish you health and happiness for the next years. Best regards from germany 3470
  • sonia blanco   2014-09-22 04:19:50
    HAPPY B-DAY DAVID !!!!!!!!!!!! :) As always I wish you ALL THE BEST !!!Have a GREAT DAY:).Sonia :) 3469
  • Andreeva Galina   2014-09-22 04:13:36
    Happy Birthday Mr. Coverdale ! Let your life will become brighter and more interesting. Success and prosperity . Your talent and spiritual qualities will inspire many fans . Peace , prosperity , happiness ,joy, and everlasting love to your family. Health for years to come!!!!! We love you !! 3468
  • Oonaa   2014-09-22 04:02:22
    Happiest & bestest birthday wishes to our dear David. Rock on Love! un bacione grande to all at Coverdale casa and out here! 3467
  • Krastavic   2014-09-22 03:35:29
    Happy birthday, dear David meny wishes for helth and long life 3466
  • schuster-teruel   2014-09-22 03:33:01
    Today is the birthday of which is for me the greatest. Able to transport you to a wonderful world in which there are only feelings ... the will to live ... to feel ... to love. Thanks for joining me with your music to every step I take, encouraging me in bad and good Rejoicing always there giving me strength ... FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, MUCHACHOOOOOO¡¡¡¡ ETERNAL DC 3465
  • Jesus Ruiperez   2014-09-22 03:32:45
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!! Enjoy. 63 is a good number! Cheers from Spain and I hope to meet you again next year amigo :-) 3464
  • mamica   2014-09-22 03:16:22
    Dear David, Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year filled with love, peace and happiness...:) Have an amazing day and lots of fun with your family! Love you...XX Forevermore!! From Japan, Mamica 3463
  • Lora Ukraine   2014-09-22 02:53:42
  • Chikako Hiura   2014-09-22 01:39:00
    Happy Birthday, David!! Wishing you a lot of happiness and smile. Stay sexy, gorgeous, intellectual and positive!! Love, Chikako 3461
  • tchervenov   2014-09-22 01:32:38
    Happy, Happy Burthday David, meny wishes for helth & happynes ! 3460
  • isleofwight   2014-09-22 00:53:09
    Fantastic Grand Prix ......Now for the Ryder Cup, Let's have a close contest with gladiators on both sides......Yes I know it's about men hitting a small white ball. Can't wait..... Close the Isle of Wight ferry and keep the champagne on ice. Cheers! 3459
  • zemarques7   2014-09-21 23:55:45
    Happy birthday, David! I wish you health and happiness . Have a wonderful day and a great time. Please come to Portugal ! 3458
  • Max Speed   2014-09-21 23:42:30
    Happy Birthday David! We appreciate all you do, and are glad for the opportunity to hoist another pint and offer a toast to you from all corners of Mother Earth. It's true; what you give to people is what you get back. 3457
  • carmen855   2014-09-21 22:51:10
    Happy birthday David!Or as we say it in Croatia, Sretan rodjendan! 3456
  • snakelover   2014-09-21 19:59:59
    Wishing you an early Happy Birthday Sweet David...Have a wonderful evening and a Beautiful Birthday tomorrow...Lots of love your way...Luv, Snakelover 3455
  • Snake Rattle Roll   2014-09-21 19:49:11
    Happy Birthday David! I wish you all the best and have a great Birthday Week!! 3454

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