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the BBS
  • geordiesnake   2015-06-03 17:10:26
    Awesome tour review from that Conley bloke DC ,hear hear Poor Al 4758
  • Poor Albert   2015-06-03 12:44:20
    ... and any of you that have seen his shows can attest. I wish I could work half as hard as that man can!!!! Thanks. 4757
  • Poor Albert   2015-06-03 12:43:23
    Hello folks, glad to see you excited about this tour. As always, DC wishes he can be everywhere to please you. But as you should know that isn't possible, the tour agency makes the arrangements that best fit the schedule and ... well, there you have it. So I ask you please to understand that Whitesnake does NOT appear in any particular region upon fan request, but only what the business powers find to be best. Please don't write me to reguest shows 'cause I am just the web guy. And understand as well that I do not forward special request. DC gives all his concentration to his music. 4756
  • isleofwight   2015-06-03 10:02:00
    Really enjoyed the Landry pictures...good job, as they say over Vegas put it all on purple and avoid the white tigers.... 4755
  • bjkiss2001   2015-06-02 23:19:59
    Australian tour please please please 4754
  • Giovanni   2015-06-02 16:04:15
    David: Hope you and the lads are having a ball on tour. Missmo, enjoy the show on the 19th and Pandora on the 17th. I'll be keeping it snaky in July! Time for a cold glass of Frascati. Pax vobiscum! Giovanni 4753
  • Mercury_Lady_ II   2015-06-02 05:12:33
    Hey Everyone, This will be my first post .... I was wonder do any of you have a Fan Club Meet & Greet gatherings before any of the gigs? Who's going to the gig in Detroit 3 July 2015? Would be great to get to meet some other die-hard WS fans! m/ 4752
  • tomme   2015-06-02 01:27:27
    Had to cancel trip to SF next week so can't attend the 11/6 concert for which I have a VIP package. Any takers? Not looking to make money on this one. Make me an honest offer (pick up the VIP merch and keep it for me and I may give it to you for free) ... 4751
  • hairmetalchef   2015-06-01 23:13:09
    Two things I love a great deal are English football and Whitesnake. Does anyone know what team, if any, DC follows? Looking forward to the show tomorrow in Santa Rosa! 4750
  • dcparrot   2015-06-01 15:45:30
    What a great 2 hour show in Tacoma on Friday! You all just keep getting better. David - thanks for signing the CD insert for me! Sorry when my friend came up, I missed what you said to me. Tks Michael for the pick! I think my favorite song from the Purple album has got to be Soldier of Fortune. So glad you did Is This Love and Here I go Again. Those are definitely my favorite two songs. Sorry you can't put pics on here - I got some pretty good shots. Thanks again for an amazing nite and hope to see you again next year! Who knows, maybe I will c you in Tahoe on one of my trips there! 4749
  • kindredsoul   2015-06-01 14:25:05
    Hey David! Saw some youtube footage, looking and sounding great! So excited for the show here in CLE July 5th!!! THANK YOU for not giving us a set list that consists of the same old, same old like so many other classic bands are doing these days. Love and Light...Howard 4748
  • tammy07fxdc   2015-06-01 13:06:22
    Hi David and band - still looking for a show to be scheduled in the Baltimore/Washington DC area! Please, please, please! 4747
  • Zoom   2015-06-01 12:09:53
    Please add "Slide It In" and "Slow 'n Easy" to the 2015 tour setlist. Thank you! 4746
  • snowdawg24   2015-06-01 05:46:42
    ps tell steve to get off his ego and come rock with the OG now that woukd be truly off the hook 4745
  • snowdawg24   2015-06-01 05:44:07
    wicked time and show at the hardrock vancouver show ..small ,unbelievable sound ..wicked time buds !!! giddy up 4744
  • Oonaa   2015-06-01 03:05:27
    snake charm is def becoming omnipresent. i keep bumping into it wherever im in this beaut part of the old cont, be it north south west or east...lit anyw i roam i hear ws in airports, taxis, parking lots, cafes, tavernas, bars, radios, at tennis courts, beaches, parks, green markets, delis, bookshops...songs off f-more, off dp, off 87, off slide it in, off 81, off rw... maybe its just me but i like it ;) here's to rocknroll cheers 4743
  • connected63304   2015-05-31 19:02:38
    Just decided to take a trip to Vegas, so I of course purchased tickets for the show on June 4th! Cant wait for the show! 4742
  • isleofwight   2015-05-31 10:16:56
    So pleased to see Purple Album well represented in set......Fantastic pictures and anecdotes......great to be on same time zone for BBS....would swap dolphins and piña colada for BC weather.......maybe.... 4741
  • carlosramua   2015-05-30 22:40:39
    The Purple álbum ... Amazing gems ... Classics ... The whole cd ... The songs from Stormbringer really shines ... Thank you David ... 4740
  • dkbarrett   2015-05-30 20:18:42
    Good evening David, the show last night in Tacoma was amazing. I may just have to go up north to Vancouver, BC, for the show tomorrow. I really hope that you'll record a few shows on this tour. It was surreal hearing some of the Purple classics that I grew up. The current Deep Purle band won't play those gems, so I thought I would never get to hear them. Your soul brother Glenn Hughes plays some of those tracks, but I didn't think I'd hear them from you. Great, great show. My mate from when we were young lads in Carmel, CA, came up for the show too. Astounding stuff! 4739
  • dhardin1971   2015-05-30 19:22:32
    Dear David , I follow you on facebook and twitter , I have been a fan of yours and Whitesnake for 28 years . I was just 15 when I heard Here I go again and still today I will make that long 6 1/2 hour drive to Biloxi MI. I have brought my son and now my mother and daughter to see you guys and my baby girl who is 15 now can see the man that sang lullaby's to her before she was born and would not sleep unless Too Many Tears was playing when she was a fews days old until she was almost 5 yrs old. Most of all I just want to say thank you for your wonderful songs , music, performances you are great 4738
  • ROCKFAN   2015-05-30 11:03:59
    Dear David, Very excited for the Saban show on 6/9 (I have Pit tix)!! Bought the new album and love it..but it would be so fantastic to have "Slow & Easy", "Slide It In", "Judgement Day" , "Spit It Out" and a few other WS originals on the set list? Pretty please? :) Lots of Love. 4737
  • steve   2015-05-30 08:51:47
    Here's a post for ya!!!! I'm absolutely loving the new album and the snippets from the tour on YouTube... DCParrot and anyone from the US going to the shows please post your experiences on here we love to read 'em! What everyone's favourite songs from The Purple Album? Might Just Take Your Life and You Fool No One are my current ones.....Remember..keep it White(with a bit purple) and Snakey! ;0) 4736
  • Jay M   2015-05-30 08:10:22
    Ohhhh, Hells To The Ya Capt.!!! The Snake Choir will, Take The F@ckin' Roof Off!!! We are ALL, Ready, Willin' & Waitin'!!! Getting all Ramped up in anticipation of seeing David & ALL the Fine Gents Incendiarily Rip up Ze Ol' Stage!!! CHEERS!!! To The "Purple" Tour!!! Catch Ya Later, Jay. :) 4735
  • dcparrot   2015-05-29 16:32:53
    Hi, David - will be leaving for your sold out show in an hour or so. Just got my mail and there was the new CD. Won't have much time to listen but I'm sure it will be great! Maybe you can sign it for me? C ya soon! 4734
  • kingdaw2   2015-05-28 16:39:49
    Audioslave is correct! 5 more days till Santa Rosa!!!!!!!!!! Our VIP seats are waiting! The choir will be ready. We are ready and willing! This is love that I'm feeling! Flying in from Kauai to see the show. Can't wait. Safe journeys to all. 4733
  • christelee   2015-05-28 15:47:28
    The day has arrived the start of the World tour. To all you choir out there who are going to the shows, pleeesee call by with feedback from the shows. Let's get this party started. Xxxxxxx 4732
  • Audioslave   2015-05-28 15:33:30
    5 days until da Snakes light up Santa Rosa! Waiting game not much longer now! Safe travels & great shows to them in the meantime. 4731
  • tammy07fxdc   2015-05-28 12:38:03
    I have been waiting a lifetime to see Whitesnake, and what? No dates in the Baltimore MD/Washington DC area? Please tell me you will be adding a show! 4730
  • Anasazi   2015-05-28 12:09:40
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!David may your voice,the lyrics,the music touch many hearts tonight.You and the guys rocking Purple strong at Airway Heights tonight.Blessings and love Anasazi.. 4729

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