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  • AMW   2015-04-03 13:51:23
    I've been a huge fan of Whitesnake since 1982 when I was 12. 1987 was the first album I bought with my (now) wife. This year we are celebrating 23 years of marriage and we are renewing our wedding vows. We would like to play 'All I Want All I Need' as the track that we open the renewal ceremony to, as the lyrics are very poignant to our relationship. I want to ask David if he would give his blessing to us playing this track. 4324
  • paulyscot   2015-04-03 11:12:53
    seen you twice in 2013; Wembley then followed you to Barcelona (which was amazing in the little town square... Cant wait until December 4323
  • Pandora   2015-04-03 10:22:58
    David Doll Face, what's doing? Other than preparing my heart 4 defibrillation in August(oo-er is as oo-er does!) Do pop in, Luv, Ms Pandorella (& this Lot) is QUITE overdo 4 a 'Snakebite! 4322
  • wsfan69   2015-04-03 09:17:53
    Hi David, and good Easter ! I just want to wish, that Whitesnake will come to Finland this Year 2015 ! ... PLEASE ... :) 4321
  • colinjdexter   2015-04-03 07:23:43
    will you be adding a date in liverpool uk 4320
  • whitesnakeluvr   2015-04-02 22:59:00
    DC I can't tell you how thrilled I am knowing I'm going to see you live. I've loved your music for the past 30 years! My forever friend who has terminal cancer and is a fellow Brit will be rocking the night away with me @ Casino Rama in Canada in July. Can you tell me if there will be any VIP packages available? If not , at least I know we'll be up close and personal rockin fron from the 2nd row !!! 4319
  • whitesnakeprincess   2015-04-02 20:08:54
    Hi DC...I was wondering if you might be adding Atlanta. GA to the Purple tour? You haven't been here since you played the Tabernacle in around 2005 or 2006. Is there a reason Atlanta hasn't been a stopover?? You have a ton of fans here (me at the very top of that list) who'd welcome you and the snakes back with open arms!! 4318
  • Poor Albert   2015-04-02 09:50:21
    For all of you looking to me for information on VIP packages and ticketing, please remember that I am not in that loop, and only post what management gives me. The bands are never involved in ticketing of any sort. If there are problems you must check with the venue itself as they are the best place for answers. Thanks. 4317
  • Evil_Dave   2015-04-02 05:49:06
    Got my tickets for Manchester & Wembley - bit of a trek from Sydney but worth it! Still hoping for some Australian dates too. :-) 4316
  • DCFan   2015-04-01 20:12:38
    Thanks DC for coming back to Louisiana in August! 4315
  • Graham   2015-04-01 14:07:07
    Greetings from a bright & breezy Glasgow.. The G man's entertaining, wining and dining a dear friend, another G man from Dublin (Gerhart) discussing travel, tickets & accommodation arrangements!! great to hear that the 'old WS. Veterans' have decided its time to dust off the Saints & Zimmer frames, dig out the thermal under crackers, gloves, hot water bottles and 20 TOG duvets. This is a pre-requisite after 37+ years of standing around in sub-zero temperatures and often huddling together to share bodily warmth and prevent us from getting hypothermia! Lets hope December weather is mild, G & G. 4314
  • egg wolves civic1   2015-04-01 11:58:02
    Hi all, Dear Poor Albert can you clarify the VIP package for the UK shows? The selling agent does not list what is included in VIP package? Thanks for your help, Egg 4313
  • shakeofasnakestail   2015-04-01 11:39:07
    Tickets booked for Newcastle. 21 years since my 1st Whitesnake gig (this'll be my 10th) and only a couple of days shy of my 40th birthday, intend to party hard :) 4312
  • LA9090   2015-04-01 08:18:06
    Tickets purchased for 10th December in Glasgow.....woo hoo! 4311
  • Graham   2015-04-01 07:43:15
    Bring on the Dancing Girls... 4310
  • isleofwight   2015-04-01 01:58:34
    I must be honest, we have had gales on IOW, and I am in the middle of the Solent ......5 days in Florida, particularly Hard Rock and Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater does sound Clearwater Marriott Suites, my favourite hotel with Starbucks onsite how good! 4309
  • forever1snake   2015-03-31 20:43:26
    here I go again!!...june 19th in Biloxi,ms.....then on july 31 in Jacksonville, fl...august 1st in Melbourne, fl....then august 3rd at the hard rock in Orlando...then to cap it off...august 6th in Clearwater, Fl!!.....cant get enough of the Purple Album!!..Whoooooooo!!!!....5 shows in 2015!!!....Bring it on!!! 4308
  • Graham   2015-03-31 15:59:04
    This one is especially for a dear friend who always knew how to blow... till she went dizzy with lack of Oxygen to her brain... Now she's rediscovered the importance of sucking as well as blowing!!... Ooh Matron, I've been naughty... time for a good spanking... Yeah Baby... 4307
  • Graham   2015-03-31 15:32:03
    A girl from Sheffield putting WS. before the 'Damp Leotards'... very very nice... 4306
  • Graham   2015-03-31 15:30:04
    DD ebs13... You in Manchester?? G up in glorious Glasgow... 4305
  • DDebs13   2015-03-31 14:23:33
    Soooo excited for Sheffield 2015 ... 3 generations goin my mum and 2 daughters ... Can I please have a shout out to my eldest Olivia who is 17 years old that night xxx 4304
  • SazzyJ30   2015-03-31 14:10:45
    Hey guys... I got my standing tickets for Manchester!! Ticketmaster wouldn't submit my order using Internet Explorer. I used a different browser (Mozilla Firefox) and it worked first time. HTH XX 4303
  • maestegmark   2015-03-31 13:57:16
    I got tickets yesterday without using the presale code ticket master never asked for it 4302
  • isleofwight   2015-03-31 13:19:44
    Top tip....Remember to add purple in lower case.....not capitals.......then stand on one leg and cluck like a .....worked for me! 4301
  • deeper the love   2015-03-31 12:57:35
    standing tickets for Manchester is just not happening even with presale code HELP x 4300
  • deeper the love   2015-03-31 12:55:45
    anyone else having probs with ticketmaster? 4299
  • Chrisletrek   2015-03-31 09:08:10
    Anyone know resale code for Birmingham?? 4298
  • Gobberz   2015-03-31 07:46:49
    Well, paid for my ticket so plenty of time to get ready of Dec. 16 gig in Cardiff, UK. Definitely not missing this one!!! 4297
  • snakegirl   2015-03-31 06:40:19
    Thrilled to have WS back in NY! See you in Westbury, NY! And in Texas. XXX 4296
  • lb2076   2015-03-31 05:11:10
    DC - I saw your interview from That Metal Show recently - I'm getting very pumped about seeing you in Biloxi in June! However, I saw all the new dates added recently and NONE are in Atlanta!!! You have FIVE dates in Florida and none in Georgia!! Please come see us Georgia Peaches & Dawgs! We'll make it worth your while! 4295

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