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  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-24 07:01:18
    Watch: *Building Of Whitesnake's Hook City Studio: [link] *Whitesnake - 2015 Tour Announcement: [link] *Whitesnake - New Album OFFICIAL PRE-TRAILER pt.1: [link] *Whitesnake - New Album OFFICIAL PRE-TRAILER pt.2: [link] 3925
  • arken   2015-02-23 09:11:29
    I hope there will be ACOUSTIC versions from the new songs....Please DAVID make my dream come true...a complete acoustic studio CD...THANXXXXXXXXXX FOR THE MUSIC, the energy and the beauty! 3924
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-21 09:19:05
    Can't stop to watch these teasing teasers!! [link] [link] 3923
  • isleofwight   2015-02-21 00:15:01
    Added too much brandy to my Sangria last week......very excited .....keep calm and carry on out the window....large one please.... 3921
  • Rosey P   2015-02-20 19:07:33
    Do I need to order new release on line or will it be in stores? ......anxious! 3920
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-20 06:30:48
    I hope you ALL are like me: you can't wait to the very announcement on 02/25!! :) [link] 3919
  • kindredsoul   2015-02-20 06:14:37
    Right now, "Here I Go Again" is playing in CLE, on a balmy 0 degree Friday! So looking forward to seeing you and the fellow 'snakes DC, it's been too long for a CLE show!!! Love & Light...Howard 3918
  • Oonaa   2015-02-19 06:33:17
    Ciao peeps. Just wanna wish the bestest birthday to dear Doug! Many many more to come! Rock on brother xx p.s. hope u lot r fine & stoked. more than happy to see our lads happy at work. id love to (at least once in lifetime :)) hear those beautiful tunes never played live, great new stuff and some very special oldies, its hard, such a vast catalogue...its a bit cruel to other gems not to see the live of day innit :) 3917
  • Graham   2015-02-18 15:55:52
    Curtis Jake... my Birthday Boy!.. So glad I managed to get in touch... blame will be apportioned to my dear Irish reprobate who called by earlier! Cheers C.J. Gerhartinger... wonderful surprise!... Goodnight & God Bless... G x 3916
  • Scousesnake   2015-02-18 04:26:42
    Bring it on...... 3915
  • Graham   2015-02-18 02:35:06
    As my dear friend Gerhartinger would say, Oh... Bee Geesus!!... "Ready? Are Yuu shittin' me?" I was born ready for this! I still have that North East blood pumping through my heart and soul... no matter where I may be be on this beautiful troubled planet of ours... Lots more love & less hatred... G 3914
  • christelee   2015-02-17 17:13:29
    7 day's now Graham and counting. are you ready. 3913
  • Graham   2015-02-17 14:01:59
    EIGHT DAYS... AND COUNTING!!... 3912
  • Graham   2015-02-16 14:00:05
    NINE DAYS... AND COUNTING!!... 3911
  • Giovanni   2015-02-16 10:24:01
    I will take a double of whatever Isle of Wight is drinking! Thanks for the updates DC. Can't wait to buy the new CD and be in the front row at concert. Arrivederci, Giovanni 3910
  • isleofwight   2015-02-16 07:13:43
    Number 25....oops 3909
  • isleofwight   2015-02-16 07:13:11
    According to St Augustine the number represents The Law.....looking forward to some WS truth and justice scales.....Would really like to add that I am using the soup maker more than the bread maker.....guess what aroma I prefer..... 3908
  • Aya-For-HM/HR   2015-02-16 02:16:40
    Hello Mr.Coverdale!! Can't wait for big announcement day of February 25th!! When I saw WS new album trailer for the 1st time, I took my breath away. Great, Degnified, With overwelming power...I cried with joy!! I feel it seems much longer until Feb 25th, the day lasts long...I'll prepare myself mentally :) Have a Great week & Best wishes!! Love & Respect xx 3907
  • mustangdorene   2015-02-15 08:44:43
    Looking forward to upcoming 2015 tour DC. Just saw Joel in the last weekend performance of Rock of Ages. He was great! 3906
  • Dr.Carl   2015-02-14 13:00:29
    Haaa I count exactly 37 Valentines today with Marianne....Love is the answer.... 3905
  • schuster-teruel   2015-02-14 12:45:11
    Guaaaauuuuu. Great Trailer!!! I waiting. 25.2.2105. Great day. yeahhh 3904
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-14 10:27:17
    Oops sorry for the very wrong link...:) [link] 3903
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-14 10:26:30
    Hi Snake Lovers Forevermore!! I remind you DC tweeted pics of him at Hook City in the company of nobody else than... Tommy Aldridge!! So, our TA has recorded the new album. And for more details, recently, David tweeted to a fan that Tommy will appear in the upcoming 02/25 video... Don't worry Boys & Girls...:) [link] 3902
  • Giovanni   2015-02-14 09:00:31
    Will the mystery of Tom-Tom Tommy's absence from the teaser video be explained? Will dearest David return to the BBS in a timely fashion? See you in a couple of weeks... heading to sun and sea. State bene, Pandora and Missmo! Good weekend to you all! GFC 3901
  • Children of the Night   2015-02-14 05:57:16
    Happy Valentines Day everybody! And that video, it makes my expectations rise.. can't wait what future brings to us!! Have a happy weekend you all!!! 3900
  • DawidD12   2015-02-14 03:57:20
    Happy Valentines ! I have question. Does anyone know why we can find just video to love will set you free. What about Easier said that done and Fare thee well ? Thank :D 3899
  • atsoudi   2015-02-14 03:44:17
    Hello there!!!!! Happy Valentine's day to everybody!!!!!! Just a small notice. I don't see Tomy Aldrige in the trailer. Did I miss something?? If someone knows, please tell me!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3898
  • joey318   2015-02-13 20:01:56
    first i would like to wish all the females a happy valentines day, also to mrs.coverdale as well. hope everyone is doing ok, and david im sure the new album will kick ass, hope you will come to connecticut 3897
  • Rockr87   2015-02-13 17:42:37
    I always had respect for Dee Snider because of his struggle against PMRC - considered him quite witty. But why does he talk useless BS about DA's contribution to the Whitesnake catalog??? In my case, "Good To be Bad" and "Forevermore" are my favorite WS studio albums beside "1987". Even the bonus songs from "Live...In The Still Of The Night" smoke every regular Twisted Sister record - Dee Snider has written ONE song worth noticing in his whole career. 3896
  • Graham   2015-02-13 14:46:42
    Roll on the 25th... sounds like you girls will be so moist, there won't be a dry seat in the house!! Ooh Matron.... 3895

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