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  • Cutesnake   2014-03-12 00:58:27
    Ah David has mean spelling skills, it wasn't him!!!! :-)
  • Giovanni   2014-03-11 13:43:17
    COMMING SOON OR COMING SOON? California Jam! Cheers, Giovanni
  • Oonaa   2014-03-11 07:22:08
    oh whats coming up with cali jam:)im afraid DC wont be able to make it for JL tribute due to knees, but im keeping fingers crossed, we never know!! hope they can stream it live though :)hm....maybe the next quiz is to win tix hehehe
  • shieldaig   2014-03-10 15:33:35
    Going to Jon Lord Tribute Concert at Royal Albert Hall nexr month, surely you will be too. To have the two greatest Rock singers of all time on stage together would be amazing. Hope you make it.
  • Ale the singer   2014-03-10 09:38:17
    A hug from Argentina dear Maestro DC!!!! Ale.-
  • Oonaa   2014-03-10 06:38:19
    Hola all hope u r doing well! the contest was pretty clever & fun to play. i found many refs & conn. 'tween the lads, least the leisure lounge escapades:) ah, well im the nerdy one:) Well done DC/PA! Love march, reminds me of northwinds (beautiful album to this day), of early WS (btw anyone in possession of '78 Scarborough tkt?), lovehunter, bdays,Forevermore seeing the light 3y ago (gobsmacked when it 1st came out on my bday) yeah id love to get the 4evermore vinyl ('stead of the book) or DC singin it acapella to me one day :)Cheers sweeties, sail on!
  • christa   2014-03-09 07:22:16
    Ah...Anasazi...observant or not...apparently it wasn't enough to win one....oh well, at least the contest was fun
  • Anasazi   2014-03-08 13:33:54
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!Oh David I am so elated .Thank you ..Christa I was not as observant as you..on the tee shirt all the time..but I am so happy..thank you David and Albert.Blessing and love to you.
  • alan   2014-03-08 12:59:28
    Hi David, last post was for my 40th many years ago through my ex, my head's now back in order n starting to rock again! When are you coming back to sunny Scotland? My wee one has asked that I take her to your next show, Look after yourself, Alan
  • David Coverdale   2014-03-08 12:27:23
    Steve...Yes…my tee shirt wasn't much of a clue, was it…:)…Pandora…No, not at all…just had them both cleaned up after several years of discomfort, wear & tear, etc…Still somewhat tender, but, hopefully, I'll be back playing imaginary tennis very soon…Hi, Anasazi!…Christa…That's may girl…On the tee shirt all the time…Ha Ha!!…My sincere congrats to the winners & just wait 'til you see what Poor Ol' Overworked Albert & I have up our sleeves for the next one…Coming Soon…OOO-ER!!!…Love & LIGHT to You & Yours…XX
  • Giovanni   2014-03-08 11:07:10
    Missmo: I was wondering what happened to you. Glad to see you are vertical, breathing, ambulatory and happy. We are waiting for spring to come. Won't be here until the end of April. Also, I hope that Poor Albert lists the winners of DC's latest contest. I think that I MIGHT be one. Have a great weekend and keep in touch on the board. Cheers, Giovanni Castellano
  • missmo1666   2014-03-08 08:23:05
    Good Morning David, Congrats on your anniversary. I've been with you since the early 80's and will continue to do so, God willing. Have you moved into the new man cave yet? I would love to hear an acoustical album from you and the boys or how bout a Rock Opera? Hey Giovanni and other WS friends, I'm still alive and well in Fl. Hope to stay in touch more often. Love xx Missmo
  • pam   2014-03-08 07:51:57
    Congratulations on the Anniversary David , so many memories along the way , where did all those years go ! ,happy day's .Here's to many more along the way .Hope to see you on the road again sometime it's always such fun .Pam (-: x
  • Anasazi   2014-03-08 07:21:59
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!To all the women in our Whitesnake choir and family,Happy International Women's Day.Blessings and love Anasazi..
  • steve   2014-03-08 01:25:21
    Hi DC & PA! Obscure? Just a bit! HAHA! I would never had got that in a million years!Good fun though! Please do some more! ;0)
  • WSfan69   2014-03-07 15:10:43
    Hi DAVID again ! I just want to say, that I hope, that You will watch the video called "Waldo´s People - 1000 Ways" (By The Way; Watch of course also "Tarja Turunen" at video (for example; Tarja Turunen "ACT 1,DVD". I wish all the best You DAVID, and to Your Friends too !
  • Pandora   2014-03-07 14:55:11
    Greetz & Sallies, Sir David, the obedient Serpent...just a quickie (oo-er, indeed)...did you have total knee replacements (arthroplasties?) know we medical peeps, inquiring minds and all. Are you in ze throes of PT (ie, with regular therapist or CPM machine?). With that, she's off to cause some 'Snakey mayhem. Take care, me lil dahling!
  • WSfan69   2014-03-07 14:32:52
    Hi DAVID for a long time ago ! I You wish to You DAVID, that You will come in Finland next Summer 2014 ! I hope it very STRONG ! DAVID ! I HOPE, that You will listen next song ! It is called "Waldo's People - I Dream". I wish You well to You and to Your Friends good Spring 2014, DAVID !
  • Children of the Night   2014-03-07 07:56:18
    Hi David and Poor Albert. Yes, that contest was.. little obscure! I didn't understand it right, but what does it matter, it was a lot of fun to guess. Have a nice weekend everybody! Cheers!!
  • Jay M   2014-03-07 06:52:29
    Good Morning David, Poor Albert and all the Fabulous Choir Members out there!!! Ya David, figured the contest would be a wee bit obscure! Just couldn't wrap my head around that avenue! Oh well, It was a lot of Fun! I too hope You all got a few chuckles out of some answers! Wishing Everyone a Funtastic/Fantabulous Weekend!!! T.G.I.F.!!! YA BABY!!!!! CHEERS!!!!! Jay. :)
  • christa   2014-03-06 08:10:02
    What's really hilarious to me is that the answer was on your shirt in the picture the whole time. lol
  • Giovanni   2014-03-06 07:59:39
    Poor Albert: Are you go to name the winners of the contest on the site? Thanks, Giovanni
  • Paul007   2014-03-04 15:59:21
    Dear David Many congratulations on another incredible milestone, you've touched my life in many ways over the years, more than you will know. I wish you well, and thanks to all at WS.COM for the interesting old pics this last couple of days. Big love X
  • Paul007   2014-03-04 15:59:13
    Dear David Many congratulations on another incredible milestone, you've touched my life in many ways over the years, more than you will know. I wish you well, and thanks to all at WS.COM for the interesting old pics this last couple of days. Big love X
  • Giovanni   2014-03-04 06:52:01
    David: Thanks for the early pics of WS! Love the high-heeled shoes. Did ever suffer any back problems or other physical ill-effects from those platform clodhoppers? Cheers, Giovanni
  • CitizenFrank   2014-03-03 22:12:19
    I was there! Etched in history & my personal footprint on this earth...Where did all the years go & I've had fun this last two days trying to remember DC! Silly to say 'here's to another....' lol ...but lets take it slow n easy & one year at a time! LOVE & BEST WISHES TO YOU SIR & to ALL on here..young & old & wherever you are x
  • Aniulka   2014-03-03 12:20:39
    Best Wishes and Happy Anniversary from Poland! By the way... 11 years and 13 days after Your first concert, Dear Mr Coverdale, i was born. So it't surely unusual date! XD March always the best! Have a nice week Everybody! :D
  • Tiara   2014-03-03 11:56:18
    A beautiful Day, Filled with joy and pride, We walked together a mighty long way, So many songs filled my day and my night, Words of passion comfort and Love, Your voice saved my soul, When there was just me and the Lord above, There are never enough words to say, What my heart feels- So I simply pray. The Choirs are immensely proud, The big bass drum of hearts is beating loud For this Band,like family to us all- FOREVERMORE we sing just hear the call. WITH LOVE- WITH THANKS for 36 years, For countless hours through laughter and tears. Walking in my R&R shoes in the shadow of the Blues.
  • Lu Pinheiro   2014-03-03 11:29:52
    Hapy Anniversary Whitesnake/David Coverdale!!! ...In 9 days, will be my 36º anniversary. I think the year 1978 was a perfect year to make good creations ha ha ha! God Blessed you all
  • Dr.Carl   2014-03-03 11:22:24
    Congratulations with the anniversary David ! They were exciting times but it was hard to come buy revieuws, foto's etc at the time...Haaa memory lane ! Love it ! Thanks for sharing ! Will scan a nice Jap pic to include on the website...Stay tuned Poor Albert :-) Cheers, Carl

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