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  • glenn plumridge   2014-09-17 10:59:47
    I have the vinyl Lp And about time too , by Mr Marsden , the cover is signed by Bernie , Ian Paice , Neil Murray , and a one Bobby Dazzler , next please . 3427
  • scratched&bitten   2014-09-17 10:33:35
    I have a Whitesnake artist's pass from the Saints & Sinners Tour. It was a gift from Samson Bassist Christ Aylmer, who was a friend and who passed away in 2007. Samson supported Whitesnake on the British leg of the tour, if I remember correctly. 3426
  • steve   2014-09-17 09:27:27
    Hi sadric86! Just tell her to wear it and cherish it!!! Don't sell she crazy? ;0) 3425
  • sadric86   2014-09-17 08:53:56
    My ex wife was given a Whitesnake jacket by Neil Murray, who was told by the management at the time that he had to take his name off the back before it was handed over. She still has his jacket and now wonders if it is worth anything all these years later, and if so, how much. 3424
  • steve   2014-09-17 00:15:13
    Hey! Congratulations xtrailcutterx! A beaut of a vinyl.....;0) 3423
  • xtrailcutterx   2014-09-16 12:31:06
    I want to thank poor albert and sir david coverdale for picking me in the trouble lp giveaway a little love and affection sure does go along long way! snakebit forever.xtc 3422
  • sonia blanco   2014-09-14 07:22:18
    Hi to all ;) Albert and David... Are you having trouble with your email?Please check it.I sent one.Thanks. :) 3421
  • missmo 1666   2014-09-13 08:45:43
    Hi David, wishing you a glorious weekend. Is your weather still warm? Hi to Gionanni and all the other WS children. All is well in Fl. SOTD Children of the Night xoxoMissmo 3420
  • scratched&bitten   2014-09-12 09:17:50
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, so a quick post to hello. I'm from Germany and hope that Whitesnake come over soon to play some shows here again. 3419
  • Giovanni   2014-09-12 07:08:16
    Happy weekend to you DC and the BBS gang! Happy to see Valeria back posting here. I miss many of the active, former contributors. Please come back and share. Missmo, hope all is well with you in Fla! Raising my glass to you all, cheers! Giovanni 3418
  • Valeria_Coverdale   2014-09-11 13:28:04
    Hi guys...I Miss U! Just passing to say hi! :) 3417
  • Anasazi   2014-09-11 08:42:54
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!Hi Christa,I also am checking in to be sure everyone is alright..maybe it is our snakes rocking so strong that they are shaking the earth.Blessings and love to all... 3416
  • christa   2014-09-11 07:29:44
    David, Albert, how are ya'll? I just read about the quake (3.5)...not really very strong, but just wanted to check in with you guys. 3415
  • Pandora   2014-09-11 05:51:13
    Ahhh...the results of Coverdale-ism = BUTTAH!...need she write more? 3414
  • isleofwight   2014-09-11 00:16:45
    Greetings from the Isle of Wight, super day for a Raspberry Mivvy! Theme from Forevermore was interpreted as nostalgia and legacy, wrapped in a great rock album- As they say in the US good job Insight into this album motivation, theme, artwork would be fascinating Just going to ride a donkey on the beach.... 3413
  • Ach20   2014-09-10 17:48:01
    Can we get some updates on the new album? 3412
  • macmccraney   2014-09-10 12:09:37
    Greetings David, Albert, and everyone here, hope all is well with you and yours, looking forward to all events looming on the horizon! Take care, have a great day. 3411
  • feeling hot   2014-09-09 08:51:13
    hey david, any chance you and the guys might revisit the old catalog and do some lovehunter, ready and willing, walking in the shadow of the blues, would love to hear some bluesy old school whitesnake tunes again live. 3410
  • feeling hot   2014-09-09 08:47:18
    David, congrats on the hiring of Joel Hoekstra, looking forward to the new studio album, cant wait to hear new rockers and ballads by my favorite band whitesnake, hope you plan to tour the united states in 2015 on the next tour. glad tommy aldrige is back on the drums for the snake! 3409
  • Overlord   2014-09-08 14:58:54
    THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL MARY KAYE STRATOCASTER EVER MADE. Everything else were Tribute Strats baring her name! I am writing to you about the sale of a huge part of guitar history of The Mary Kaye Endorsement Stratocaster. An even larger part of this history is about the only owner of this particular Stratocaster. We are asking for $200k firm. We need to settle her dying son's affairs in Spain and bring him back to the US. He was a GREAT MUSICIAN, my cousin, my brother, my bandmate, my friend. Check him out at JayKayeBand You can search Facebook for Guitar History For Sale. 3408
  • Jay M   2014-09-07 08:03:53
    Top of the Morning to Ya David & ALL Snake Chorus Members out there in Cyber Ville!!! Just yesterday I treated myself to some Marvelous items from the Whitesnake store! The Summer pack, The Hook City Hooligans shirt and a Hook City Black coffee cup. Anxiously awaiting my "Present" to arrive here! Maybe I will have to try some Yorkshire Gold Tea in it after it is here. Thinking about showing my Gal (Mz. Teresa) what is offered for the Ladies. (Get her another B-Day present). Belated one at that to go along with the other things I did Friday. Have a GRAND "Funday" David and All!!! CHEERS!!! Jay. 3407
  • Kyoko8818   2014-09-07 07:14:35
    Hello! So how's the new guy getting along musically? Miss Doug a lot but the new one also seems to be the cool guitarist! Can't wait for the next live! 3406
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-09-06 02:16:46
    Deep Purple - Graz 1975 OFFICIAL TRAILER >> [link] 3405
  • Jay M   2014-09-05 14:05:23
    Good Day David and All @ Hook City Studio! Just a quick shout out to my Luv today. Happy Birthday Teresa!!! (She is 29 and holding)!!! Lol!!! Many more Sweetheart!!! Tonight will be FUN!!! Love You!!! ;-) 1000 Thanks David!!! Looking Very Forward to the new album when you compleate it!!! Have a Safe & Fun Weekend!!! CHEERS!!! All the Best!!! Jay. :-) 3404
  • shannon   2014-09-05 13:21:33
    any tour plans in the works???? 3403
  • Giovanni   2014-09-05 08:21:04
    DC and PA: Do you plan on reopening Whitesnake TV? I think I can speak for all WS/DC fans that we thoroughly enjoyed previous episodes. Please let us know. Giovanni 3402
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-09-05 06:35:58
    The Hook City cuppas are available at [link]!!! Thank David!! :) 3401
  • mamica   2014-09-05 04:56:41
    Dear, David...Thank you so much for HOOK CITY PRODUCTS :))) Love Love Love them!!! Have a great day! Love from Japan, Mamica 3400
  • missmo1666   2014-09-04 13:41:24
    PA, I meant porn video. Sorry. Missmo 3399
  • missmo 1666   2014-09-04 13:23:01
    PA, not sure if you are the one to contact, but there is a poem video on David,s FB page. Not kidding. It's under new posts added. FYI Missmo 3398

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